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Is there any justice in housing?

Alastair Murray, Deputy Director of Housing Justice, a

Christian housing charity, addressed a packed meeting of

Camden’s private tenants.

He described the current government’s housing policy

as being “all about cutting the deficit – and leaving it to

the market”. Home ownership is being encouraged and

subsidised, while grants for council/social housing are ending

and vulnerable and homeless households are now being

increasingly placed in the private rented sector.

He then went on to detail the welfare benefit reforms, with the

Total Benefit Cap of £500 per week for single parents/couples

and £350 for single people which came into effect in April 2013,

followed by Universal Credit in October, where all the different He finished by saying groups and organisations should identify

benefits would be rolled into one and paid on a monthly basis. “common interests”, work together to resist the changes taking

place and push to get housing higher up the political agenda.

He particularly highlighted the impact the new Shared Myths about “skivers” and “strivers” also need to be consistently

Accommodation Rate is having on private tenants under challenged and very importantly, people need to share and tell

35 years of age, who are now facing homelessness due the their stories.

reduction in the level of housing benefit they can claim.

For more information about how the benefit changes could

However, he also said there were solutions to the problems we affect you go to Camden Council’s website at:

face, such as more ethical/social lettings agencies to take on and click on the “Benefit

the high street agents, providing more help and support for changes” tab

homeless people, encouraging more institutional investment

in affordable housing and bringing more empty buildings Housing Justice:

back into use.

Tax Dodging Landlords Rip off landlords

We’re not all in it together

Figures recently released by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

show that there is widespread tax evasion by private landlords,

and one million buy-to-let landlords in particular fail to declare Robert Taylor, organiser, the country an eye-watering

their rental income. Camden Federation of Private £550million and HM Revenue

Tenants (CFPT), writes: and Customs has said they are

HMRC has calculated that this costs the public purse a massive ripe for further investigation.

It would appear that it is not What with this and getting their

£550 million pounds a year, which is around a quarter of the only the likes of Amazon and high rents subsidised by the state

Starbucks who have a problem in the form of housing benefit

revenue due on rental income. paying tax. The Metro newspaper payments, it would appear to us

recently reported about one that tenants and landlords are

If you think your landlord is not paying their fair share of tax, million private landlords did not certainly “not in it together”.

HMRC’s Tax Evasion Hotline can be contacted on: declare any revenue in the past Renters need to come together,

tax year. find their collective voice and say

0800 788 887 (Monday-Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm). It has been estimated that things need to change. Visit our

this shameful behaviour cost website at

You can also submit an online report via the HMRC website

or write to them at: HM Revenue and Customs, Freepost

NAT22785, Cardiff, CF14 5GX. Our letter which was sent to the Ham & High newspaper

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