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Welwyn Garden City 11am. Apr 23,

Master Point promotions Cadet Teams, Welwyn Garden City Leicestershire

7.30pm. Apr 25, Championship Pairs

7 Star Premier Lancashire Lincolnshire 5 Star Premier Final, Welwyn Garden City 1pm. May 16,


SADLY we report the

Master AGM followed by Mixed Pivot Teams

Grand Master 6 Star Regional death of Arthur Blox-

Mr A Lis Dr HA Potts Championship, Bridge Centre, Gosling

Mr RAM Allison Master ham on 29th January.

4 Star Premier 1 Star Premier Sports Park, 3pm.

Master Premier National

Mrs SK Wimbles Before moving to Staf-


Master 5 Star Premier fordshire, where he was

Ms J Connor Mr J Parsons

3 Star Premier Mr BC Irlam

Master Kent President of Stafford Bridge Club, Arthur

Mr WE Herbert 5 Star Master was prominent in Leicestershire bridge

Master 8 Star Regional

2 Star Premier Mr DM Salden and his name appears on the honour rolls

Mr M Rixon Master

Master 4 Star Master CONGRATULATIONS to for many of the county trophies. He

2 Star Premier Mr N Mitra Denis O’Donovan – John

Mr R Shelley Mr DP Bailey served on the LCBA Committee as


16 Star Premier Short for winning the Tournament Secretary between 1966 and

Mr R Meredith 4 Star Master 2 Star Master

Master George Griffiths Cup in the 1973. He was also sometime Chairman of

1 Star Premier Mrs DM Dickinson Mrs D Rowlinson

Mrs H Sutton Kent Seniors Pairs Cham- County Club.

Master 1 Star Master Mrs L Williams

7 Star Premier pionship. Runners-up were The Joseph’s Bowl (Teams of Four

Dr DR Moore Mr P Evans Master

Master Brian Crack – Shirley Goldwin. Knock-out) has now reached the semi-

10 Star Tournament District Master Mr JL Berry The first session of the Corbett com-

Mrs B Forsyth final stage, where Langley will play

Master Mr B Bennett Mrs G Kenyon

2 Star Master petitions, Cup and Plate, (County Inter- Mahoney, and Lloyd will play Odams.

Mr RH Stockbridge Local Master County Master club Teams of Eight) was played at the

Mrs C Munro

Congratulations to the team of John

5 Star Tournament Mr A Myles Mr JM Bird beginning of February. The second session Lawson, Steve Foster, Brian Hughes, and

Master 1 Star Master

Mr DR Mitchell will take place at Kingshill on March 20, John Ruddock who won the Wilde Cup

Mrs CS Shaw Mr A Crabtree London

Area Master and will include the Mitchell Salver (Non-expert Teams of Four).

4 Star Tournament Mrs M Critchley Premier Life matches. In the first session of the Corbett After four rounds, Ian Bruce – Mick

Master Master Mrs S Taylor

Advanced Master Plate there was a late withdrawal so a Mahoney still lead the Stanley Trophy

Mr G Plummer Mr P Martin Club Master

Mrs S Gilbert change in format was necessary and con- (Butler Pairs) by a substantial margin.

2 Star Tournament Life Master Mrs C Bond

Master sequently each team played a half match After the local heat of the National

Master Mr M Pelham

Mr P Dunstan

Mr DS Ewart against each of the other four teams. See Pairs, Dennis Davis – John Myles, Alan

Mr KW Gravestock the website for the state of play.

2 Star Premier Merseyside & Langley – Dick Pathan, and Tim Glover –

5 Star Master County Master

Regional Master Cheshire London Year End Congress: congratu- Peter Neville qualified for the Midlands

Mr PR Cornelius Mr D Hilton lations to the winners of the ‘B’ Flight

Mr D Strawbridge Regional Final.

Mrs HH Ford Mr AL Walters Premier Life

Regional Master Master

Swiss Teams: Brian Crack, Shirley Gold- Recent County teams results: vs Staffs &

Mr RJ Maddison- Club Master win, Audrey Disbury, Chris Lohan. Shrops: 1st team lost 3-17, 2nd team won

Mr G Hart Mr J Hampson

Brown Mrs G Beattie The latest Kent Committee Meeting 18-2, 3rd team won 13-7; vs Lincs: 1st team

Mr J Lillycrop

Mrs EA Mitchell 1 Star Premier minutes can be viewed on the website.

Miss L Macdougall lost 1-19, 2nd team drew 10-10, 3rd team

3 Star Master Leicester Regional Master

1 Star Premier Diary Dates: Apr 11, Larsky Cup (Pairs won 20-0. Leics have now completed their

Mrs J Kerr 1 Star Premier Ms M Howe Championship), Tunbridge Well, 11am.

Master matches, and the current league positions

Mrs B Roberts Regional Master Ms B Serres May 23, Green-point One Day Event

Mr PB Cogliatti are (based on average VPs per match, with

2 Star Master Ms CV Bray 2 Star Regional Swiss Teams, Canterbury, 1pm. Jun 20, some matches still to be played): 1st team

Premier Master

Master Phillimore Cup (Swiss Pairs Champion- (Dawes League) 8th place; 2nd team

Mrs PA Ramm 5 Star Regional Ms AS Bragadir

1 Star Master Master Mr RG Cowie ship), Tunbridge Wells, 11am. (Porter Cup) 3rd place; 3rd team (Mark-

3 Star Master

Mrs V Baddams Ms S Northen 1 Star Regional ham Trophy) 2nd place, and Leics is 6th in

Dr F Davison Master

Mr B Fordham 3 Star Regional Lancashire the overall merit table.

