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County Teams Qualifying Rounds and Keith Sherwood. John Sowter – Brian Ottery St Mary Swiss Teams (in aid of

Master Point the Jersey Congress April 24 – May 2. Elliott won the Hazel Whinfrey Plate; Hospicare), West Hill Village Hall,

Howard and Annice Morton were 2nd contact Ken Rowe ( 01404 43259.

promotions and Pym Berry – Steve Cave 3rd.

Cornwall Don Smedley – John Griffin were the

Mrs I Stanbury Club Master Dorset winners of the DCBA heat of the

Master Mrs B Normington National Pairs. Graham Lightfoot –

Local Master

CORNWALL adopted Zia

Mrs GM Cooper Douglas Mobbs, Peter Kelly – Alex CONGRATULATIONS

Mahmood’s EBU bidding

Mr CA Lattimer Master B Bavin Hogg, Mary and David Marshall, and to Claire Hillyard –

quiz as a Christmas com-

Mrs J Silverwood- Randy Curzon – Ron McEwan also Richard Vessey who

Cornwall petition. Jenny Cant won

Cope qualified for the next round. took the title in the final

the prize for players of

Mrs J Turpin 9 Star Regional One of the most enjoyable events held of the Knight Cup, the main Dorset pairs

Master Regional Master rank and

County Master at the East Midland’s Bridge Academy in event of the year. Tim Dunsby – Ian Smith

above, and Lynda Chidell

Mrs J Allan

Mrs LMW Ashworth Derby is the Midland’s Mixed Pairs for were 2nd, and Hilary Brain – Chris

had the best entry for

Mr T Brass 7 Star Regional the EMBA Plate, which incorporates the Stevens 3rd. They will all have the

those below this rank.

Master Midland’s Flitch for married couples. This opportunity to represent Dorset in the

Dr C Cook Bad weather delayed serious compe-

Mr DH Daniel takes place on April 25 – see the DCBA Corwen Trophy in June. The Consolation

Mrs LD Haigh tition until mid-January when the Star

4 Star Premier website for details. All members of clubs Pairs was won by Miles Cowling –

Mr G Masom Masters Pairs was won by Janice and Ken

Master affiliated to the EBU are eligible to play. Daphne Philipps.

Mr D Russell Keast from Rod Bell – Ian Macfarlane.

Mr RGS Draycott Your club secretary will have entry forms. In the Dorset Teams Knock-out, the

General On the same day, the Tredova Cup (for

5 Star Master

Diary Dates: Apr 7, County trials (2). two teams in the final will be Philip

MT Tennant pairs with fewer than 10,000 points)

Apr 21, First round of Summer Swiss. Norman, Mark Hooper, Joanne Norman,

District Master Mrs H Boyens- produced an impressive 65% win for

Apr 25, Midland Mixed Pairs (EMBA Hugh Kevill-Davies against John and

Mitchell Gill Lovegrove – Bob Pretty, playing

Mr P Henry Plate) and Flitch Cup. Apr 28, First Margot Wilson, Janet Smith and Harold

3 Star Master together for the first time, from Alan

Dr NG Lambert round of Vic Morris Cup. May 6, DCBA Wayne. The winner of this match will

Mr IC Walker Biggs – Ian Edwards. The re-arranged

Mr ME Prentice AGM, Spondon, 7.30pm. May 26, DCBA represent Dorset in the Pachabo Cup.

Falmouth Salver was won by Ann James

Local Master Advanced Master Mixed Pairs Championship (Bill Pratt The Frost Rose Bowl attracted 12 teams

– Liz Williams from Bill Berks – Graham

Mr SJ Whitaker Mrs L Chidell Trophy). and was won by Chris Guy, Mary Clews,

Buck. Ken and Janice Keast, Margaret

Mr N Harris Doris Hutchinson, Paul Bennett, 18 VPs

Cambs & Warner, Janet Heath won the County

ahead of second-placed Ann Sharples,


Master Teams of Four from Jill and David Devon Keith Bartlett, Barrie Cantello, Robert

Ms PA Bogdanov Newton, Rob Mabley, Alan Biggs.

Life Master Mott. Janet Smith, Harold Wayne, Margot

Mrs EMS Knight Wadebridge BC held Cornwall’s only

THE very low tempera- Wilson, John Gardner tied for 3rd place

Mr M Pollack District Master National Pairs Heat, won impressively

ture affected the John with Richard Vessey, Claire Hillyard, Jane

Premier National Mrs MB Moore by John and Pauline Deal from Roger Norris, Matthew Phillips.

Master Bunt – Richard Draycott. Woolcock weekend; 26

Area Master pairs played on the Sat- Diary Dates: Apr 18, Gee Trophy

Mrs MR King Mr R Pretty

There were 13 tables for the popular (teams). May 9, AGM, Prize-giving and

Penventon Swiss Pairs; Wendy Brown – urday, but the teams

10 Star Regional Club Master event on Sunday was cancelled. Udall Trophy. Jun 27, Dorset One Day

Master Mimi Falconer led for most of the Green Point Event. For more informa-

Mr AR Myles Congratulations to Alison Pollock –

Mr D Oxbrow

afternoon, only to be beaten into second tion about these events, please visit our

John Edwards who won the Pairs event.

