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Catherine Seale, David Gold, Richard Kane, who also won the Teams event and had directed many events for the

Landmark Master Bowdery and Ian Draper) qualified for playing with Clive and Chris Owen. County. His interest in sports was ex-

Point Promotions the Garden City Regional Finals where

they finished 2nd.

The NEBA Northern Swiss Pairs was

won by Aileen Cunningham – Jim

tensive and he was a tournament squash


The Middlesex Victor Ludorum was Hodgson In the first County Match of the

Dr A J Cornish awarded to Victor Silverstone. A large number of NEBA members season, against Lincolnshire, Notts 1st

Mr D Dansie Results of the Middlesex League were: made the short trip to Harrogate for the and 2nd teams both lost 12-8 but the 3rd

Miss J Grist Div. 1 (Peter Edelman Trophy): Peter Yorkshire Congress and players from team won 19-1.

Hasenson, Jeff Alper, Gary Jones, Steve Whitley Bay had a good weekend. Ajit At the AGM the existing committee

Mr B Hooper

Eginton, Barry Myers, Mike Vail. Div. 2: Shivdasani won the Consolation Pairs was re-elected. Chris Clark has been ap-

Mrs A Kirkby Mike Isaacs, Robert Kane, David Solo- (Chairman’s Plate) with Brian Marlow pointed the new Secretary of the League

Mrs J Saul mons, Richard Spencer and Joe Jacobs; from Leicester (formerly from this area). for Affiliated Clubs and Teams of Eight.

Mr G Turner Div. 3V: George Hagi-Savva, Sheila Laikin, Ajit was also runner-up in the final of The winning teams of the divisions of

Gerard Brito, Ratnaverl Murugesu, Ano- the John Colley Trophy for multiple the League were Gambit, Nottingham A,

jan Pothalingam, Suren Velayutham; and teams playing with Brian Marlow, and Nottingham Mechanics, Woodborough

Northamptonshire Div. 3Z: Nigel Clayton, Irene Fine, Elaine Purvis and Pat Tuff. X. In the League for Teams of Four, the

Denise Miller, Saleem Sachak. Runners-up in the Scarborough Trophy winning teams were Four Deuces and

Grand Master Please consult the county website for (C Final Multiple Teams) were the Goulash. Inter-Club Pairs Championship:

Mr T Thrower the autumn schedule. Whitley Bay team of Laurie and Joan 1. Margaret and Satish Shah (Notting-

Life Master Monkhouse playing with Pam Gladwin ham), 2. Margaret McCorkell – Stephanie

and Mary Gilbert. Frank and Janet Tolcher (Bingham), 3. Nora Barrett –

Mr M Tilley Norfolk Springett were 5th in the main Green- Dorothy King (Retford). Priday Cup:

Regional Master pointed Pairs final. 1. Graham Lee, 2 David Burgess, 3 Lloyd

Mr A J Nixon Eagling.

THE County Summer

Master Programme is proving a

Northamptonshire Diary Dates: on Wednesdays the Black

Cup (commenced May 26) and Farr

Mr D A Dare great success, with all Cup (commenced June 2) competitions

Mr L Lubaszewski events well supported. The KINGSLEY Bridge Club in Northamp- continue in alternate weeks. The Swiss

trophy winners to date are: ton held their 21st AGM this year, which Pairs Championship will open the

Nottinghamshire Lowestoft Trophy: Nawal was memorable as Patrick Rawlinson, Sunday event programme in September

Fenwick – John Harrison; Dereham and

Regional Master who founded the club, stepped down as (details will appear on the website).

Swaffham Trophy: Brian Barrett – Peter Chairman (see page 34). Patrick was

Mrs J Jacques Clemens. The Men’s Gender Pairs was ahead of his time, as Kingsley was the Oxfordshire

Mr I W Roxburgh won by John Brister – John Massey, the first non-smoking club in the county.

Master Ladies’ Pairs joint winners were Nawal Patrick also has strong feelings about the

Fenwick – Margaret Smith, and Gillian OXFORDSHIRE acquitted

Mr D L Barnett Hall – Iris Green. The Open Pairs winners

atmosphere in the club, and members

were expected to be well mannered and itself well in the Midlands

Mr M Edwards were: 1. Tie between Richard Thornley – League, narrowly missing

civil at all times – if not, they were asked

Mr P Gross Malcolm Connolley and Mervyn to find another club. To mark his top place in the Dawes, re-

Mr P A Hancock Scutter – Harry Fox; 2. Gillian Hall – contribution to the club, Patrick was gaining the Porter and fin-

William Zang; 3. Mike and Barbara ishing 3rd in the Markham.

