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CFA Director General Kaarin Goodburn said: "We realise

that consumers coninue to need reassurance about the

quality of the products they buy. The consistent rise in

sales of chilled food shows that we are succeeding in

providing that reassurance as the industry coninues to

thrive. Sales of vegetarian chilled items enjoyed a higher

year-on-year increase (7.6 per cent), which may have

been influenced by events earlier in 2013. But whether

vegetarian or meat-based, we are pleased to remain a

favourite in UK fridges."

IN THIS ISSUE: Market Data, Student Viewpoint and 25 Chilled Years!


SUSSLE update

CFA has extended the confideniality period for its

Sustainable Shelf Life Extension (SUSSLE) project to

31 December 2017. The £750k project invesigated

the effects of heat processing on spore-forming

pathogens, specifically non-proteolyic C. botulinum.

It achieved its aim of defining a milder heat process

than currently recommended, ensuring a safe shelf

life for prepared chilled foods, whilst reducing

energy usage and waste.

Previously set at 1 April 2014, the extended

confideniality period is vital to allow for the data

from CFA's ongoing SUSSLE2 project to be taken

into account. Unil then, findings from both SUSSLE

and SUSSLE2 will be only be available to CFA


Meanwhile SUSSLE has already been generaing

interest, with full members having access to

controlled copies of the CFA's Implementaion

Guidance, and four workshops run by CFA for

members. Retailers who have signed a non-disclosure

agreement with CFA will be able to learn about the

original SUSSLE project and atend one of the future

workshops, planned for July and October.

Number 41 SPRING 2014

Chilled market rises again

Sales of chilled food coninued to rise year-on-year despite the challenging backdrop of last

winter's horsemeat issue. Chilled prepared food was not implicated, and the latest figures from

Kantar Worldpanel, which monitors spending across 30,000 UK households, confirm that

consumer confidence appears to have suffered no significant dip. Total sales in all retail chilled

prepared food in 2013 was £11.4bn, a rise of three per cent on the previous year.


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