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ON each of the following problems,

A WORLD’S FIRST by Barrie Partridge

you are West. What should you bid

with each hand on the given auction?

THE first Double Elimination Knock-out

Julian Pottage gives the correct

Pairs ever to be held in the history of the ´ K 10 9 4 2

answers on page 39.

entire universe has recently been complet- ™ 9763

ed in the only EBU-affiliated on-line club, t J

Bridge Club Live. ® 542

Hand 1 The event took four and a half months ´ Void ´ J863

´KQ762 W N E S to be played. Bridge Club Live has held an ™ 10 5 4 2 N ™ KJ8


™Q3 1t annual Knock-out Pairs for several years t KQ8765 S t 432

t5 ? but this time, the BCL Competitions ® 10 9 6 ® QJ7

®AK9 4 2 Organiser, Surrey’s Tony Philpott, hit on ´ A Q75

the idea of needing to be knocked out ™ A Q

twice rather than have a consolation event t A 10 9

for those knocked out in the first round. ® A K83

Hand 2 Tony was able to keep the Double Elimi-

´9 W N E S nation format extremely close to that of

™ K 10 7 4 1NT 2®* Pass the EBU Spring Foursomes (see page 41). Ian Hodges played 4´ from the South seat

t 10 9 8 ? Knock-out Pairs is easy to organise in and Steve Auchterlonie, West, led the king

®A 9 8 5 4 * Landy, both majors BCL but very complicated in face-to-face of diamonds taken by the ace.

bridge. We play a 21-board match at a table Declarer cashed the spade ace to discover

on our own in a room where there is a huge the 4-0 trump break. Undaunted, he at-

duplicate movement going on at the same tempted to run the diamond ten but West

Hand 3 time. Though we see current travellers after covered, and so he ruffed in dummy. Ian

´75 W N E S each board, we have to wait till the room returned to hand with a club to the ace, and

™Q2 2NT closes at 6am the next morning, by which cashed the nine of diamonds throwing a

t A K J 10 5 3 ? time around fifty tables will have played club from dummy. Then came the king of

®QJ3 each board, for confirmation of our final clubs and a club ruff in dummy. Now the

result. The pair with over 50% is the winner queen of hearts was finessed and a trump

and, as Anne Robinson would say, it’s as led to the king of spades in dummy.

simple as that! Declarer then led the ten of spades, covered

Hand 4 Seventy-four pairs entered, and thirty- by the jack and queen. At trick eleven, the

´Q42 W N E S two of these were seeded in accordance with heart ace was cashed. Ian’s remaining

™AQ54 1™ Pass 1NT Pass BCL’s established grading scheme. Top trump was the seven of spades and East’s

tAQ5 ? seeds were a South African lady Inter - the eight. However, Ian’s other card was the

®QJ6 national and a Bulgarian about one third of now-established club eight, which he led at

her age. Second seeds were last year’s win- trick twelve. East could take just one trick.

ners, Steve Auchter lonie, who plays in The two overtricks were worth a 91%

Hampshire but lives in Kent, and Mark score for North-South.

Hand 5 Benson, also based in Kent but whom I find Despite this board, Steve and Mark

´ Void W N E S playing in a different continent every time I continued their winning ways. As in the

™AJ5 1® Pass 1™ Pass encounter him! EBU’s Spring Fours, they had a bye while

tAKJ9 ? I managed to get a favourable seeding the once-defeated pool reduced to three

®AJ9 7 6 3 that would avoid me meeting either of these pairs. They had a choice of opponents for

pairs for some rounds but this advantage the semi-finals and won through to the

was shredded when I lost my first match final, where they met Tony Harden from

anyway to Stan Bough of Yorkshire and Ian Hertfordshire and David Cock from Kent.

Hand 6 Hodges from the West Midlands; from The final attracted a horde of kibitzers

´ AQ9873 W N E S there, they were to go far. and was remarkable in that all twenty-one

™A93 1® After twenty-two single matches and ten boards were played in ninety-three minutes!

tK6 1´ Dble Pass 2® triangles, the field was down to thirty-two The winners, by 52.5%-47.5%, were Tony

®6 5 ? pairs in each of the undefeated and once- and David, who finally broke Steve and

defeated pools For the final of the Undefeat- Mark’s winning streak of fourteen consec-

ed Pool, Steve and Mark played against Stan utive matches in the event over the past

and Ian. two years. r

24 English Bridge August 2010


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