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News in Brief

New voice Electrically shocking study rented property.

Almost half of

recognition A new study by the Electrical Safety all landlords and

system Council (ESC) has found 1.7 million tenants admitted

private renters have reported electrical they had no idea

Camden Council is trialling a voice concerns that were either ignored by who was responsible

recognition system to replace their their landlord or acted on too slowly, for electrical safety

switchboard. and 1.3 million renters  are currently and, as a result, crucial aspects are

So when you dial Contact Camden on: waiting for electrical issues to be ignored.

020 7974 4444 and press option 8 for the resolved.

By law, landlords must ensure electrical

switchboard, you will be asked to say The study hoped to gauge landlords’ installations and wiring are maintained

the name of the person or service you awareness that fines for failing to in a safe condition throughout the

would like to contact. The system will maintain adequate electrical safety have tenancy.

then recognise what you have said and risen from £5,000 to £20,000, but instead

the call will be routed to the individual found around 300,000 private landlords ESC:

or service quickly. still believed there were no fines at all.

They say it is in recognition of the fact Added to this, many landlords did not Facebook

that people do not like the current 8 know their insurance may be invalidated

if they fail to follow their obligations. Check out our new and

options menu system. But does it work ?

improved Camden Federation of Private

Give it a try and email: The problem arises from a lack of Tenants Facebook page. We want to

Automatedswitchboard@ understanding over who is responsible make it as interactive as possible, with your feedback. for the electrical safety of a private so please Like or comment on it.

Regulated rental markets

improve housing conditions

Research recently conducted by housing in one and the same rental

Stockholm University shows that housing sector”.

countries with large and regulated

What did she conclude ? The system

rental markets lower the risk of poor

which reduces the prevalence of poor

housing conditions.

housing conditions the most are those

Ida Borg who carried out the research in which the non-profit and private

looked at 24 European countries using rental sectors are unified and extensive.

the large scale EU Survey on “Income “The key challenge here is whether a

and Living Conditions”. rental system is developed that consists

of housing of good quality in sufficient

She looked at two approaches, the first

numbers at affordable rents.”

where social housing is targeted at

low-income households and the rest This supports what we here at Camden

of the market is dominated by owner- Federation of Private Tenants have long

occupation alongside an unregulated been saying which is: it’s time to end the

private rented sector. This is the type of political obsession with people buying

market we have here in the UK. their own homes and it’s time to start

taking renting seriously as a permanent

Next, she looked at countries where the

housing option for a large part of the

non-profit and private rented sectors are


united and compete on the same terms

through, for example, rent regulation. We hope that the Housing Minister,

She found such regulation leads to Mark Prisk MP and his civil servants take

lower rents across the whole of the the time to read this important and

rented sector and enables low-income enlightening study.

households to “acquire reasonable


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