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COURSES – 2010


Brierfield, Lancs Saturday 17 April

CORN CAIRDIS: Applications are invited to play in a club and a

Ryde, IOW Saturday 24 April

Camberley Saturday 24 April

county team of four in the annual friendly encounter between

Brighton Monday 9 August

England and Ireland. This will take place in Ireland (Co. Dublin)

Aylesbury EBU HQ Wednesday 20 October

on 22nd-23rd May 2010. Players will be responsible for their own

travel costs, but full hospitality will be provided as guests of the BOOK RULINGS £39 (£40 FROM AUGUST 1)

Irish players in their homes. The stress is on friendly, social Hounslow Saturday 17 April

players. Please address enquiries and applications initially to Max Trowbridge, Wilts Sunday 25 April

Bavin ( not later than 23rd April 2010. Ryde, IOW Sunday 25 April

Brierfield, Lancs Saturday 1 May

GERARD FAULKNER SALVER: The closing date for entries to the Brighton Tuesday 10 August

2010 KO Seniors Teams of Four is 7th June. The competion is Aylesbury EBU HQ Wednesday 17 November

open to teams consisting of four to six players all of whom are


EBU members born in 1951 or earlier. Oxford Saturday 10 April

BRIGHTON CONGRESS: This will no longer be held on the dates Bartestree, Hereford Saturday 24 April

shown in the Diary, but will take place on 6th-15th August 2010. Trowbridge, Wilts Sunday 9 May

Hounslow Saturday 15 May

AUTUMN CONGRESS: This will be held on November 5th-7th Brierfield, Lancs Saturday 19 June

2010 instead of October 22nd-24th. Venue provisionally arranged Brighton 1

Wednesday 1 August

as Birmingham. Aylesbury EBU HQ Wednesday 8 December

ENGLISH BRIDGE: Members who share an address and receive ASSESSMENT £44 (£45 FROM AUGUST 1)

two copies of English Bridge, but only require one, should e-mail Bramhall Sunday 25 April (or ring ( 01296 317200 and ask for Michael Bartestree, Hereford Sunday 25 April

Clark). Please notify both EBU numbers when making your request. Oxford Saturday 1 May

Trowbridge, Wilts Sunday 13 June

Hounslow Saturday 12 June

Brierfield, Lancs Saturday 17 July

Brighton Thursday 12 August

TEACHER TRAINING COURSES – 2010 Aylesbury EBU HQ Wednesday 19 and

Saturday 22 January 2011

Partner Teacher Training Courses – COUNTY TD PREPARATION COURSE — SATURDAY 15 MAY

two new courses for prospective teachers This NEW one day course will be held at the EBU Headquarters in

Aylesbury We will use material from previous County courses to give

people a flavour of harder book and judgement rulings. It will also

West Midlands Bridge Club Solihull July 16-18 cover use of the White Book (the TD Guide). There will be a limit of

Aylesbury EBU HQ October 22-24 12 places. Course fee £40.

Courses – £195 for the Full Course – 1


Coventry Hilton Hotel, Paradise Way, Walsgrave Triangle, Coventry

includes how to teach bridge, what to teach, CV2 2ST. All inclusive price of £160 covers all course fees and

short teaching practice, how to recruit, how to retain materials, one night DBB, Sunday finger buffet and three servings of

and how to turn your students into a partner club. tea/coffee.

For info ( 01296 317217 or email For further information, or to register for a course

( 01296 317203 or email

NEW Club Teacher Training Courses


ADVANCE NOTICE Under the Universal Membership scheme affiliated clubs are invited

Under the Universal Membership scheme affiliated clubs are invited to send a second club member to a TD course FREE OF CHARGE

to nominate one club member in any two-year period to be trained where the club sends a full paying member to any of the club TD

as a Club Teacher. The course content will include how to teach courses. The offer is on a ‘like for like’ basis – so when a club books

bridge, what to teach and a short teaching practice. a place (from 1 to 4 courses) it receives the equivalent free for

These courses, which will be FREE OF CHARGE, may only be another member of the same club. To take advantage of the scheme

booked by the registered secretary of the affiliated club. Watch both the paying member and the free member must be booked at

for details of these courses which will be held regionally, proba- the same time and the booking must be made by the registered

bly starting in May / June 2010. secretary of the club. The scheme applies to all courses that

Any clubs with permanent premises who would be prepared to commence after April 1st 2010 (that is the date of the Essentials

host one of the new courses is asked to contact John Pain at the course).

EBU: ( 01296 317218 or email (Please note this scheme does not include the annual County

There are additional concessions available for clubs hosting the Director or County Refresher course held annually, nor the proposed

courses. County Preparation day course.)

24 English Bridge April 2010


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