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of Surrey County Bridge Association, ship Pairs (B) and the Swiss Pairs was Teaching Event, Malvern Hills BC. Apr

Master Point subject to ratification at the AGM in won by Margaret Wort – Pat Watson. 19, Play-with-the-Experts Teams. May

promotions June. Please note the change of venue

and time for the AGM this year.

Diary Dates: Apr 12-16, County Sim-

ultaneous at various Club venues. Wed

24, AGM (7pm). Jun 14, Seniors Pairs.

Area Master Yorkshire Diary Dates: May 7, Affiliated Clubs, May 18, Ladies’ & Men’s Pairs, Moseley

Intermediate and Novices League Final, BC, 7.15pm. Sun May 23, Green Point


Mr I Hatton

Life Master

Oxshott. May 9, Mary Edwards, Wimble- Swiss Pairs, WMBC, 1pm. Sun Jun 20,

Wiltshire Mrs MS Morrisroe don. May 16, Wanborough Cup, Wim- Cock O’County Pairs & Introductory CONGRATULATIONS to

National Master National Master bledon. Jun 20, AGM Swiss Pairs; NOTE Pairs, new premises of Coventry BC. Tom Copeland, Tom Rain-

Mr EAM Leatham Mr A Swiers 2pm START, Old Barn Hall, Church Rd, forth and Jakub Gembecki,

9 Star Premier Bookham. Entries for AGM Swiss Pairs

3 Star Premier

Regional Master to Frances Trebble via the website if

Wiltshire who were selected to repre-

Master sent England in Junior internationals:

Mrs M Tebb possible, please, or ( 01252 679883. Tom and Tom for the Junior Camrose

Mrs MR Cowley

7 Star Premier ALTHOUGH briefly dis- and Jakub for the Peggy Bayer Trophy

2 Star Premier

Regional Master Sussex turbed by the snows of (see page 20).


Mrs M Summersgill January, County events The county’s premier pairs event, the

Mr RD Moore

3 Star Premier are drawing towards exciting conclu- Yorkshire Pairs, was won this year by

1 Star Premier sions. No players are dominating events

Regional Master FOR the second year run- Graham Jepson – David Musson. They,

Master this year, with a range of pairs and teams

Mr DH Goodyear ning, with one change, the and the other top five pairs (Bob Brown

Mr B Cross sharing the spoils.

Premier Regional following team won the New – Mick Hays, Richard Pike – David

4 Star Master

Master Year Swiss Teams event held In the Premier League, Blandy just Waxman, Mark Bratley – Paul Brereton,

Mrs M Giles in January: Mike Keeping, heads Latcham. These two have a clear and David Robinson – Phil Godfrey)

Mr R Gembicki

Mr R Giles David Benjamin, Matt Read lead but six teams are in good position to qualify for the Corwen Trophy event.

2 Star Regional pounce if the leaders should hit trouble.

2 Star Master Master and Philip Hunt; 2nd were Keith and The winners of the Doncaster Swiss

Moira Baker, Tilly Hennings and Roger In the All-comers League, Gwyer heads Pairs were Sheila and David Dunsby of

Ms E Thomas Mr A Fell

Pyart; 3rd Muriel Bailey, Valerie Benson, Portnall and both teams are well clear of the home club.

1 Star Master 2 Star Premier the others. But none of the teams is


Alan and Nanette Gillespie. Margery Cartwright Sim Pairs: 1. Alan

Mr B O’Donnell unbeaten, testifying to the competitive

Elizabeth North Trophy Final (for Jarvis – Rebecca Brian; 2. Tony McNiff –

Master Mr RE Brown nature of this new competition.

players with fewer than 25,000 master Bill Townsend; 3. Sheila Galloway – Sue

Mrs S Leatham Premier Master points and 25 green points): 1. Alan Wiltshire are currently lying in 2nd Pell; 259 pairs from 16 clubs took part.

County Master Mr J Gembicki Gardiner, Bill Hensby, David Williams place in the overall Western League with Yorkshire Cup Multiple Teams winners

Mrs F Dewar 5 Star Master and Ed Barter; 2. Richard Shuker, Mike two matches to play. were Peter and Gail Foster, Bob Brown

Mr KA Freeman Williams, Judi Leddy and Brenda Jones. The Butler Pairs was comfortably won and Mick Hays.

Local Master

Mr JW Williams David Pavey Final (for players with fewer by Susie Gall – Trevor Purches; Chris In the EBU’s National Swiss Teams,

Mr K Hughes Dixon – Pat Davies were 2nd, with Phil

4 Star Master than 10,000 points): 1. David Hewer – Hugh McGann of Bradford played in the

Mr JR Paton Bennett – David Cooke 3rd. The Mixed

Mr P Montez

Roy Hamilton; 2. Peter Goldsmith – winning team. Tony McNiff, Bill Town-

Worcestershire Wendy Stubbs. Sussex Senior Sim Pairs: Pairs was won by Brian Johnson – Sue send, and David Robinson were mem-

3 Star Master Hands with 59.72% from Richard Samter

1. David Benjamin – Roger Poulter. bers of the second-placed team.

3 Star Premier Mrs I Johnston – Wendy Simpson on 56.11%.

Regional Master A very commendable effort by Muriel Wakefield player Malcolm Robinson

2 Star Master Bailey – Valerie Benson, who finished Finally, the Wiltshire Championship was in the winning team in the EBU’s

Mr DR Halford Pairs was won by Chris Dixon – Pat

Mrs G Foster 11th in the Lady Milne Trials. We are Blackpool Year End Congress. In the same

3 Star Regional Mr F Wade proud of you both. Davies with 62% from Bob McMurray – congress, Sheila Galloway – Bridget Vick-

Master David Cooke with 58%. Norman Botton

Mrs PS Warnett Diary Dates: Apr 9-11, Spring Con- erman won the Open Pairs.

