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the AGM. Many congratulations to Nicole Cook, contacts.

Landmark Master The winners of the Section Leagues who played for the EBU team and won

Point Promotions were: East Section League – Div. 1, Nigel

Hamlyn; Div. 2, Titch Glenday; Div 3,

the Lady Milne Trophy.

In the Jersey Congress, Laurie and

Hants and IoW

Steve Quinn. South Section League – Div. Stephanie Burtt came 4th equal in the

Mr G MacArthur 1, Tim Walton; Div. 2, John Murray Swiss Pairs and 3rd in the Multiple Teams; THE May HIOW Green

Mrs S P McCann Brown; North Section League – Div. 1, the Mixed Pairs event was won by Marion Point Event received much

Neil Marsden; Div. 2, David Clark. Cook – John Birch. In the Norfolk Con- praise from many partic-

Devon Sadly Bob Ray, who played and gress, Manny Marks and his partner were ipants, the new venue

Regional Master helped organise bridge in Devon for 3rd in the Championship Pairs, and Sue proving to be very pleas-

many years, died recently after a short French – June Scotting won the Ladies’ ant and well lit. Well done Marion Rudd

Mrs P Avery

illness. Pairs. Sue and Chris Taylor, with their for finding it as well as doing all the

Dr L Homewood In National events Jim Grant – Stefan London team-mates, won the Shrewsbury work. Christine and Richard Ray were in

Mr A Leslie Lindfors won the Corwen Trophy (photo Congress Swiss Teams. the team that came 2nd. The best all

Mr M Smith on previous page); Stefan also won the The Essex League First Division cham- HIOW team were 4th and will be

Swiss Pairs at Bournemouth (with Rob pions are: West Essex – Loughton Collier awarded the Howell Cup; they are Mike

Master Lawy). (Peter Scotting, Michael Watson, Jacek Hunt, Nye Collier, Kevin McArdle, Sue

Mr S Barretto We still urgently need volunteers as Lapszys, Sandy Riach and Phil Collier); Oliver.

Mrs EM Elliot Chairman and Treasurer for the coming South East – Seeds Llama (Paul Spencer, National results: Jeremy Baker, John

Mrs M Emmings year. Marc Chawner, David Baker, Andy Moore, Christine and Richard Ray, Dave

Diary Dates: Aug 1, Newton Abbot Graham and Mark Rose). The League Cup

Mr C J Ley Charity Swiss Teams; contact Dawn Gray

Huggett, Steve Preston reached the semi-

winners are also Seeds Llama (Paul final of the Gerard Faulkner (Seniors KO).

Dr J P B Sandall ( 01626 773053. Sept 18, Devon Mixed Spencer, Marc Chawner, David Baker and Chris Kinloch, Miles Cowling, John

Dorset Pairs. Entries are also due for the Devon Andy Graham). Dakin, Richard Harris came joint 9th in

Teams and the Devon Charity Sim Pairs Results of other recent Essex competi- the Pachabo out of 32. Ken Dunn –

Master – see the website for details. tions are as follows: Essex Pairs: 1. Laurie Charles Patrick were 22nd and Karen

Mrs A Richardson Burtt – Alan Coral, 2. Peter Oake – Simon Dewar – Malcolm Lowcock 23rd out of

Dorset Moorman, 3. Robert Elliott – Sandy 113 in the Corwen.

Essex Riach. Consolation Final: 1. Wendy Cold- County results: Pottage Cup: 1. Eleanor

Grand Master ham – Patrick O’Gara, 2. Michael Rice – Stewart Strachan, 2. Karen

KEITH Bartlett has Watson – Jacek Lapszys, 3. Chris

Mr M E Wren Chorley –Mike Rand. Eve Goblets: Ladies:

Dewar – Mac Lowcock. Farley Cup: 1.

been appointed as Sandra Ruffell – Mary Lucas, 2. Linda

Life Master County Chairman. We 1. Margaret Curtis, 2. Yvonne Dias 3. Coombs – Peter Aubeck. Philip

Mr K Seabold wish him well in his Sandy Smith. Men: 1. Sandy Riach, 2. Graham Cup: 1. Chris Kinloch, Bob

Mr J C Stimson position and thank John Howitt for Robert Elliott, 3. Martin Smith.

McRobert, Richard Harris, John Dakin;

many years of dedicated service. Diary Date: Sept 1, Autumn Seniors

Regional Master 2. Helen Ackroyd, Martin Brook,

Congratulations to Dorchester Bridge Pairs.

