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Smith, Ray Beach, Diana Sturt and Sue shall miss them dearly, but have many

Master Point promotions May; Wells also took 2nd place and happy memories. Our deepest sympa-

Taunton 3rd. thies go to their wives Joy and Judy and

Club Master 13 Star Premier Area Master District Master their families.’

Our Western League A team won their

Dr R Edwards Master Mrs H Darley Mr B Salmon match against Cornwall 19-1, the B team The teams for England have been

Mr MG Sturgeon Mr FT Lynes Mr E Gilburd Area Master lost 12-8 and the C team won 16-4. selected, with Jason and Justin Hackett

10 Star Premier Mr P Lee Mrs M Atkins Three Somerset teams have reached on the Open Team, while Paul will repre-

Staffs & Master Mrs D Rogers Miss L South the third round of the Gold Cup and we sent us in the Seniors. Barbara Hackett is


Mr J Ellis Ms D Rossell-Jones Mr R Tribe wish them all well in the next round. in the frame to be on the German Ladies

Premier National 9 Star Premier Mr RS Sissen Club Master The Taunton team of Colin Flood, Team. Justin and Jason finished 2nd at

Master Master Ms A Traynor Tom Gibbard, Chris Jones, David Porter Cwmbran and have recently played in the

Mr JM Blume

Mr J Youens Mr PWS De Silva Club Master and Sally Stuttard have reached the invitation Moscow Slava Cup.

Ms H Fitzpatrick

3 Star Master Mr JF Flower Mr J Osmond Mr RM Hirst fourth round of the NICKO competition. Diary Dates: Apr 17, Green Point

Mr DH West Mrs S White Mrs L Poulson Miss M Innes Good luck to them also. Pairs and Apr 18, Green-pointed Swiss

1 Star Master Mr S Whiteside Mrs J Snell

Diary Dates: Apr 24, County Cham- Teams, Alington Hall Shrewsbury School.

Sussex pionship Pairs. May 23, County Percen- May 12, Ladies’ Pairs. May 19, Men’s

Mrs GM Caddick 7 Star Premier Local Master

Master National Master tage Pairs Final. Pairs. Jun 9, Mixed/Flitch Pairs. Contact

Mrs PM Davies Mr K Booth

Mrs R Hickman Mrs AM Thorpe Judy Mitchell ( 01743 235374 or e-mail

County Master

Mrs PA Oliveira 6 Star Premier Warwickshire Staffs and Shrops

Mrs TM Brown

5 Star Premier Regional Master 15 Star Premier

Suffolk Master Mrs JEM Drummond Master Suffolk

Mr JJ Spring 4 Star Premier Mr PB Maniam

IT has been a sad time for

23 Star Premier our counties as we have

Master 3 Star Premier Regional Master 7 Star Premier

Master Dr J Drummond Master suffered great losses with AFTER winning the Tolle-

Mr M Malin the sudden deaths of

Mrs MA Aitchison 11 Star Regional Mr H Matthews mache Qualifier in style and

9 Star Premier Arthur Bloxham and reaching the Final for the

Mrs NM Waller Master 2 Star Tournament

Master Malcolm Mitchell.

Mr J Woodard Master first time in the County’s

Mrs M Garbutt 1 Star Premier

history, the Suffolk team performed mod-

Master 6 Star Regional Mrs JM Brett

4 Star Premier estly, finishing 7th.

Mrs TL Hewett Master 1 Star Tournament

Master The Bury St. Edmunds Swiss Teams

2 Star Tournament Mrs ME Bevis Master

Dr H Lacey was won by Kimbley (Maureen Kimbley,

Master 2 Star Regional Mrs H Foster Bogdan Drobny, Fleur and Rick Waters,

3 Star Premier

Mr LG Chandler Master 2 Star Master

Master 81 VPs), from Alpin in 2nd (72 VPs) and

Mrs L Palmer Mr P Hunt Mrs V Wormleighton Berry in 3rd (70 VPs).

Mr GD Haig-Thomas

Tournament Master 1 Star Regional 1 Star Master In the Mid-Anglia Pairs the winners

3 Star Master Master

Mr GE Searle Mr FR Begh were Mike O’Reilly – John Ede (79

Mrs JM Watson Mr D Municchi

5 Star Master Mrs J Berck IMPs), from Rosemary Mascall –

1 Star Master 16 Star Premier Norman Denny (74 IMPs). Paul Flavell –

Mrs W Johnson Mrs P Brownbill Arthur Bloxham

Mr N Farr Master Joyce Wood tied for 3rd place with

Mr D Page Mr P Hayes

Advanced Master Dr PL Brooks Mr MJR Padmore Elaine and Alan Green (54 IMPs).

