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3. David Atthey – Nigel Pitel. Ace of Clubs:

Master Point promotions 1. Paul Ford – Guy VanderGucht (New- Herefordshire

ent); 2. Megan Davies – Leila Ocana

Devon 3 Star Tournament 3 Star Premier Hertfordshire (Cheltenham); 3. Hilary Kingham –

Master Regional Master AFTER three of the five rounds of the

2 Star Premier 8 Star Premier

Marek Siejka (Newent). Cotswold Cup:

Mrs B Green Dr D Carmichael

Inter-Club Teams League, in which 16

Regional Master Regional Master 1. Derek Rue, Dan McIntosh, Norah

teams are entered, Wyeside B are in the

Mr GA Penney 2 Star Tournament 6 Star Regional Allen, Hussein Fatemian; 2. Allan Sanis,

Mr JW Kitson lead with 130 VP, followed by Wyeside A

Master Master Tony Letts, John Councer, Nicky Fer-

7 Star Regional 5 Star Premier with 122 and Fownhope A with 119.

Master Mrs P Clark Mr NW Whiteman

Regional Master

guson. County Individual: 1. Wendy The team of Mike Ralph, Ben Britton,

Mr B Cook 5 Star Master 1 Star Regional Angseesing, 2. Joe Angseesing, 3. Peter Steve Booth and Chris Chowney found

Mr SP Jacobs

Mr JA Cosgrove Master Swales. Winter Swiss Pairs: 1. Joe Angsee- themselves in very distinguished com-

4 Star Regional 2 Star Premier

Master Mr K Harries Mr IR Giles sing – Richard Chamberlain; 2. Jim pany at the end of 14 rounds of the

Regional Master

Mrs MJ Adams Mr S Margutti 3 Star Premier Simons – Peter Waggett; 3. Tony Letts – Swiss Teams at the East Wales Congress

Mr AD Ellis

Mr M Nouri Master Marc Lee. National Pairs Heat: 1. Ivor at Cwmbran finishing 7th out of 52

10 Star Premier 2 Star Regional

Master Mr RD Assad Francis – Dennis Fairmaner; 2. Anne with 60%.

4 Star Master Master

1 Star Tournament Mr N Parmenter

Swannell – Richard Harris. Cheltenham Albert and Carol Brown, with long-

Mrs I Symes Miss JR Leyland

Master B.C. Tivoli Teams: 1. Wendy and Joe standing partners from London, reached

3 Star Master 3 Star Master 1 Star Regional

Mrs HE Ball

Angseesing, Lindsay Geddes, Graham the A Final of the Championship Teams at

Mr RF Harriott Mrs C Paget Master Sadie; 2. Barbara Janes, Mike Wignall, the Midlands Counties Congress.

Mrs JJ Patrick Mr D Stewart 3 Star Master Mr R Livesey Gloria Ireland, Nigel Hayman. Cheltenham Jennifer Baker – Pam Crisp were the

2 Star Master 2 Star Master Mr E Naughton 12 Star Premier B.C. Club’s League: Div. 1: Patrick Shields – leading Herefordshire pair in the Swiss

Mr PA Johnson Mr P Lewellen 2 Star Master Master Paul Denning; Div. 2: Megan Davies – Pairs (9th of 42) and, with Neville

Mr CHR Lane Mrs PL Southon Ms OM Jenkins Mrs NS Moss Angela Hall; Div. 3: Ashok Kwatra – Shorrick – Martyn Moxley, they made up

1 Star Master Advanced Master 1 Star Master 1 Star Premier D. Simons. the best Herefordshire team in the Swiss

Mrs R Caddy Mr M Hunt Master Two of our County pairs did well in the Teams (8th of 28).

Mrs PA Davis

Master Mrs BL Marsh Mrs CD Redrup EBU Madeira Congress: Val Constable – County competitions results: National

Mr M Wallace

Mr DH Atkins Mrs VR Tweddle 4 Star Master Derek Rue, placed 4th out of 64 in the Pairs Qualifier: 1. D Weller – B Britton

Master (65.3%); 2. J Thacker – M Ralph

Mrs B Golding Advanced Master Mrs JH Wreford Swiss Pairs, teamed up with Ian Constable

Mr CW Hook (53.5%); 3. J Shadforth – E Whitfield

District Master 2 Star Master – Jim Simons and won their section of the

County Master Lady AM Dunt (52.8%). No Fear teams: 1. N Shorrick,

Mrs V Anderson Pivot Teams; they were also 5th in the Swiss

Mr PM Edwards Mr J Harris C Sandy, S White , B Poole (70 VP);

Mr AT Livesey Teams. Well done!

Area Master Mr BT Vernon 1 Star Master 2. E Whitfield, J Davies-Jones, J Dowdle,

Mrs G Meagher Diary Dates: Apr 30-May 2, Annual

Ms A Hunt Master Mrs FV Paterson R Wilson (62 VP). Swiss Pairs: 1. B Britton

District Master Cheltenham Bridge Congress; as usual,

Local Master Mr D Adams Mr D Reid the Swiss Teams on Sunday will be green- – D Brown (79 VP); 2. J Crowe – P Crisp

Mrs DG Friedlander

Mr MP Read Mrs JD Hudson Master pointed. Enquiries: Anne Swannell (75 VP); 3. B Underhill – P Bellamy (70

Mr DS Gilbert

County Master Mrs B Davy ( 01452 760228. VP). Mixed Pairs: 1. D and S Munday

Dorset Club Master (61.1%); 2. P Watts – G Ogden (57.0%);

