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pairs in the Inter-counties Pairs Cham- Hall.

Landmark Master London pion ship (Cor we n Trophy) was by The Green Point Swiss Pairs event at

Point Promotions

Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, who

finished a commendable 6th (out of

Merseyside BC was very popular –

completely full and with a waiting list, so

MANY congratulations to 113). book early next year. The winners were

Regional Master Ross Harper and Gunnar The Annual MCBA Player of the Year Chris Pope – Peter Kaufmann, who had

Mr T Booth Hallberg, members of the Award for 2009-2010 has been won by the event sewn up with a match to spare.

Mr N D Tomkin winning England Seniors Michelle Brunner in the Expert category. Congratulations to Dawn and John

Camrose team. At the In the Intermediate category, there was a Herbert on finishing equal first in the

Master Spring Bank Holiday Congress, well done triple tie between Howard Stubbings, pairs event at the EBU Madeira Congress

Mr Peter Cotterill to David Gold, 2nd in the Swiss Teams A Ben Beever and Eddie Thornton-Chan. in February. Well done to Ted Reveley,

Mr S Marquez Final, Nick Boss – Richard Johnson who At the AGM a new selection com- Bill Niccol, Alan Stephenson, Stuart

won the Pairs B Final and David Bakhshi, mittee was elected comprising Denis Matthews who comfortably won the

Manchester 2nd in the same event, and Ted Booth, Robson, Jenny Morris, Joyce White, North Wales Swiss Teams, finishing 35

Regional Master 3rd in the Swiss Pairs. At the Cheltenham David Tattersall and Michael Newman. VPs ahead of second place.

Congress, Richard Harris won and David John Rudolf takes over as handbook The annual Dublin v Liverpool match

Mr S Herman Schiff was 3rd in the Morgan Banks Cup. editor from Jeff Smith. The handbook resulted in a win for the Irish. As always,

Mr J Parsons The London team of David Ewart, will, in future, be available as a printable the event was held in wonderful spirit.

Master Gunnar Hallberg, David Gold and Tom document on the web site. Hard copies Merseyside League winners: Div. 1, PSA;

Townsend came an excellent 3rd in the will also be available from John Rudolf Div. 2, Aigburth; Div. 3, Hilbre; KO Cup,

Mr B Beever Pachabo Cup. The London YC team in (Mobile ( 07762 101651) for those Abercrombie; Top Teams Event, WFC.

Mr C Cheslett the Regional Final of the Garden Cities unable to print a copy. Liverpool BC Open Pairs winners:

Ms L Constantin also came 3rd, just not quite enough to Spring Bank Holiday Congress: con- Joan King – Gill O’Neill.

Mrs M Jabbar qualify them to the final. gratulations to Gary Hyett (playing with Apologies for some of these results

Results: Garden Cities Heat: 1. Young Geoffrey Wolfarth of Sussex), who won being posted later than normal

Mr V Ridding the major Pairs event at Bournemouth Diary Dates: Aug 28, NCL Round 3.

Chelsea A (Paul Martin, Fiona Hutch-

Mrs J Santo ison, Stephen Popham, John Pemberton, over the bank holiday weekend. Sept 14, Mixed Pairs, LBC. Sept 18-19,

Mr G Winn Janet de Botton, Nick Sandqvist, Ian Last minute entries to the Manchester MBC Congress. Lady Connell heats: MBC

Payn, Rob Cliffe); 2. Woodberry A (Nigel League can be made by e-mail to Sept 23, LBC Oct 5, Deva BC Oct 8.

Merseyside/Cheshire Freake, Gill Hutchinson, Ken Barnett, before Friday, Aug

Master John Stimson, Paul Lamford, Stefanie 13 2010.

Diary Dates: Sept 24-6, EBU Premier


Dr O P Arya Rohan, Anne Catchpole, Doug Dunn).

