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Nora Gifford. This event was soon Aston 3rd in the Masters.

Avon followed by the BBA Seniors’ Pairs and The British Sim Pairs was another Channel Islands winners were Brian and Maureen Stairs. successful week for BBCBA members.

The re-scheduled BBA Swiss Pairs was Pamela Langford – Tricia Pruden came


played in April and clear winners were 31st on Monday; Thomas Cullen – FIRSTLY, an apology to Jackie Rumball –

to Rob Lawy – Tony

Brian and Rita Keable. Tudor Rose have Grace Swaffield 37th on Tuesday; Jane Tuula Lehtinen who came 2nd in the

Ratcliff for coming

won this season’s Knockout Cup. Brown – Colin Wroath 9th on Wed- Ladies’ Pairs in the EBU Fuerteventura

10th in the National

In the EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs nesday; Sam Botfield – Peter Parsons 1st Overseas Congress.

Pairs Final and to Suzy

played at Wardown on Monday April 8, on Thursday, and Steve Lynch – Paul County News: due to fog, the Green

Lawson – David Jones

Alan Cooke – Monica Lucy were 7th Dolphin 3rd on Friday. It’s pleasing to Point Swiss Pairs in Guernsey was purely

who came 8th in the EBU Portland Pairs.

nationally. see new names appearing! a domestic affair and was won by Alistair

Well done to Marguerite Lihou – Brian

A new ‘No Fear’ beginners teaching Winners of recent county events: Kent – Daniel McIntosh from Robert

Etheridge who won the Avon County

club has started in Bedford on Thursday David Beever, Chris Burley, Steve Gore Plumley – Sue Shaw.

Mixed Pairs.

mornings (10am to 1pm). The venue is and Callum McKail (Committee Cup, The Jersey semi-final of the County

In the Avon/Wilts Green Point Week-

the ARA Sports and Social Club in Club Teams); Jane Davies – Sandra Teams was won by Eric Todd, David

end, Sandra Cooper – Deb Ogilvie came

Manton Lane, Brickhill Drive, Bedford. Belcher (Chairman’s Cup, Ladies’ Pairs); Waters, Paul Reed, Keith MacKenzie, Rob

5th, and Rob Lawy – David Jones 8th in

The club’s beginners are helped and David Patterson – Brian Geary (Reg Ingram and June Le Blancq, defeating the

the Swiss Pairs. Congratulations to them

encouraged by more experienced players. Capewell Trophy, Men’s Pairs); David more fancied team of Howard Basden-

and to the successful players in the Swiss

For more details, please contact Brian Owen – Charles Chisnall (Director’s Smith, Marion Miles, Sue Rankin, Nigel

Teams where Avon players took the first

Ford at Bedford Bridge Club. Cup, Seniors); Derek Cook – Mike Elliott, David Hole and David Friswell.

five places. The winners were Duncan

Diary dates: Thurs June 13, BBA Miller (Veteran’s Prize). The final was held in Guernsey and won

Cairns, Rob Lawy, David Jones and

Champions’ Trophy, Wilstead, 7.30 pm, Diary dates: July 14, AGM & Teams by Alistair Kent, Daniel McIntosh,

Trevor Ward; 2nd equal were John

for those who have qualified. The Bed- for Perkins Cup , Windsor. Oct 13, Swiss Robert Plumley and Susie Farnon.

Brandon-Joyce, Vanessa Callaghan,

fordshire One-day Swiss Teams event is Pairs, SBBC. Nov 10, Butler Scored Pairs, Guernsey News: at the time of writing

Sheilah Da Silva, David Beacham, and

being held at the usual venue of the Windsor. Nov 24, Friendly Pairs, SBBC. Mike Allen – Tuula Lehtinen are 3rd out

Robert Covill, Irene Robinson, Aidan

Vauxhall Recreation Centre in Luton on Remember our GP Swiss weekend on of 1034 in the British Tuesday Sim Pairs.

Schofield and Mike Huggins; 4th equal

Sun Jun 23, starting at 1pm. Further June 22-23! Jersey News: the Highfield Bridge Club

were Steve Tomlinson, Ralph, Cathy and

details of these and other events are Winter Cup was won by Marion Miles

Andrew Smith, and Tony Gammon,

available on the BBA website. from Howard Basden-Smith; over 70

Huw Oliver, Robert Glass, and Jeremy Cambs and Hunts

Rickard. players played the requisite six times. At

Avon are doing well in the Western Berks and Bucks the same club, the Pat Grinstead Drawn

League. With one match remaining Pairs was won by Jane Knight – Eric

COLIN Payne from Huntingdon BC won

against Somerset and after good wins FROM this season we have Todd, closely followed by Pat Panter –

the County Individual, retaining the title

against Wiltshire, the A team are first and made it easier and cheaper David Humpleby.

for the club (Malcolm Anderson won

the B team second. Nearing the end of for non-BBCBA members The CICBA Winter Cup was won

the competition last year). The County

the season, domestically, in League I to play in our events. easily by Sue Rankin; 2nd was Chris Hill.