3 Star Master

Mrs JM Mayhew 10 Star Premier Mrs M Sisley Our chairman, Geoff Davies, writes: Colchester DBC won the Teams-of-

Mr A Cadge Master Eight Summer League, beating Clare

Master Master ‘Arthur has made an invaluable con-

Mr PA Lane DBC by 7 IMPs in the play-off final.

Mr PT Brown Ms BE Herold

Mrs JA Wild tribution over many years. He has held

Mrs VM Mulligan Diary Dates: Apr 25, Championship

Mrs S Farr 9 Star Premier County Master

most of the official posts, including

Mr A Patel Pairs Final, Stoke-by-Nayland. May 9,

Master County Chairman, Secretary and Cap-

County Master 2 Star Master Mr AE Balfe Clare Swiss Pairs, Lavenham Village Hall

Mrs IE Lee tain, and was also chairman of the Mid-

Mr S Lawer Mrs E Revill (note new venue for this event!). May 16,

Mrs G Rudland 6 Star Premier lands Congress Committee. He was Pre-

Area Master Mrs AS Shah AGM & AGM Pairs, Stoke-by-Nayland.

Mr D Sims Master sident of Stafford Bridge Club at the time

Mr RG Wright Mrs MM Tessler Area Master of his death. Arthur enjoyed many suc- Jun 9. Mixed Pairs, Stoke-by-Nayland.

Mr WB Davies

Mr F Vickers Mr RJ Bromley cesses at local, county and national level.

Surrey 2 Star Tournament

1 Star Master Master Club Master His most proud moment was being in the Surrey

Life Master Mr C Pepper County’s winning Tollemache team.

Mrs SJ Buckley Mrs AM Spencer

Ms H West Mrs N Potts

Mr JA Cumming Tournament Master

6 Star Premier Mrs JM Elliott Local Master MANY congratulations to Graham

Mr IS Gordon Osborne who was a member of the

Regional Master Mrs P Simpson Mrs E Batt

5 Star Master winning team at the London Year End

Mrs JP Cahm Ms J Smith Mrs S Wilding

3 Star Premier

Mr JV Jones Swiss Teams. Steve Bourton, Pete Webb,

Mrs AJ Williams

4 Star Master Westmorland Mike Ullyett, Julia Brough were 3rd in

Regional Master Advanced Master

Mrs BA Gordon 1 Star Premier the same event. Barry and Barbara Stoker,

Mr AE Fincham Mrs GG Flexon

3 Star Master Regional Master Tony Eastgate and Bob James came 4th

2 Star Premier Mrs L Gall in the National Swiss Teams in Daventry.

Regional Master Mr AG Weare Mr J Harris

Mr AG Gall Christine Dyer, Angela McCready,

Mr MT Channing 2 Star Master 3 Star Regional

Master Helen Beattie and Bernard Themis were


6 Star Regional Mr A Hodge Mrs K Berger equal 2nd in the Swiss Teams at the

Mr RG Rose Malcolm Mitchell

Master Mrs C Meakin Mrs GO Cowell Madeira Congress.

Mr D F Hickman 1 Star Master 2 Star Premier In County events there were new

County Master Master

5 Star Regional Mr RH Barnes Mr T Cole ‘Malcolm made a similarly vast con- names on both the County Pairs Cup and

Mr A Farmer tribution. He was President of Shrews- Plate. Anthony Moon – Patrick Bohan

Master Mr DA Haslam

Mrs VG Douglas Premier Master

Mrs M J Fellows Advanced Master bury Bridge Club, where his quiet but won the Cup and Anthony Stone – Dick

Mr DR Hedges

Mr C Gill Mr J Ellwood authoritative influence provided valuable Clark won the Plate.

Mrs M Margetts Mrs M Cooper

Regional Master Mrs A Cullen 2 Star Master support during recent challenging times. Richmond won the Affiliated Teams of

Ms C Owens

Prof PJ Harrison He took over as Treasurer of the County Eight and will represent the County at

Mrs SM Storr District Master Master

1 Star Master and, together with his wife Judy, under- the Garden Cities.

28 Star Premier Mrs P Cadge Mrs AT Bradstock took a vast amount of work in the last Chris Hayfield, Gill Woolfson, Meena

Master Mrs LA Spooner Mr DP Frobisher

Mrs J Longrigg few years. Malcolm achieved the rank of Samani and Fiona Ross won the New-

Mr GJ Wells Mr A Longrigg Mrs JM Tourell Advanced Master

Grand Master and was prominent in comers Teams. Laura Talamoni – Neal

24 Star Premier Mrs SJ Muggridge County Master Mrs Y Williams most National competitions. Cutler won the 30K Pairs.

Master Mrs C Rates Mrs H Coe District Master ‘The bridge community has lost two The Committee is very pleased to

Mr AR Grove Miss PW Triggs Mrs D Cooper Mrs A Howe great friends and their contribution over announce that Mac Derwig has accepted

many years cannot be overstated. We their offer to become the new Chairman

44 English Bridge April 2010


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