David Berwitz, Alan Wilson. Bayer No

Mrs M Cook Club on winning the Garden Cities Fear Cup: 1. Derek Flux – Gary

Master Qualifier. The team was Hannah Kearns, Gloucestershire Batchelor, 2. Heather Clark – Olwen

Eileen Rundle, Alistair Cowley, Paddy

Mrs L Barnett Jenkins. Finale Pairs: 1. Margot Wilson –

Bowen, Jo Whitty, Pat Savage, John and John Gardner, 2. Macushla Stewart –

Mrs Geri Bland Ann Cruickshank. THE County League com- Gwyn Evans; highest placed

Mr A Buttifant Gee Trophy: 1. Helen Ackroyd, Martin petition had a slightly intermediate ranked players: Sheila Clif-

Mr J Murray Brook, Alan Wilson, Chris Guy, 82 VPs; different format this year. ford – Philip Clemow (4th).

Mrs I I Snow 2. Ron and Lynne Heath, Hugh Kevill- It was split into two At the AGM Jeremy Baker was voted

Davies, Peter Mallett. 81 VPs; 3. Matthew parts, pre- and post- in as the new chairman of HIOW.

Gloucestershire Phillips, Andy Preston, Gillian Thomp- Christmas with promotion and rele- Diary Dates: Sept 5, Ladies’/Men’s

son, Jan Field, 80 VPs. gation after both halves. This also

Premier Grand Master Udall Trophy: 1. Ron and Lynne Heath,

Pairs. Sept 19, Harrop Swiss Mixed

allowed a team to enter for only one half Teams. Oct 3, Simmons Married/Mixed

Mr P Shields John Holland, Hugh Kevill-Davies, 78 of the competition. This means there is a Pairs incorporating the Lincoln Salver

Regional Master VPs; 2. Paddy Bowen, Brian Browse, winner in each division for each half and award. All the above will be held at

Mr D R Atthey Clive Russell, Alistair Cowley, 77 VPs; an overall winner who played in the Romsey starting at 2pm. Entries to

3. Daphne Philipps, Martin Brook, same division for both parts. The win-

Mrs J Rowley Helen Ackroyd, Alan Wilson, 76 VPs.

Lillian Craigen (7 days notice if possible

ners both overall and for the second half please) or phone

Master Congratulations to Keith Bartlett –

in Division One were Kambites, Butland, 02380 154276.

Mr A Kwatra Ann Sharples for reaching the Main

Chamberlain, Denning and Kinloch.

Final in the Bournemouth Congress, and

Mrs B Lloyd to Keith and Ann, playing with Clive

Division 2 winners were J and A Sanis,


Mrs L P Rafferty Goalby, T Letts, Proctor and Sharpe.

Russell and Roger Sweet, for finishing

Division 3 winners overall were C Lewis,

Mr M Ridler 6th in the A flight of the Swiss Teams.

Gray, Hogarth, Weaver and Miles, and THE Herefordshire team of Richard

Also to Eugene Sheehan, Mary Clews,

Hants and I.O.W. Robin Wright, Tom Holdsworth for promoted Paterson, C and R Moore, and Croot, Tony Truluck, Mike Ralph and

Rowley. John Thacker came third in the Midland

Life Master winning the B flight.

Alison Pritchard – Dan McIntosh

Diary Date: Sept 12, Flemmich Cup Teams Challenge Bowl. The Here ford

Ms J Bellinger won the County Mixed Pairs held after Bridge Club Team of Eight came 3rd in

Mixed Teams.

Regional Master the AGM with Wendy and Joe Angsee- the Regional Heat of the Garden Cities

Mr R D Assad sing winning the Flitch. Trophy.

Essex Congratulations to Paul Denning and The heats of Sim Pairs yielded some

Master Patrick Shields in being part of the win- good results for Herefordshire club play-

Dr MIJ Andrews SEVERAL changes to the ning team in the Schapiro Spring Four- ers. Josephine Kelly – Marie Clarke of

Mrs L Coombes ECBA Committee were somes, one of the major events in the the Birches came 5th out of 1,171 pairs in

Mrs F C Curtis made at the AGM in May. English bridge calendar. the EBU Spring Pairs, while Pam Crisp –

The Chairman, Dick Diary Dates: Glos / Herefordshire Sue Evans came 19th of 4,741 pairs in the

Mr G J Pollard

Green, resigned after 25 Green Point Weekend held at Ross on World Sims playing at the Marcle Club.

Mr R L Richardson years in this post; the new Wye with Swiss Pairs on Saturday Sept The County In-house Teams competi-

Mr D Webster Chairman is John Williams. The League 25 and Swiss Teams on Sunday Sept 26. tions came to their end with John

Secretary, Roger Tattersfield, also resigned The County would welcome new Griffiths, Peter Watts, George Barrett

Herefordshire members to its Monday night events,

after 11 years and his replacement, Bernie and Sarah Mathews winning the KO

Regional Master Hunt, was duly elected. Nigel Bardsley which start in September, and is able to Teams and Sue and Derrick Munday,

Mrs J Baker was elected to the new post of Member- help with partners or team-mates. Just Brian Meadows and Graham Ling win-

ship Secretary. check the website for details and ning the KO Plate. The League Division 1 August 2010 English Bridge 47


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