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n AUGUST 2010


Hilton Metropole Hotel

9-11 Really Easy Congress Sally Bugden, EBU Chairman, reports


9-12 Brighton Seniors Congress

10-12 Brighton Next Step Congress

LAST year’s achievements have about this project and an expla- Committee, and has received a

27-29 Junior Teach In been developed further during nation of stratification, please good response from many of its

Loughborough this period of extraordinary visit the competitions section of new readers.

28-29 Premier League change. We now represent nearly our website. Club Focus will now address

(reserve weekend)

50,000 members through 600 management and technical


n SEPTEMBER 2010 clubs.


issues for clubs and will be

4-5 National Women's Teams e-mailed to club committees

Hinckley CLUBS

The Laws and Ethics Committee only.

9-12 Isle of Man Congress

11-12 Premier League

The interim Club Committee has launched the Tangerine Book Tournament Focus now in-

West Midlands BC, Solihull has done some sterling work for clubs. It has also published a cludes information about inter-

11-12 Bedford Congress since it was set up in the summer series of easy-to-follow flow- national activities.

Sandy of 2008, consulting on, amongst charts on the most common law We also publish Appeals

13-14 EBU Autumn Sim Pairs

13-16 Warren Buffett Cup other things, club competitions infractions. View these via the Focus twice a year for all tourna-

Cardiff, Wales and English Bridge. A new L & E page on our web site, ment direc tors and those in-

17-26 Guernsey Congress & process for the appointment of under ‘Publications’ on the volved with the regulation of

Seniors Congress

club representatives is being im- right-hand-side menu. our events

25-26 Premier League

Manchester BC plemented. Further information


25-26 One Day Green-pointed is available from your club

events representative as listed on our The Selection Committee con- We have proposed changes to

Glos / Herefordshire,

Derbys, Surrey

website. tinue to develop excellent player the Articles to provide conti-

26 One Day Green-pointed Since their launch in April, performances while managing a nuity to Board tenure and to

event our buy-one-get-one-free club reduced budget. They have also provide the option to fill skill

Herts, Cornwall, tournament director courses taken on the selection and devel- gaps.


and our club teacher courses opment of the junior inter - We met with the Charity

n OCTOBER 2010 have proved very popular. nationals. Commission, which has result-

1-3 West of England Congress Next year we will be launching ed in more detailed investiga-

Weston-super-Mare EDUCATION

a special International Simul- tions into charity registration.

1-3 Really Easy Early Winter Break

Wroxton, nr Banbury

We have set up the Education taneous Pairs event to raise The Charity Working Group

1-16 World Bridge Series Working Group under the funds for our teams’ inter - will report to the Board at the

Philadelphia, USA Chairmanship of Suzanne Gill, national activities. beginning of next year at the

2-3 Great Northern Swiss Pairs which is currently touring the earliest.

Hilton Hotel, Leeds MANAGING

(entries to Yorks CBA)

country consulting with coun-


2-3 Felixstowe Congress ties about their education and


13-14 BGB Autumn Sim Pairs development programmes, and The launch of the new system

13-18 Overseas Congress looking at ways in which inter- for universal membership has Please see page 3.


30-31 Kent Congress county and EBU projects can been almost seamless and at


Tunbridge Wells assist in generating more players lower cost than budgeted for.

30-31 Malvern Congress at county level. Congratulations go to Michael The All Party Parliamentary


Clark who has been the architect Group for the development of

30-31 Lancashire Congress TOURNAMENTS

Brierfield/Blackburn of the system and to the whole bridge continues to provide us

30-31 Lederer Memorial Trophy We have developed partnerships team at Aylesbury who have with the opportunity to pro-

Young Chelsea, London with Gill’s Cruises to offer ‘Learn managed the administrative mote these benefits.

n NOVEMBER 2010 Bridge’ and ‘Learn Better Bridge’ changes and streamlining so


5-7 Autumn Congress cruises, and with David Jones effectively.


Birmingham offering Improver Bridge week- Two full-time members of

12-14 Premier League ends. staff have retired and have not The NGS has been delayed by

Royal National Hotel,

We are launching a new Club been replaced. the tragic and untimely death of


12-14 NEBA Congress Simultaneous Pairs in March We have produced five-year John Carter. We thank Peter Lee

Allensford 2011 which will be stratified, plans for all aspects of the and Mike Christie, who have

12-14 Seniors Congress meaning that individuals can organisation and these were joined the remaining team to


20-21 Tollemache Cup Qualifier

compete against players at their distributed to your shareholders develop this important value

Daventry own level across the country. at the beginning of this year. added service for our members.

22 & 24 EBL Sim Pairs We hope to have software And finally, a big thank you


available later this year so clubs to all our unpaid volunteers

27-28 Middlesex Congress

Barnet can stratify any or all of their English Bridge has reflected who work tirelessly on these

events. For more information the comments from the Club projects for you, our members. August 2010 English Bridge 25


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