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Jack Hassan, Luke Webb, Laura Bonney Catherine Seale finished 2nd and Nevena

Master Point London and Alex Birchall – who won the Northern Senior was 6th, earning places on the

promotions Heat of the Arnott Davidson Trophy, the

inter-regional team of eight champion-

England and EBU teams respectively.

Congratulations to Victor Silverstone,

CONGRATULATIONS to ship for Under 19s. Richard Hillman, Keith Bennett, Neil

4 Star Regional 4 Star Premier those who qualified for Manchester are very proud to be Rosen, Jeremy Dhondy, Tony Waterlow,

Master Master selection to England teams hosting the 2010 Lady Milne Trophy

from recent trials: Gunnar Andrew McIntosh, Ian Pagan, Nick

Mr MC Shah Mr PD Ison from 16 to 18 April at Chancellors Con-

Hallberg and Ross Harper Sandqvist, Martin Jones for winning the

3 Star Regional Premier Master ference Centre, University of Manchester. Tollemache final.

Master who won the Seniors trials; Susanna There will be a Vu-graph and spectators

Mr B Drobny Well done to McIntosh and Sandqvist

Gross, Chris Duckworth and Nicole are very welcome.

Mr DR Arundel 1 Star Tournament for also winning the in augural TGR

Cook, who qualified and Gillian Fawcett Diary Dates: Apr 16-18, Lady Milne

Mr PR Shah Master Auction Pairs (see page 33).

who won the Lady Milne trials. Well Trophy. May 9, Higson Cup and Plate

7 Star Premier Mrs MA Smith done to David Bakhshi who won the At the London Year End Congress,

Master 4 Star Master

Finals, 1pm, MBC. May 27, Annual

National Swiss Teams and to all these in Frances Liew – Philip Town won the

Ms C Stafford General Meeting, 7.30pm, MBC.

Mr MJ Smith the London Year End Congress: Gunnar Mixed Pairs; Janet de Botton and Artur

1 Star Premier 3 Star Master Hallberg, 1st in the Swiss Teams A flight; Malinowski finished 3rd. Malinowski


Dr OR Hendrie Ros Nanayakkara, Michael Alishaw, Tim- Merseyside/Cheshire also finished 2nd in the Swiss Pairs.

Mr PH Shah Mr AJ Legg othy Wilson and Jon Lillycrop, 3rd in the In County events, Gill Stock – Marion

Premier Master B flight; Bernard Teltscher, 2nd, and Robertson won the Ladies’ Pairs. Gulab


Mr TA Cox

Gunnar Hallberg – David Ewart, 4th in R and Mansukh C Shah won the Gentle-

Mrs AG Middleton

the Swiss Pairs; Simon Pollack, 3rd in the to David Stevenson, who

1 Star Tournament Master came out top at the men’s Pairs. Nasresh and Bakul

Open Pairs; and Sarah Dunn – David Mohanlal Shah won the Ranked Masters

Master recent EBL Tournament

Mrs CM Bullock Gold, 2nd in the Mixed Pairs.

Mr E Wolfson Directors’ course in San- Pairs. The Middlesex Club Championship

Dr BS Cole LMBA, in association with Age Con- was won by the Ace of Clubs; Anne

5 Star Master Mr RC Cooper cern Wandsworth, is very pleased to remo. and has now been invited to be a

European Bridge League TD. An impres- Rosen, Ian Draper, Keith Bennett,

Mr MM Shah Mrs E Sparrow announce a new event to be held on

sive performance as he had to go there Jeremy Dhondy, David Solomons,

Mr PM Shah County Master Tuesday April 20 – London’s first ever

Café Bridge Drive, to be played in a directly from playing in the tiring Iceland Richard Spencer, Neil Rosen, Steve

4 Star Master Mr MJ Gurney

number of venues in the Tonsleys area of Express congress in Reykjavik. Capal will compete for the Garden Cities

Mrs P Singer Mrs E Townsend Trophy.

Wandsworth. More details on our web- Pupils from Grange School, Hartford,

2 Star Master Mrs LJ Tracey

site at Entries have had more success. Current holders Diary Dates: Jun 1, Committee Cup,

Mr J Baruch District Master of the EBU Schools Teams Cup, they also Ace of Clubs, 8pm. An extensive compe-

and enquiries to Ned Paul at ned@ned

Mrs R Gordon Mr S Rogers or ( 07944 768643. took the top three places in the North- titions calendar may be found on the

Mr JB Patel Area Master Results: Ian Gardiner Trophy Qualifier: West heat of the U-19 Pairs event. The website. Do report points of interest to

Mr NP Shah Mrs S Hinks 1. Sarah Dunn, David Gold, Tom Town- winners were Alex Roberts – Gareth

Advanced Master Mr KA Holmes send, David Ewart; 2. Brian Callaghan, Wilkes, the former is also a member of

Mr L Kendall Mr RH Middleton Chris Duckworth, Fiona Hutchison, Guy the England team for the Peggy Bayer

Miss S Pulley Hart. Palmer Bayer Trophy: 1. Dave Straw- Trophy. Well done to their teacher Simon Norfolk


Mr MP Symonds bridge – Lorna Vestey; 2. Monica Mari- Whitehouse for his continuing support.

Mr B Shah The County Trials held in early

Club Master nescu – Timothy Wilson.