Mrs J B Humphrys Harnden, 4. Neil and Laura Tracey.

presented with all sorts of gifts and was

unanimously elected as the club’s first Wessex League winners were: Div. 1,

Mr B Plumb Diary Dates: Aug 2, Kings Lynn Open Honorary President. Menagerie A; Div. 2, Abingdon A; Div. 3,

Mr J Pownall Teams, South Wootton Village Hall. Aug A number of county competitions Summertown A; Div. 4, Witney; Div. 5,

Mrs A M Shah 22, John Harrison and EDP Cup, Abbey will begin in September. The Winter University B.

Hall, Wymondham. Sept 1, YMCA The President’s Cup was won by Mike

Mr J J Watson League will start in September, The

Trophy, Girls High School, Norwich. Saturday event will be held at Stamford Robinson, Rob Procter, David Thomas,

Mrs V R Watson Sept 19, Barbara Dick-Cleland & Buxton starting at 7pm on the six Saturdays: Richard Haydon, Nathan Piper, Ian

Oxford Trophy (Pairs), Horning Village Hall. Sept 18, Oct 9, Nov 27, Dec 11, Jan 8, Feb Angus, and the Chester Cup by Mike

Sept 26, Norfolk Championship Teams, 5. Entries to the Saturday event to Trevor Brown, Gillian Lonsdale, Clive Keep,

Life Master Bawburgh Village Hall. Thrower. The Wednesday event will be John Slater, Nigel Wilkes. Again, Nick

Mr M Robinson held at Northampton starting at 7pm on Smith displayed formidable form, win-

Dr K Talbot North East the six Wednesdays: Sept 15, Oct 20, Nov ning the Tuesday Teams Ladder, Tuesday

Regional Master 17, Dec 15, Jan 19, Feb 16. Entries to the Pairs Ladder, the Tuesday Championship Wednesday event to Jim Bainbridge. together with Alan Wilson, culminating

Mrs C Moore HURWORTH Bridge There will be a playoff between the with the prestigious Premiership (based

Mr R Moore Club was presented winners of the two Winter Leagues. on results from all county events).

Master with the John Clark The Broke Cup is the a teams of four Adrian Lambe – John Clifford won the

Salver for the Team of knock-out event with the winners Tuesday Butler Pairs Ladder. County

Miss D C Coe representing the county in the Pachabo. Pairs winners were Dinah and Andrew

the Year at the NEBA

Mr F M Denton-Powell AGM, which was held First round losers compete in the Betts Lintott. Tony and Gill Brereton won the

Mr D B Harrison at St George’s in May. The Player of the Bowl, so everyone is guaranteed at least March monthly Seniors’ Pairs, with Lynn

Mrs M E Jones Year Award was presented to Martin two matches. Entries are required by the Kirby – John Gunn winning in April and

Kane at the same meeting. end of August to Jim Bainbridge. Dale Thomas – Keith Goswell in May;

Mr M Lapthorn

The Kempson Cup (Knock-out Teams) The joint Bedfordshire and Northants the overall winners, Geoff

Mr M Stevens was won by Clive Owen’s Team (Clive congress will be held on Saturday 11 and Nicholas – Krishan Jalie, were awarded

Somerset Owen, Malcolm Oliver, Bill March, Sunday 12 September with pairs on the the Sadler Salver. The Oxford Times

Damian Hassan, Martin Kane, Dave Saturday and teams on the Sunday. I Cup (for genuine novices), generously

Life Master Broadhead) who defeated Chris Owen’s would ask Northants members to sup- sponsored by Oxford Times Newspaper,

Mrs A Skinner Team (Chris Owen, John Atthey, Dom- port this event. was won by Alice M. Kaye – Chris Dawe.

inic Maloney, Tom Dessain) in the final Mixed Pairs winners were Debbie

Regional Master

(see page 42). The final of the Kempson Nottinghamshire Roberts – Geoff Nicholas, with Helen

Mrs M R Lewin Plate was held at the same time and was Lawton-Smith – John Slater winning the

Mr M Toft won by Frank Springett’s team Flitch.

Master The Club Champion Pairs was won by I REPORT, with sadness, the death of Lorna Swadling – Alastair Gidman

Fred Dalton – Tony Jackson and the Alan Macey on 20th May. He began won the OBA Simultaneous Pairs. David

Mrs A Allsopp Club Champion Teams by the Hurworth playing bridge at school in 1939, and and Jeremy Bygott finished 4th in the

Mr J D Brown Team of Damian Hassan, Julian Gibson, lived in Notts for over sixty years. He National Pairs Final. Debbie Roberts,

Ms Margaret Hodge Martin Kane, Hayden Dando. was an EBU Tournament Director for Geoff Nicholas, Kathy and Denis Talbot

Mrs T Hopkins The Hurworth One Day Congress Pairs fifteen years. At various times, he was won the Hants & IOW Swiss Teams.

was won by Dave Broadhead – Martin Secretary and Chairman of the NCBA, Diary Dates: Sept 5, Midlands League

50 English Bridge August 2010


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