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Sleep Deeply

1 hour 40 minutes

This head to toe massage uses carefully

applied pressure to include a serious

state of relaxation leaving you prepared

for a sound night's sleep. Only bookable

in the afternoon and evenings.


25 minutes

A divine massage treatment to ease tired

and aching soles. The perfect pick-meup after a hard day on your feet.

Treatments marked * are available

in-room for resident guests. Please

contact the Spa Receptionist for further

details and charges.

Best for Men

All the massage treatments described

above are suitable for men.

However, we particularly recommend

the Signature Massage and the

Deep Tissue Massage for the male


Traditional Thai Massage

1 hour 25 minutes

This traditional and specialised treatment

will help to increase flexibility, relieve

muscular and joint tension, stimulate

circulation and heighten the body's

energy levels. Loose and comfortable

clothing should be worn for this


De-Stress Massage*

25 minutes

An extremely relaxing therapy for the

face, neck, shoulders and scalp. If

desired, warm oil can be applied to

condition hair and nourish the scalp.


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