1 Star Master Mr K Perry Diary Dates: Apr 14, Stanley Trophy

Mrs B Noble Master

Mrs S Behrmann Mr N Worthington Heat 6. Apr 14, Yates No Fear Pairs. Apr 21,

Advanced Master Mrs J Gibson

Advanced Master 5 Star Master THE Lancashire CBA’s Buckby Men’s and Olga Ladies’ Pairs. Apr

Mr GJ Traynor 8 Star Premier

Master Master

Mrs M Pangalos Mr B Moore Annual General Meeting 28, Gimson Trophy Semi-finals. May 5,

Master 1 Star Master will take place at Bolton Joyce Pivot Teams. May 9, Gimson Trophy

Mr TJ Connor Mrs VE Scott

Mr RAN Balchin Bridge Club on Monday, Final. May 12, Hyman Crammer Pairs.

Mr DW Fairbairn 5 Star Premier Mr P Swarbrick

Mrs S Komine May 17, at 7.30pm. May 16, Midlands League vs Worcs. May

Mr R Kendall Master Master

Mr P Lehos County Master Lancashire teams performed well at the 19, Stanley Trophy Heat 7.

Mrs JE Hulland Mrs G Clarkson Blackpool Year End Congress, with Austin

Mrs CP Lohan Mrs E Bingham

2 Star Tournament District Master Barnes, Stuart Norris, Rod Greenhalgh,

Mr JH Metcalf


Mr F Burghout Lincolnshire

Mr HD Swales Mr E Gozdowski Mr GA Charlesworth Malcolm Robinson winning the Swiss

Mrs J Dearden Mr M Hayden Teams, and Catherine Draper, Dave Deb-

Mr S Walsh Mr P Willis

Tournament Mr S O’Brien bage, Ollie Burgess, Andrew Woodcock MEMBERS should now

County Master District Master

Mrs JC Vening


Mrs A Geser

Club Master runners-up; Bill Carr, Stuart Clarke and have received the latest

Mr D Pollard Mrs K Wilde George and Maureen McConkey, and Bob newsletter with the entry

District Master Area Master

Mr J Yardley Loveridge, Peter Sizer, Paul and Hilda form to the annual cham-

Mrs P Chowdhury Ms MT Channon Middlesex Williams occupied the next two places. pionships in April. After

Mrs B Cochran 3 Star Master Ms A Gauld

Premier Grand Unfortunately the Butler Pairs was a P2P on April 1st all Lincs notifications

Mr MS Hampton Mr DL Taylor Mrs S Nurock

Master casualty of the snow in January. will be sent direct to affiliated clubs for

Mrs AG O'Riordan- 1 Star Master Club Master

Mr IM Panto Lancashire’s representatives in the distribution, starting with AGM minutes.

Robinson Mrs I Pacey Mr M Alishaw

Mrs J Wreford National Master Corwen Trophy will be David Hodge Results: Ghost Pairs (slightly down on

County Master Mr M Landon – Adam Skalski, Bill Alston – Colin last year): N/S 1. Di Barclay – Richard

Area Master Mr SN Shah

Mr A Ansari Mr S Lohfink Mitchell, Paul and Hilda Williams, and Tupper, E/W 1. Ron Wall – Brian Smith.

Mrs S Cole Ms K Stynes 1 Star Premier

Mr M Harvey Regional Master Mike Nicholson – Steve Haley. Sidney Vincent (Ladies’ Pairs): 1. Brenda

Mr RF Markwick Mr T Wilson

District Master LCBA Championship Pairs: 1. David Goodacre – Barbara Evans; 2. Helen

Mrs J Martin Local Master Dr I Budden

Mrs AS Abbott

Hodge – Adam Skalski. Gillatt – Debbie Burton. Vincent (Men’s

Club Master C Dean Premier Regional

Mrs H Hughes

Diary Dates: Apr 18, Sowerby Cup, Pairs): 1. Brian Smith –Ron Wall; 2. Mike

Mrs RM Baldwin Master

Mr T Sawers Lancaster BC. Apr 25, Doyle Trophy Grant – Maurice Ladlow. Bainton Final:

Mrs A Moxon Mrs M Trowell

Local Master Mr V Tron Swiss Teams, Southport BC. May 2, 1. Elaine Proctor – Maurice Lynn; 2.

Mr JW Spencer Mr MJ Trowell

Mrs L Cummings Madeline Berney Swiss Pairs, Brierfield Stuart Watson – Glynn Elwick.

Club Master Manchester

Mr L Piper 5 Star Regional BC. May 16, Blackburn Swiss Pairs, Dairy Dates: Apr 24-25, Annual

Mr R Pope Mrs R Page Life Master Master Blackburn BC. May 17, LCBA AGM, Cham pionships, Scunthorpe; contact

Mr JR Williams Mrs S Perrett Mr NJK Thomas Mr GR Shah Bolton BC. May 31, Bolton Swiss Teams, Stuart Knox. May 16, Veterans’ Cup,

Bolton BC. Dunholme. April 2010 English Bridge 41


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