Pairs was won by Rod and Sue Oakford.

Glass are leading but can be caught by Players must still be The Novice Pairs was won by Andrew

teams with games in hand. In League II, members of the EBU but

III and No Fear, Wibberley, Selway and

Hawthorn – Andrew Fenn. Cornwall

the dual membership fee has been The new East Anglian Bridge Week-

King are, respectively, favourites to win. abolished. The BBCBA Competitions

end, a joint event run by Cambs &

Committee have simplified the rules for Hunts, Suffolk and Essex, took place in THE Cornwall Congress

Bedfordshire some county competitions, making it March. The Swiss Pairs was won by was held at Falmouth in

easier for club members to understand Derek and Celia Oram, ahead of Cambs March. On Friday after- promotion and relegation in the & Hunts members Ian Aldridge – Eric noon there was a New-

THE BBA Teams-of-Eight Leagues of Four and Eight, and the Campbell in 2nd and Catherine Curtis comers’ Teams, won by Richard Belling,

was played at Wilstead in selection process for the finals of Club in 3rd. The Swiss Teams was won by Kelly Blenheim-Hassett, Geoff Tomlin-

February and winners Pairs and Club Teams. Giles and Gabriel Ip, Paul Darby and son, Veronica Woodburn, and an Open

were Bedford ‘A’ (Alan BBCBA members performed very Steve Dannell, ahead of the Cambs & Pairs, won by Hugh Thompson – Gill

Cooke, David Harris, well in the Ranked Masters. Ed Scerri – Hunts team of Jonathan Mestel, Jon Lovegrove from Dick Andrews –

Maureen and Brian Stairs, Steve Eginton came 3rd in the Grand Cooke, Paul Fegarty, Catherine Curtis. Gaynor Wiseman. We were also visited

Rita and Brian Keable, Peter Coles and Masters; John Greenhalgh – James Bond Paul Fegarty’s team (Curtis, Mestel, by a group of aspiring bridge players

Monica Lucy). 5th in the Premier Life Masters; Nigel Wightwick) are through to the semi- from Marlborough Primary School,

The BBA Mixed Pairs was contested Wolfendale – Cathy Rowland 2nd in the finals of the Hubert Phillips. Cambridge Falmouth.

in March and winners were Les Calver – Life Masters, and Chris Tucker – Tony University A are through to the semi- Mike and Marion Kelsey won the

finals of the Portland Bowl. The last two evening’s Open Pairs from Dick

remaining Cambs & Hunts teams in the Andrews – Gaynor Wiseman, who went

NICKO, Cambridge A (capt. Chris on to win the Saturday afternoon qual-

Jagger) and Thursday A (capt. Joanne ification for the Championship Pairs,

Caldwell), are drawn to play each other from former winners Geoff and Nettie

in Round 5 (last 32). In the Plate, White. The final was won by Mark

Cambridge E (capt. Peter Bhagat) are Reeve – Aidan Schofield from Alan

through to the last 16, where they could Biggs – Ian Edwards, with Dick

play Thursday B (capt. Brian Copping) Andrews – Gaynor Wiseman 3rd. The

if they win their Round 3 match. Second Flight was won by John

In the Ranked Pairs, John Leibeschutz Vaughan –Sue Gregory, from Jan and

with Peter Foster won the Life Master Ken Keast, and the Third Flight went to

Pairs. John Haslegrave – David Williams Margaret Flanagan – Jenny Northmore.

won the Regional Masters, Dominic A Devon team – Ann Slee, Richard

Clark – Tanawan Watts were 3rd, and Lingham, Bridgid McElroy and Ruth

Henry Lockwood – Matt Johnson were Edmondson – won Sunday’s Swiss

5th. Nadia Stelmashenko – Victor Teams quite easily from two hybrid

Photo: Berks & Bucks CBA

Milman finished 9th in the Easter Con- Plymouth/Cornwall teams: Viv Mably,

gress Swiss Pairs. Celia Bishop, Clare Hamon and Mike

Three Cambs & Hunts pairs qualified Hamon were 2nd, ahead of Bill Tomson,

for the national final of the National Geoff Warren, Sandra Bennett and Ann

Berks & Bucks Committee Cup (Club Teams) winners: from the left, Pairs: Nadia and Victor, Julian Wight- Husk.

Callum McKail, Chris Burley, Steve Gore and David Beever. wick – John Liebeschuetz, and Rod The John Perks Green-Pointed Pairs

Oakford – Mike Seaver. at the end of March was won by Geoff

46 English Bridge June 2013


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