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THE 2010 House of Lords vs House of

Hand 1 W N E S Hand 4 W N E S Commons Match was held early in

´Q63 1t Pass 1´ Pass ´5 1t Pass 1™ Pass the year because of the forthcoming

™ A Q 10 ? ™A53 2® Pass 2NT Pass General Election. It was, as usual,

tAK87 tAJ876 ? sponsored by Stephen Perry of

® 10 9 6 1NT. With a balanced ®A K 8 2 London Export Corporation Ltd in

hand just too good to 3™. With considerably memory of his father Jack whose

open 1NT, you should better than a minimum name is on the match trophy. The

open one of a suit and rebid 1NT. Do not opening, you want to accept partner’s hospitality organised at the venue,

let the lack of a club stopper deter you. A suggestion to play in game. If you have a the Portland Club, was up to its usual

raise to 2´ with only three spades and no 5-3 heart fit, 4™ is probably going to be the high standard.

ruffing value would be misleading. best contract. If not, 3NT or perhaps five of The Lords built up a sizeable early

lead and hung on to win by a

a minor may be better. Show the three-card

comfortable margin to make the

heart support and let partner decide.

overall score 19-17 to the Lords. It is

Hand 2 W N E S

likely that whatever the result of the

´KQJ86 1´ election the Commons are going to

™A6 ? Hand 5 W N E S have to look for some new blood if

t K J 10 8 ´A842 1t Pass 2t they are to challenge the Lords in

®K 3 Pass. You have 17 points ™KQ32 ? 2011.

and certainly a spade tA82 An excellent set of hands together

stopper, making 1NT an ®A 8 Double. With 17 points, with commentary was produced by

option. With five cards in opener’s suit, you cannot expect part- Paul Bowyer. The Sir Anthony Berry

however, you may do better defending, ner to reopen. With these Trophy for the best bid or played

especially if the opponents are vulnerable. values and four cards in each major as hand of the day went to Evan Harris

You should try to pass smoothly. Maybe well, you must take some action. The deal MP (Liberal Democrat, Oxford West

the hand on your left will pass and your may well belong to your side. While it and Abingdon) for his play to make

3NT when the slightest slip in tech-

partner will reopen with a double. would be nice to have more than two clubs

nique would have led to defeat.

in case partner bids 3®, you cannot afford

to wait for the perfect hand. The Teams:

Hand 3 W N E S Lords: (in the photo, left to right) Lord

´73 1™ Pass 2´ Pass May of Oxford, Lord Skelmersdale,

™AKQJ32 ? Hand 6 W N E S Baroness Billingham, Lord Baker,

tJ5 ´QJ4 1NT Pass 2NT Pass Baroness Henig of Lancaster (Captain),

®Q82 4™. In a game-forcing ™AK7 ? Jack Johnstone (Lady Henig’s husband

auction, a jump in your t8764 and last-minute substitute), the Earl of

own suit shows a solid ®Q J 3 Pass. You have 13 points, Caithnesss, and Lord Harrison.

(or very nearly solid) suit. Facing a single- middle of the range for a Commons: Michael Mates (Captain),

ton heart, the hearts will play for no loser 12-14 1NT opener. While John Marek, John Hemming, Bridget

on the normal 4-2 break or, of course, having the honours in combination is Prentice, Evan Harris, Tony McWalter,

on a 3-3 break. Even facing a void the suit good, the 4-3-3-3 shape and lack of Sir Tim Sainsbury, and James Mates

(Michael Mates’s son and last-minute

will run on a 4-3 break, which is the most intermediates are poor. It will not be a


likely split in that situation. huge surprise if even 2NT fails. r (Jeremy Dhondy)


32 English Bridge April 2010


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