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Our products have been officially recognized and approved by the following organizations and numerous others worldwide:



Are nest boxes necessary these

days? In our modern world, both

private gardens and professional orchards

and forests need nest boxes

to maintain a sound ecological

balance. Nest boxes attract Birds

and Bats which help to control

pests. Did you realise, for example,

that a single pair of Great Tits and

their offspring can consume around

70,000 caterpillars and 20 million insects - i.e., pests - annually? Day by

day we are changing the natural environment around us for the benefit of

human beings but not for the benefit of wildlife. If we are to keep the diversity

of species around us, we need to act. One major help is to provide

nest boxes and other nesting aids. Another important advantage of nest

boxes is that they reduce the need for harmful and expensive pesticides.

SCHWEGLER nest boxes play an important role in controlling Gypsy

Moths and Green Oak Leaf Rollers in forests, Codling Moths in orchards

and greenflies in private gardens as well as other pests. In this way, we

make use of nature's own methods. Animal species and plants need

even greater protection today - nest boxes are one way we can

all help.

The most important features of SCHWEGLER nesting boxes:

1. They are easy to install, check and clean. Only products which have

proved their effectiveness in practice can be relied upon to regularly and

consistently attract occupants.

2. The patented method used to attach the boxes prevents the tree trunk

from growing over them. Tested and recommended for forestry use.

3. Our nesting boxes follow the pattern laid down by Mother Nature,

i.e. the internal dimensions are based on those of the holes made by

woodpeckers or decomposition. They can also be modelled on nesting

sites on cliffs or in crevices. Attention is paid not only to the dimensions

and shape but also, the surface structure and texture are designed to

meet the requirements of the particular species.

5. The dimensions of the brood chamber, entrance hole diameter and all

the other dimensions of each individual nesting box are determined by

the requirements and behaviour of the animals. Scientific studies by

numerous Bird observatories and nature conservation organizations in

Germany and abroad regularly show that SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

nesting boxes enable the greatest density of various types of Birds to be

achieved (breeding pairs per hectare).

4. SCHWEGLER nesting boxes have proved to be very successful for many

decades on account of their long life, as a rule at least 20 - 25 years,

and the fact that they are readily adopted by Birds. One particularly

telling feature is their durability and weather resistance compared with

wood, and the ability of the material to withstand the damage caused by

woodpeckers. The rounded shape of the nesting boxes ensures that they

are ideally suited to the needs of their occupants.

5. They are also constructed for convenience and to make them easy to use.

Whether built into or hung onto a wall, our products can be relied on to

be long lasting and secure in all weathers. We have been making and

selling nesting boxes for installation in and on buildings for 50 years, and

you can benefit from this wealth of experience.

6. SCHWEGLER nesting boxes have been developed on the basis of many

decades of experience and knowledge obtained through cooperation with

national Bird observatories, European nature conservation organizations,

forestry experts and ornithologists. They are made with special

SCHWEGLER wood-concrete, a natural product containing some 75 %

wood with temperature-regulating additives such as clay etc.

This is not only high effective for balancing out temperature fluctuations

but is also extremely breathable. This prevents condensation from

forming, which is frequently a problem in nest boxes made of plastic,

stone, rigid foam or concrete.

7. Our products have been officially tested, recommended and recognized

by, among others, the German National Biological Agency, the

German nature conservation association NABU, the Bavarian Regional

Association for the Protection of Birds, the German Environmental and

Nature Conservation Organization BUND, the German Animal Protection

League, the Jordsand Association, the Austrian Nature Conservation

Association, the French Association for the Protection of Birds, the Swiss

Bird Observatory, the Italian Association for the Protection of Birds, the

SEO Spain, NABS in North America, and many other organizations.


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