Cumbria place by friends, Chris Stevens – Hilary website

2 Star Regional


Brain, who had come from Dorset to see

Premier National

them. Who needs friends like this?

Mr FA Allen Master Essex

Diary Dates: May 16, Marie Gregson-

14 Star Premier Mr J Farmer

Brown Pairs, Porthavallon Hotel, Carlyon

Master National Master Bay. (Please note the change of venue).

Mr D Allen


Mr GW Bell

Nicole Cook, who, as a

Photo: Jean Whitlam

6 Star Premier 14 Star Premier

Master Regional Master

Cumbria result of the trials, has

been selected to represent

Mrs A Read Mrs KM Bell the EBU in the Lady Milne

Tournament Club Master CONGRATULATIONS to our Cham - Trophy this year.

Master Gillian Fawcett

Mr A Sellers pionship Pairs winners Ken Johnston – In the Year End Congress in London,

Mrs D White Mrs J Sellers Colin Smith, and runners-up Alan and Congratulations to Gillian Fawcett Phil Mattacks and his partner were 7th

4 Star Master Miss A Woodburne Carol James; both pairs qualify for the from Exeter who has won the recent in the Mixed Pairs, and in the Swiss

Mr M Anderson Corwen in June. Third were Ian Reeves – Lady Milne Trials playing with Jane Teams event Manny Marks and his team-


Mrs S Rainbow Tim Matthews. Moore (from Suffolk). They have been mates also finished in 7th position.

Grand Master Our Pivot Teams was won by John selected to represent England in the The winners of the Essex Premier

2 Star Master

Mr HS Melbourne Farmer, Tim and Babs Matthews, and Lady Milne Trophy. League for the 2009-2010 season are

Mr DA Williams

1 Star Premier David Strawbridge; 2. David and Janet Seven teams played in the Garden Hatfield Heath (Adrienne Tinn, Roy

Advanced Master Regional Master Young, Hazel Miles and Michael Shine)

Sheppard, David Latimer, Mike Dunstan; City teams of eight, representing five

Mr D Newman Mr D Taylor 3. Maureen Mitchell, Christine Edwards, clubs (out of approximately thirty clubs who beat Redbridge (Margaret Curtis,

Master Premier Regional Martin Edwards, Christine Munoz. in the County). Congratulations to the Nigel Bardsley, David Sherman and Dick

Mrs V Joubert Master Swiss Pairs: 1. Philip and Sally Wraight; winner Exeter A (Terry Cannon, Dick Green) in the final.

County Master 2. Leo Lehninger – Tink Steven; 3. Ian Andrews, Gaynor Wiseman, Ann Slee, Winners of recent Essex events:

Mr R Horsley

Stedman and Geoff Thomson. Howard Kent-Webster, Phil Palmer, National Pairs heat: 1. Michael Watson –

Mr TRH Lyons 1 Star Master

Diary Dates: Apr 25, Carlisle Swiss Jenny Flood, Richard Lingham). Jacek Lapszys; 2. Sandy and Martin Smith;

District Master Mrs J Collins 3. Catriona Lovett – Mike Harbour.

Teams, Eden Club. In the Petit Congress, congratulations

Mr P Barden Mrs P Olday Diary Dates: Apr 11, Essex Pairs. Apr

to the following: South West Pairs Cup,

Mr STS Stokes Mr C Warbrick 18, Novice Pairs. May 8, AGM.

Derbyshire John Edwards – Alison Pollok; Ali Khan

District Master

Channel Cup, Terry Hammett – Audrey Grzesiak;

Miss R Rowe

Islands Graphic Cup, Don Pearson, Norman Gloucestershire

Club Master PAUL Madden – John Massey, Mike Smith and George Simnett.

1 Star Regional Mr J Boadle Squibb repeated their Diary Dates: Apr 9-10, Devon Bridge

Master SEVERAL major County

Mr MJ Haynes success of last year in the Congress, Toorak Hotel Torquay,

Mr C Hill DCBA Pairs Champion- contact John Lankshear ( 01752 events have taken place

Local Master

2 Star Master ship. They must be 842347. Apr 25, Exeter Golf and County since the start of the year

Mr A Marsden

Mrs J Borny Mr AJH Martin congratulated for their Club Swiss Teams, contact Carol Horgan and the winners, who are

Area Master Mr P Robinson victory by a margin of over 13% over ( 01382 875513. May 7, Devon Charity to be congratulated, are:

Mrs T Lehtinen Mr JDW Sewell second-placed Roman and Jakub Gem- Sim Pairs, clubs, contact Paul County Pairs: 1. Patrick Shields – Dan

bicki, and third-placed Mike Spencer – Ainsworth ( 01803 752846. May 8, McIntosh; 2. Pam Pearce – Steve Sasanow; April 2010 English Bridge 39


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