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David Hole, David Friswell, Howard nationally in the EBU Spring Sim Pairs. overall.

Landmark Master Basden-Smith. In the Senior Pairs, the Helston and Penzance had two other Instead of presenting the EMBA Plate

Point Promotions top CI pair were Robert Brouard –

David Waters (9th), who were awarded

pairs in the top 15: Michael

Rowbottom – Richard Draycott were

for the Mixed Pairs Championship as

DCBA President, Wendy Watson, play-

the Douglas Romain Cup, a new trophy 13th, and Owen Prior – Wendy Miller ing with John Squires, received the

Avon introduced last year. The Mid-week Pairs were 15th. trophy for winning the event. The Flitch

was closely fought with Jane Watts- The Marie Gregson-Brown Pairs moved was won, yet again, by Irene and John

Life Master Wakeham – Howard Basden-Smith just to an excellent new venue, the Porth Auld, who took 3rd place.

Mr J Doran losing top spot by 0.14%; 3rd were Avallen Hotel, and were rewarded with a Amanda Sowter, Mike Clayton, Judy

Bedfordshire David Hole – David Friswell. In the strong entry and a tight finish. Jill and Lomas, David Wright had a convincing

Mixed Pairs, Robert Brouard – Jackie David Newton (60.42%) won for the lead to win the Eric White Winter Plate

Life Master Rumball finished equal 11th and won third consecutive year, from the Bicker- competition. Amanda Sowter also tri-

Mr B Marsden the Fox Cup for the highest CI pair. dikes (60.26%), with Colin Pote – Pat umphed in the Bill Pratt Mixed Trophy

Regional Master There was also a strong field in the Swiss Meade (60.19%) 3rd. with husband John Sowter.

Teams; the best CI performance was by Cornwall finished a pleasing 2nd in Don Smedley – John Griffin with

Mr B P Holmes the Guernsey team of Mike Allen, Andy the Western League. The B team were David and Mary Marshall were the win-

Mr N F Perry Hall, Margaret Allen, Gill Morgan, who 2nd overall, and the C team won their ners of the Brigden Trophy, beating

Mrs P Skelton won the Lambourne Cup. division and now go to Solihull for the runners-up Brian Elliott’s team by 44

One Guernsey player at the Congress national finals. Congratulations to Brian IMPs.

Berks. & Bucks. who did not win any prizes, but had and Elaine Relton, Viv Mably, Celia At the DCBA AGM Mary Marshall

Life Master something to celebrate, was Vera Babbe, Bishop, John Finch, Dave Mattos, Ian was nominated by British Rail Bridge

Mr A A Brown who reached her 90th birthday; her team Edwards and Alan Biggs. Club, and installed as DCBA President

recently got to the semi-final of the Dairy Dates: Sept 12, AGM and Indi- for the 2010-11 season. County Ties

Regional Master Guernsey Teams. vidual Competition, Ladock. Sept 18, were awarded to Randy Curzon, Steve

Mrs S Ribbins The County Teams were won by Robert Falmouth Swiss Pairs, Falmouth BC. Cave and David Briggs.

Master Plumley, Susie Farnon, Lynda Mildon, Sept 26, Green Pointed Swiss Teams, Diary Dates: Sept 25-26, Derbyshire

Alastair Kent; 2. Harold Walden, Robert Wadebridge School. Green Point Event; Saturday Pairs,

Mr J A Archard Brouard, David Hole, David Friswell. Sunday Teams. For entry, please contact

Mr J Barnard County Mixed Pairs: 1. Marion Miles – Amanda Sowter ( 07812 369243, e-mail


Mrs P Barnard David Hole, 2. Jane Knight – Chris Hill

Mr L Ellis (all Jersey). In the Guernsey District

Mr C G Elwell

Individual Brenda Walker and Sylvia

OUR team got off to a cracking start in Devon

Lawrence-King were first equal.

Mr G Guy the Northern League ‘C’ Division this

season by coming top of the group. CONGRATULATIONS

Mr J B Hockenhull Congratulations to the winning players: to Ann Slee who has

Mrs W Reed Colin Woods, Graeme Walker, Ian Reeves, won the Victor Ludorum.

Mrs T Templeton Tony Bartlett, Alan Anderson, Sam She has won the trophy

Mr D Tilquin Norman, Anne Breakey, Peter Rooke. for ten out of the last

Diary Date: our first County event of twelve years.

Mr C Tucker the new season is the Butler-scored IMP Congratulations to the winners of

Cambs & Hunts Pairs on Sept 12 at Keswick. various Devon events: Jim Grant, Stefan

Lindfors, Alan and Jette Bailey who won

Regional Master

Derbyshire the Western Morning News Trophy and

Mr P Oxley qualified to play in the EBU Pachabo

Master Cup; Warner and Louise Solomon, Peter

Photo: EBU

Dr M J Johnson Marion Miles and ALEX Hogg – Peter Kelly Bowles and Mike Oriel won the Plate,

Howard Basden-Smith finished a commendable beating the Clarke team in the final by

Channel Islands 5th in the EBU National only 2 IMPs; Warner and Louise Solomon

Master Early this year Marion Miles – Howard Pairs Final. Wendy Watson, won the overall position of the Devon

Basden-Smith (above) won the Pre-con- playing with Frank Little- Winter Pairs; Ruth Edmondson, Brigid

Mrs M J Friswell wood from Sheffield, won McElroy, Ann Slee and Alison Pollok

gress Pairs at the EBU Madeira Congress.

Mr M J Hancock the last session with 63% to finish 10th won the County Swiss Teams following

Mr M Newman



Regional Master A BIG welcome to our 300

Mr ML Casley new members. We’d love to

Mr BH Edwards see you at county competi-

Mrs S John tions. Please phone Chris

Mr I R Macfarlane Bickerdike ( 01326 572430

for information and Barrie

Miss H M Upton Benfield ( 01208 812934

Mrs J Vaughan with news for this column.

Master A correction: Wally Heaton and

Wendy Thornton’s Welsh victory was in

Mr I C Edwards the Mixed Pairs. They were 3rd in the

Miss H Peers National Pairs.

Mrs E Tozer There have been further successes for

Jenny Vaughan. At the Cheltenham Con-

Cumbria gress she and her sister, Irene Thomas,

Grand Master won the Ladies’ Pairs. They were also

Mr PM Mollart 2nd in qualifying for the Open Pairs, and

6th in the Final. Jenny and Heather

Derbyshire Upton, playing with Graham Jones and

Life Master Irene Thomas, were an excellent 3rd= at

the Cardiff Swiss Teams.

Mr S Haywood

Photo: Gill Pain

Chris and Sandra Bickerdike, playing

Master with Shirley Goldwin and Brian Crack, Mike Amos (right) presents the Corwen Trophy

Mrs A R Beecroft were 2nd in the Kent Green Pointed Swiss to Jim Grant (left) and Stefan Lindfors of Devon.

Teams. Chris and Sandra were also 9th

46 English Bridge August 2010


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