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Lavender Crush

1 hour 30 minutes

Experience the healing and soothing

powers of wild lavender combined with

earthly minerals for an invigorating and

detoxifying exfoliation. This is followed

by a soothing scalp and body massage

on the back.

incorporating warm healing stones

Spirulina Detox Wrap

1 hour 15 minutes

Using an all-natural, live spirulina algae,

this seaweed treatment imparts essential

vitamins, minerals and protein to

nourish and revitalise the body and face.

The wrap is preceded by a full body

exfoliation, a heavenly scalp massage

is provided during the wrap and an

application of marine firming crème to

the body to finish. This is a very effective

treatment for detoxifying and combating


Body Glow

30 minutes

A choice of the Turkish mineral or

Chamomile scrub followed by an

application of body moisturiser.

This treatment perfectly prepares

the skin for other massages.

Rose Cocoon

Aromatherapy Associates

1 hour

Precious essential oil of damask rose

works on capillary circulation, renewing

the skin whilst soothing the emotions and

lifting the spirits. The treatment begins

with a gentle olive grain exfoliation

followed by layers of warmed rose gel,

oil and cream. While cocooned in your

rose wrap, a wonderful scalp massage

will calm and soothe the mind.

Moor Mud Experience

1 hour

Glorious moor mud is legendary for

its powerful therapeutic properties and

has been used for centuries to improve

circulation, strengthen immunity and

to soothe and rejuvenate tired, aching

muscles. The moor mud naturally

exfoliates and hydrates the face and

body and the treatment includes a

scalp massage.



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