Mr C Enticknap

1 Star Master gress. Apr 11, AGM. Apr 17, Basic Bridge – Richard Samter filled 3rd place. In the trials for the Lady Milne Trophy

2 Star Regional Mr P Hartley Pairs, St Leonards. May 15, Green Point (women’s home internationals), Fiona

Master Swiss Pairs, Ardingly. Jun 13, Novice Brown – Susan Stockdale finished 3rd.

Mrs D Swaine Worcestershire

Mr RC Rutter

Advanced Master

Swiss Teams, West Sussex Club. Jun 27, The Bradford team of Phil Godfrey,

Mrs JM Rutter Sussex Swiss Pairs, Ardingly. Jul 4, Venture Giles Foster, Hugh McGann, Fiona

Mr D Carter

1 Star Regional Pairs, Henfield. Jul 18, Green Point Swiss SADLY I have to report Brown, Sarah Teshome and Richard

Mrs ME Fleetwood

Master Teams, Ardingly. two recent deaths. Reg Winter were the winners of the EBU’s

Mr AJ Mitchell

Mr IA Gervis Fildes died in December NICKO Plate competition.

Mrs AH Smith

5 Star Premier Warwickshire 2009. He was on the Diary Dates: Apr 11, West Yorkshire

Mr J Smith

Master WCBA committee from Open Swiss Teams, Bradford. Apr 16-18,

Mrs M Smith

Mr CR Moore 1980 to 1988, and Treasurer from 1982 Scarborough Congress, Wykeham. May

Master THE West Midlands Con- 9, Yorkshire Mixed Pairs, Bradford. May

4 Star Premier

to 1987.

Mr FJ Smart gress, under the Chair- After a short illness Sue Page passed 16, Yorkshire Masters Pairs, Leeds. May


Mr R Thompson manship of Jon Downing, away on the 29th of December. Sue Page 16, Sheffield Charity Swiss Teams. May

Mr CF Payne

County Master celebrated its Diamond joined the WCBA committee in 1998 18-19, Bridlington Congress, Tickton.

5 Star Master Jubilee at Bransford near and was its Secretary from 1999 to 2002 May 29-31, Yorkshire Congress, Harro-

Mrs D Barham-Hall

Mr CR Gamage Mr A Foss Worcester during the week- as well as being a Worcestershire repre- gate. Jun 6, Yorkshire Individual,

3 Star Master Mr R Jackman end of 8-10 December 2009 and was well sentative on the Midland Counties Keighley. r

Mr D Devonald Mrs ME Jackman attended, despite some treacherous Congress committee for many years.

Mrs EO Devonald Mr RC Johnston weather. The Congress is a joint venture Always willing to help and organise, she

2 Star Master Mr NRE Paterson with Worcestershire and Staffordshire, was one of those people who give

Mr G Whitaker and was sponsored this year by local generously of their time and skills to

Mr MH Vetch

Solicitors Parkinson Wright. EBU Gen- ensure that organisations such as the APRIL 21

1 Star Master District Master

eral Manager Barry Capal and his wife County bridge run smoothly.

Mrs JM Shergold Mrs C Kaye

were among the players. Congratula- Many Worcestershire players braved

is the closing date

Mr DC Stainton Mrs M McCarthy

tions to the fol low ing Warwickshire the snow to reach the Diamond Jubilee for the submission

Miss P Palmer

Mr PG Webley members: Midlands County Congress. Notable

Club Master

Advanced Master

Mr J Faben

Dodo Georgevic – Robin Ogg won the successes were John Sansom – Joyce of county reports

Mr HB Walker Mixed Pairs with Prue and Adrian Knight Skelton (3rd in the Mixed Pairs), Sue


Mr J Guest winning the Flitch. Peter Oldbury – Brent Lane – Marian Wilcox (2nd in the Ladies’ for the next issue

Mrs M Hardman Wormald won the Men’s Pairs. Evelyn Pairs), Steph Forward – Sue Evans, Nick

Mr AM Dixon

Mr MS Rees

Mrs H Stogdale Whitefield – Juliana Berck won the Forward – Dennis Loynes (2nd in the of English Bridge.

Ms L Taylor Ladies’ Pairs. Marilyn Jones, Alan Best, Mixed Teams), Dick and Jane Rutter

County Master Local Master Peter Donovan and Adam Wood won (3rd in the Swiss Pairs), John Sansom, Please e-mail:

Mr AC Tidmarsh Mrs P Battams the Mixed Teams. The Championship Richard Jephcott, Grahame Weir and

District Master Mrs DMB Green Teams was won by Adrian Knight, Leslie Mike Theelke (1st in the B Teams).

Mr PB Adams Mr P Stoker Reece, Alan Best and Adam Wood. Dave Diary Dates: Apr 11, Ron Allen Cup

Rutter – Dave Pratt won the Champion- (inter-club teams of 8), Cookhill. Apr 17, April 2010 English Bridge 45


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