Mr SM Shah February provided a sixth win for Stuart THE County A team

Mrs SJ Falgate Diary Dates: Apr 18, Fox Shammon

Mrs IR Veecock Trophy Seniors Pairs, Queen’s Club, 2 pm; Matthews – Alan Stephenson, who were continued their winning

Mrs P Wells

County Master contact Steve Eginton at steve@eginton. over 60 IMPs clear of the field. streak by beating Cambs &

Local Master

Mr J Chase or ( 07989 557779. Apr 22, Peter Kaufmann – David Stevenson Hunts 11-9, but the B and

Ms L Glassberg Mr G Seaman Garden Cities Heat Inter-Club Teams of managed to retained their Pairs title at C teams both lost, 9-11

Mrs AR Haria Mrs K Seaman Eight, YCBC, 7pm; contact Chris Duck- the Chester Congress. The Swiss Teams and 3-17.

Mr R Haria North East worth at was won by Alan and Kath Nelson, Congratulations to Gabriel and Giles

Mrs K Lester May 23, London Trophy final; spectators Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield. Ip, Paul Darby and Steve Dannell (photo

Premier Life welcome, RAC Club, 2pm; contact Cecil The Merseyside Cup (teams of four),

Mr HK Shah on next page), who won the Silver Plate –


Mr N Shah Leighton ( 020 8500 0700. held each December, was won by Barry and a special congratulation to Giles

Mr JN Bailey Jones, Paddy Murphy, Ted Reveley, Colin

Mrs A who at 19 must be the youngest-ever

National Master Humphrey

Swietochowski Manchester Norfolk player to win a major national

Mr JT Scott Diary Dates: Apr 18, Charity teams, tournament.

District Master

14 Star Premier MBC. Apr 25, Preece Rosebowl (County After the weather-delayed Round 4 of

Mr K Depala Regional Master Women’s Pairs), Blundellsands BC. May the Norfolk and Norwich League, Roger

Mr S Rai THE Manchester Tolle-

Mr J Wooton 3, May Day Pairs, MBC. May 7, Lady Cortis’s team topped the table and won

Area Master mache team of Michelle

3 Star Premier Connell Final. May 29, Andrew Rosebowl the Autumn Cycle. The two Division 2

Brunner, John Holland,

Mr M Gandhi Regional Master (County Mixed Pairs), LBC. May 22, top teams, Kath Liversidge and Peter

Michael Byrne, Mike Bell,

Mr S Shah Mrs M Tuke Open Green-pointed Swiss Pairs, MBC.

Gary Hyett, Rodney Howlett, are promoted and will start the

Club Master Jun 3, Liverpool Open Pairs, LBC. June

6 Star Premier Lighton, John Hassett and David Debbage Spring Cycle in Division 1.

Mr T Badiani Master achieved Manchester’s best result for 5-6, match v Dublin. Jun 10, Liverpool

The new year programme of events

Mrs M Kennerley many years in coming runners-up in the Open Teams, LBC. Jun 12, NCL Round 1.

Local Master got off to a good start with a well organ-

final held in February. Jun 17, Jim Davies Swiss Teams, Heswall

Ms L Gardner Dr NR Mehta ised and well supported Beccles Swiss

Steve Mattinson – Pauline Lang won BC. Jun 24, County AGM, LBC. Jul 3,

Mrs J Harris Mrs A Young Teams, won by Neville Hill, Peter Rowlett,

the Championship Pairs at the Midlands NCL Round 2.

Mr H Said 4 Star Premier Robbie Roberson, Iris Green. Other event

Master County Diamond Jubilee Congress. winners were Roger Amey – Mike

Norfolk Mrs P Graham Congratulations to John Holland who Middlesex Walsh, who won the Robertson Cup, and

5 Star Premier has won the Sunday Telegraph Salver for

3 Star Premier the Norfolk & Norwich team who won

Regional Master Master the most master points earned in 2009.

HEATHER Dhondy, Nevena the Committee Cup. The N&N team was

Miss G Hall

In sixth place was Michelle Brunner. In

Mrs J Laing Richard Thornley, Chris Mallon, Neil

the Gold Point listing to the end of 2009 Senior and Nicola Smith

4 Star Premier 1 Star Tournament

John Holland was in 2nd place and were selected for the Eng- and Laura Tracey, Peter and Helen

Regional Master Master Gaskin, John Brister and Mary Smith.

Michael Byrne in 4th. land Women’s Team for the

Mrs MS Kimbley Mrs B Pace In the 2010 Camrose, Michelle Brunner European Championships. Diary Dates: Apr 25, Hudson Cup,

15 Star Regional 5 Star Master – John Holland represented England in In the Open Teams, Andrew Bawburgh. If you haven’t already entered

Master Mr M Craig the first weekend (see page 11). McIntosh – Nick Sandqvist for some or all of the Norfolk Congress

Mr MJ Connolly 4 Star Master Congratulations to Jeff Smith who will represent England, and events at the Duke’s Head, King’s Lynn,

Regional Master Mr PG Marshall with team-mates from Yorkshire came Gary and Dafydd Jones will represent on Apr 9, 10 and 11, you might still get

Mr G Ip Mrs B Yarrow 2nd in the National Swiss Teams Congress. Wales. Jeremy Dhondy will act as NPC in if you step lively. This is not an event

Well done to four of our youngsters – for England. In the Lady Milne Trials, you should miss!

42 English Bridge April 2010


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