Ian Gardiner Trophy: 1. Sarah Dunn, League, Manchester Bridge Club; spec-

Mr JJ Bowyer David Gold, Gunnar Hallberg, David tators welcome CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr J Fay Ewart, Tom Townsend; 2. Brian Callag- Janet de Botton, Artur Mali-

Mrs M Lloyd han, Fiona Hutchison, Guy Hart, Chris Merseyside/Cheshire nowski, Nick Sandqvist and

Mr S K Thompson Duckworth. Andrew McIntosh for win-

London Trophy: 1. MCC (Nigel Clay- ning the Crockfords Cup;

Middlesex ton, Richard Cummin-Bruce, Harvey COUNTY event winners: Martin Jones, Anne and Neil

Laurance, Geoff Lane); 2. Chislehurst Merseyside & Deeside Cup Rosen finished 2nd. Well

Grand Master (Pivot Teams): Chris done to Gary and Dafydd

Golf Club (John Chapman, Simon Smol-

Mr J Mizel lett, Bryan Grimm, Jan Green); 3. RAC Whaley, David Howe, Jones for winning the Shapiro Spring

Life Master (Andrew Kisiel, Arun Suri, Bob Bow- Joan King, Gill O’Neill. Foursomes.

Mr R Hillman man, Bernard Heilpern). Della Porta Jean Keen Trophy (Ladies’ Teams): Joan Janet de Botton, Artur Malinowski,

Plate: 1. Cameron McKenna (David King, Pat Crossley, Lollo Murthwaite, Nick Sandqvist and David Burn won the

Regional Master Reuben, Freda Weiner, Arthur Dyson, Mui Fellows. Eric Howarth Cup (Open Bank Holiday Swiss Teams.

Ms C Stafford Roy Griggs); 2. St Georges Hill LTC2 Swiss Teams): Ted Reveley, Ralph Chur- The Middlesex Cup Final (Silverstone

Mr S M Walter (Wendy Kelly, Lynda and Bob Wilson, ney, Dave and Jean Keen. Preece Rose- vs Seale) was won by Victor Silverstone,

Linda Park). bowl (Ladies’ Pairs): Jill Oddie – Sally Tony Waterlow, Ian Panto, Gerald Haase,

Master Diary Dates: Sept 1, Entries close for Clark. Lady Connell (County Teams – Lynton Stock and Mike Vail; the team

Miss T Greenslade the London Leagues (sati.mckenzie@goo Pachabo qualifier): David Stevenson, finished 2nd at the Pachabo. The Mid-

Mrs A R Haria and the London Trophy Peter Kaufmann, Liz Commins, Mike dlesex Committee Cup was won by Jeremy

Mr R Haria ( Sept 19, Amos. Cheshire Salver (County Teams Dhondy, Jack Mizel, Richard Hillman

Mixed Pairs Championship, YCBC, 1.00 Consolation event): Peter and Annie Hall, and Brian Callaghan.

Mr JJ Lee Danny Miller, Chris Wentworth. Andrew The Ace of Clubs (Neil and Anne

pm. Contact Nigel Freake gelohnake@

Mr R Shah Rosebowl (Mixed Pairs): Peter and Annie Rosen, Heather and Jeremy Dhondy,

Mr R Tenzer

Norfolk Manchester

Life Master

Mr G Ip THE Merville Goldstone

Regional Master Trophy – Manchester’s

Mr P D Ison County Knock-out Teams

qualifier for the

Mr C K Mallon Pachabo – is a fearsome

Master event. So it was an exceptional

Mr P A Brett performance for Barbara Lewis’s team

Mr M J Mitton (Sam Herman, Alec Smalley, Tom Slater)

to win for the first time this year

North East defeating Michael Byrne, Michael

Newman, Gary Hyett and Rodney

Life Master Lighton in the final after playing extra

Mr A Kemp boards.

Regional Master Congratulations to Justin and Jason

Mr F N Stephenson Hackett on winning the English Knock-

out Teams Championship (Crockfords

Photo: Lincs CBA

Master Cup) and to David Debbage (Catherine Elaine Proctor receiving a bouquet of flowers

Mr R Carpenter Draper, Ollie Burgess, Andrew Wood- in appreciation of her many years as County Master Point Secretary

Mrs E M Clarke cock) in coming 5th. at the Lincolnshire CBA 2010 Annual General Meeting.

The best performance by Manchester August 2010 English Bridge 49


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