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Quiz spades and clubs were swapped, it would be

better to make a take-out double. CAPTION

The dealer opens 2™ (weak) and you are

next to speak: Hand B. 4t. With a two-suited hand, it is COMPETITION

useful to be able to show both suits imme-

diately. If the partnership adopts ‘Leaping

Hand A Hand B Michaels’, then this hand would be suitable

´ AQ743 ´ AQJ52 for a jump to 4t, rather than making a

™ 7 ™ 4 simple overcall or a take-out double.

t K82 t KQJ74

® KJ54 ® A3 Hand C. 3´. With limited room to explore,

a raise to 3´ potentially covers a wide range

of hands. However, one should treat a

The dealer opens 2™ (weak), your partner simple raise as mildly invitational, and cue-

bids 2´, and the next player passes: bid the opponents’ suit with a full value

invitational-plus raise.

Hand C Hand D Hand D. 3™. This time you expect to make

Alright, I can do

´ Q762 ´ K54 game, and might make a slam (opposite, Best Behaviour at Bridge!

™ 84 ™ 62 say, ´ AQ7632, ™ A3, t 762, ® K5), so it is

t KJ762 t A85 useful to be able to make a forcing raise. 3™ THE winner of our June competition,

® 93 ® AQJ73 is initially assumed to be invitational-plus, with the cap tion above, is Lydia

but may be the first move on a hand with Stanford, Hove, who will receive a

slam interest. charming Victoriana bridge mug from

The dealer opens 2™ (weak), your partner our sponsors, Bridge and Golf Gifts

doubles, and the next player passes: Hand E. 3´. With a known fit in spades, and Direct (see page 7). Other good captions

were: I'm afraid it's Members Only this

invitational values, jump to 3´. 2´ would be

evening, Nick (John MacLeod, London);

consistent with a much weaker hand, and

Would you care for a demonstration of the

Hand E Hand F possibly just four cards in spades. Devil’s Coup? (John Dean, London);

´ KJ853 ´ A7 Which one called the Director? (Ron

™ J42 ™ Q J 10 9 3 Hand F. Pass. Bidding 3® should not be Beazley, Essex); Ladies, I would like you to

t 7 t 64 attractive, as you could easily have the meet my husband, he is only like this at the

® A743 ® Q532 values for game. You could instead try 2NT bridge table (Gwen Griffin, Hants); Why

to invite game, but if partner passes you do I always get the partner from Hell?

may not even make 2NT, and if he raises to (David Noble, Northumberland); I'm

Answers 3NT, you may have missed a chance to score here to join your old NICK O team (Mike

even more points. How can you do this? Orriel, Devon); I want to remind you that

you are all vulnerable (Beryl Povey, Herts);

Hand A. 2´. Though one would prefer a The answer is simply to pass. You are likely

and Let’s cut for partners (Mrs E.M.

stronger spade suit to overcall at the two to have four winners in your hand, and

Richtie, Merseyside).

level, it is usually right to act with an partner should provide at least two more The cartoon for our new competition

opening hand. Holding a five-card major it tricks, especially if you can actually make as is below. Please send your bridgy

is preferable to make an overcall, but if the many as nine tricks in no-trumps. r captions (multiple entries accepted) to

the Editor, English Bridge, 23 Erleigh

Road, Reading RG1 5LR or by e-mail to


August 2010. Don’t forget to include

A short reference table provided by Jeremy Dhondy

your full postal address!


1NT natural opening The range ( e.g.12-14). If you have agreed

that it can contain a singleton you should

also say this.

2® Stayman in response to a 1NT opening ‘Stayman’.

2t/2™ Transfer in response to 1NT opening ‘Hearts’ or ‘Spades’ as appropriate.

A natural two-level opening Explain the strength by using one or more of

the words that follow. You do not say the

range. You might say ‘Weak’, ‘Intermediate’,

‘Strong’. If you say ‘Strong’, you should say

whether it is forcing or non forcing.

You can mix and match, e.g. ‘Intermediate Sponsored by Bridge

to Strong’. & Golf Gifts Direct August 2010 English Bridge 19


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