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was won by Carol and Albert Brown, Ian Diane Rogers has joined the committee. and Minutes Secretary), Treasurer Henry

Landmark Master Murray-Watson, Pat Jenkins, Steve Booth Please note that the 25th July green- Cooklin, General Secretary Robert North-

Point Promotions and Chris Chowney; Division 2 by Sue

and Derrick Munday, John Crowe, Judy

pointed event has been cancelled. This

one-day green-pointed licence has been

age, League Secretary John Thompson,

Tournament Secretary Pat Watson, Fix-

Eaton, Barry Taylor and Naomi Lacey. successfully transferred to the Kent Con- tures Secretary Dick Pathan, Member-

Master The Restricted Divi sion was won by gress at the end of October. ship Secretary Pat Beasley.

Mr N Edmondson Gordan and Sue Young, and Steve and Diary Date: 51st Kent Congress, Oct Dick Pathan was elected a Life

Mrs M Edwards Di Martin. Entries for these events in 30-31, Tunbridge Wells; Saturday: Swiss Member of the LCBA in recognition of

2010-2011 will be invited in August or Pairs 1pm. Sunday: Green Pointed Swiss over forty years of outstanding service to

Mrs J Hunter September – the draw and first round of Teams 11am. the Association, both as a player and

Mrs S White the KO will be held at Ledbury on Friday officer of the committee in various roles.

October 8th. John Mount presented the trophies to

Herts Diary Dates: Sept 10, HBA AGM,


the 2009-10 competition winners. These

Grand Master 7pm, Larrupurz Centre Ross-on-Wye. included: Stanley Trophy (Butler Pairs

Mrs J Davies Saturday Sept 25, HBA and GCBA AT the Annual General Championship), Ian Bruce – Mick

Green Point Swiss Pairs, 1pm; Sunday Meeting in May, Mr. J. A. Mahoney; Joseph’s Bowl (Teams of Four

Life Master Sept 26, HBA and GCBA Green Point Smith was elected the new KO), Tony Odams, Duncan Happer, Jim

Dr J Howes Swiss Teams, 11am; both at the Chairman of the Lancashire Mason and Paul Bowyer; Butterworth

Regional Master Larruperz Centre, Ross-on-Wye. Contract Bridge Association. Trophy (for first-round losers in the

Mr C Holehouse Congratulations go to Nick and Sue Joseph’s Bowl), Peter Nuttall, Sylvia

Kent Woodcock, Andrew Woodcock and Horn, Terry Hyde and Stan Williams;

Mr G Lacey Catherine Draper on winning the LCBA Gimson Trophy Final (Pairs Champion-

Mr M R Levy Knock-out Teams of Four. ship), Duncan Happer – Kerri Nash;

Ms J Mumford KENT has had a great In the first round of the Northern Leicestershire Cup, Susan and Paul

competition season. Mal- Bridge League, Lancashire A finished 4th Bowyer, Tony Odams, Jim Mason and

Master out of five teams, Lancashire B 4th out Simon Stokes (the corresponding plate

colm Lewis and Patrick

Mrs LV Belch Collins were in the Eng- of eight teams and Lancashire C 3rd out competition was won by John Mount,

Mr M Futerman land team that won the of eight teams. Audrey Mount, Mary France, Pam Smith

Mr M Pearce Seniors Camrose. The Doyle Cup Swiss Teams: 1. Andrew and David Twells).

Gerard Faulkner Salver (National Seniors Petrie, Giles Foster, Bill Alston and Colin Early Midlands League county

Mr R Pearce

Knock-out Competition) was won by Mitchell. Madeline Berney Swiss Pairs: results for this season are: May 16th vs

Mrs N A Reynolds the team captained by Peter Law and 1. Catherine Draper – Dave Debbage. Worcestershire, 1st team won 12-8, 2nd

Mr B Veal included Patrick Collins and John Blackburn Swiss Pairs: 1. Jeff Smith – team won 19-1, 3rd team won 19-1;

Short. The team played in memory of Jackie Pye. Bolton Bank Holiday Swiss June 20 vs Nottinghamshire, 1st team

Isle Of Man Teams: 1. John Morrell, Marianne Farr, won 13-7, 2nd team lost 4-16, 3rd team

their late captain, Dennis O’Donovan.