Mr R Brown Mrs A Futerman

4 Star Premier Mr JF Burke 3. B Underhill – L Drew (56.0%).

Mr J Finch Mr T McCann

Master Mr C Scott Hants and IoW Diary Dates: Apr 12, Ace of Spades

District Master District Master

Mr P White

Gloucestershire Mrs JA Bungey (for players with Master-point ranking

Ms LA Chester below Advanced Master), 7pm, Larruperz

3 Star Master

National Master Mr R Bungey Area Master Congratulations to Clare Centre, Ross-on-Wye. Apr 16, Inter-Club

Miss LA Leonard and Ian Fearon who had a

Mr J Councer Mr CA Patrick Ms CM Leek teams, Round 5, 7pm, Led bury

1 Star Master very successful time at the

2 Star Premier Area Master Club Master Community Centre. Apr 18, Multiple

Mr JRF Crouch Madeira Congress. They

Regional Master Mr C Douglas Mrs N Gibbs Teams, 10.30am, Tarrington Community

Mrs B Hawkins started well, coming 2nd

Ms AR Pritchard Mrs P Forrest Hall.

District Master Isle of Man in the Pre-congress Pairs and then went Note that the Hereford shire and

Mrs RH Wade 8 Star Regional Herefordshire on to win the Swiss Pairs.

Master Advanced Master Gloucestershire Green Point Weekend,

Mr RD Williamson County Results: Yuletide Swiss Teams: held in June in recent years, will this

Mr TD Beach 9 Star Regional Dr JW Allan

Area Master Master

1. Karen Dewarm, Stephan Hurst, James year be held on Sept 25 and 26 at Ross-

4 Star Premier County Master Chapman, James Guiton; 2. Christine

Mr R Wright Mrs J Homes on-Wye.

Master Mr J Jowett and Richard Ray, Mike Fithyan, Owen

Local Master 9 Star Premier

Mr RJ Nicholls Local Master Leigh. Charity Sim Pairs: 1. Stephan Cross

Mrs HA Cox

1 Star Tournament


Mrs SE Pile – Heather Ball, 2. David and Gordon Hertfordshire

Essex Master Mr MJ Lane Pollard; 3.Vara and Tony Williams. Blox-

3 Star Master Kent som Swiss Teams: 1. Christine and Richard

Premier National Mrs ME Thomas CONGRATULATIONS to

Master 4 Star Master Mrs S Shore Life Master Ray, Dave Huggett, Jeremy Baker; 2. Miles Jackie Davies who came 9th

2 Star Master Mr KA Ashcroft Cowling, Chris Kinloch, Bob McRobert, in the overall National Level

Mr AD Cundy Mrs AJW Clay

Mrs S Weller Mr IM Ottley Richard Harris. Candlestick Pairs: 1. Bob 1 Master Points List, Fiona

10 Star Regional 2 Star Master McRobert – Richard Harris; 2= Chris and Littlewood who came 5th in

Master 1 Star Master Premier Regional

Mrs M Ford Richard Ray, Mac Nurmohamed – John National Level 3 and also to Jill Mumford,

Mr P Williamson Mr DC Rex Master

Advanced Master Jones. Valentine Mini Swiss Teams: 1. Chris Sara Barnett and Bob Veal who won their

2 Star Regional Mrs ED Richards Dr S Goldwin

Mrs AM Hall and Richard Ray, Mike Fithyan, Tony respective levels in Hertfordshire.

Master Master 11 Star Regional

Area Master Olech; 2. David and Rosemary Spencer, Roger Gibbons was in the team that

Mr D Tennet Master

Mr R Cottam Ian and Clare Fearon. finished 7th in the National Swiss Teams.

1 Star Regional Mr AW Grainger Mr B Goldsmith

County Master Diary Dates: Apr 18, Pottage Semi- Local results: the leading qualifiers for

Master Local Master 5 Star Regional

Mr PL Flagg finals / No Fear Pairs (+IOW heat). Apr the Championship Pairs Final are: 1. Maria

Mrs S Millins Mr D Boreham Master 24, Petersfield Swiss Pairs (Petersfield,

Miss LF Gregg Budd – Malcolm Harris; 2. Alan Kay –

16 Star Premier

Hants & IoW Mr HE Hardy

Mrs M C Maslin contact Maureen Rubra ( 01730 263 Dave Walker; 3. David Arrighi – Julie

Master 4 Star Regional 396). Apr 25, Philip Graham Swiss Teams. Snell. The eight quarter-finalists for the

Life Master Mr S Martin

Mr ET Field Master May 9, Pottage Finals (1pm) / Farley Humble Cup are Anidjar-Romain,

Mrs T Jerrard

District Master

9 Star Premier Mrs M Phillips Trophy Swiss teams (1.30pm). May 23, Arrighi, Button, Dickson, Dill, Evans,

Master Mrs C Kinmond Mr DE Reading Green Point Swiss Teams (contact Marian

Premier National Littlewood and Robinson. Cadet Pairs:

Mrs A Morgan Master Mrs DJ Woods- Rudd ( 01264 33384). June 18, AGM

1 Star Regional 1= Mike Ayers – Marie Craig (winners on

Humphery Master (12 noon) and Finale Ranked Pairs a split tie), Pam Green – Johanna Mason;

7 Star Premier Mr J Sherman

Master 17 Star Premier Area Master Mr AG Smith (2pm). All the above are held at Romsey 3= Tony and Marion Watkins, Sharon

Mr PT Bennett Regional Master Mr M Wilkins 10 Star Premier starting at 2pm, unless otherwise listed. Richmond – Roger Perrott.

Premier Master Mrs BJ Boswell Local Master Master Entries to Lillian Craigen (one week Diary Dates: Apr 11, Desmond Flock-

Mr PE Rogers Mr B Stapleton Mr KC Blackburn Mr AK Salvage before if possible) ( 02380 254276 or hart Trophy, Welwyn Garden City 1pm. Apr 13, Seniors Pairs Championship,

40 English Bridge April 2010


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