Master The Pachabo Cup has been won by our Steve Haley and Hilda Williams. won 16-4.

Ms E J Kelly Kent Champions (photo below), Jeremy Diary Dates: Aug 8, Preston Pairs, Diary Dates: Sept 5, Midland League

Willans, Ian Draper, Stuart and Gerald Preston. Aug 28, Northern Bridge v Oxfordshire (away). Sept 15, Stanley

Kent Tredinnick. Congratulations to Norman League, Round 3. Sept 3-5, Bolton Trophy Round 1, Glenfield. Sept 25,

Inniss, Stefan Syplywczak Keith Ashcroft Congress, Bolton Bridge Club. Sept 9-12, Green Point Swiss Pairs, Spondon. Sept

Regional Master Isle of Man Congress, Douglas. Sept 19, 26, Green Point Swiss Teams, Spondon.

and Phil Jones winners of the Canterbury

Mrs J Batson Green-pointed Swiss Teams One Day LCBA Mixed Pairs, Bolton Bridge Club. Sept 29, Otto & Edith Bowl Mixed Pairs,

Mr AE Boyer Event. The Jersey Congress Swiss Teams County BC. Oct 10, Midland League v

Mrs C Cadiz was won by Jill Skinner (captain), Leicestershire Derbyshire, Rothley Centre.

Mr CC Parker Gwyneth Davies, Ian Draper and

Jeremy Willans. The Mid-week Pairs

Master Lincolnshire

Championship was won by Colin THE 2010 AGM was

Mr J S Chapman Wilson – Diana Avis. Many held on June 16. The

Mrs SM Cox congratulations to everyone. committee reports were THE Annual Champion-

At the AGM in June, Geoff Smith heard and adopted. ships were held in April:

Mrs F Diggens

retired as Treasurer and became Vice- The new LCBA consti- Pairs Final: Drene and

Dr J D McGuinness Chairman. David Anning is our new tution was adopted by the membership. Alan Brown; Consolation:

Mrs Pamela Watson Treasurer. Malcolm Lewis retired by rota- The committee has been returned un- Alan Andrews – Harry

Mr M E Webb tion and has been re-elected Secretary. opposed: Chairman Nick Stevens, Vice- Coates; Open: Stuart Knox – David

John Cullingworth has resigned and chairman John Wilcox (also Webmaster Caldow; Lucy Osbourne Cup (highest

Lancashire placed senior pair): Drene and Alan

Master Brown; Margaret Briggs Plate (best im-

provers): Bill and Eileen Barker; Teams

Mrs D J Ault

Final: Mo Parsons, Maurice Ladlow, Ron

Mrs J C Schofield Wall, Brian Smith; Consolation: Vic and

Leicester Mike Llewellyn, Glynn Elwick, Stuart

Watson; Open: Elaine Proctor, Maurice

Master Lynn, Ron Moss, Geoff Shaw.

Mrs A E Bowness Lincoln Gold: 1. Maurice Ladlow, Mo

Mr B P Holownia Parsons, Dennis Mellor, John Gaunt;

2. Alan and Drene Brown, Mike Perry,

Mr R Kilvington Nick Dyer. Veterans’ Cup winners were

Ms M Sperrings Mo Parsons – Maurice Ladlow for the

Lincolnshire third year running. The Charles Heward

Trophy was won by Mary Milnes, Bill

Master Gibs, Joyce Gregory, Joan Robertson.

Mrs E Barker League Division 1: 1. Paul Wokes,

David Pettengell, John Brocklehurst,

London Tony Waine; League Division 2 or Davey

Grand Master Cup not known yet.

The new season’s calendar for 2010-

Prof J R Harper 2011 will be sent electronically to

Photo: Gill Pain

Life Master members via their clubs sometime in

Pachabo Cup winners: from the left, Gerald Tredinnick, Stuart Tredinnick,

Ms L Clery Ian Draper and Jeremy Willans from Kent, August.

Mr M Todd with EBU Vice-President David Harris (far right). The 2010-2011 officials will be listed

in next EBU magazine.

48 English Bridge August 2010


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