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v Leicestershire, Oxford BC. Sept 6, OBA Comfortable winners of the Mixed started with a win for Suffolk ‘A’ against

Landmark Master Management & Wessex League meeting, Pairs were Graeme Winterburn – Jenny Bedfordshire by 16-4 VPs. The Suffolk

Point Promotions Oxford BC. Sept 14, EBU Simultaneous

Pairs, OBA Duplicate, Oxford BC.

Matthews; Margaret Wort – Paul Hackett

were 2nd, with Dan Crofts – Sandra

‘B’ and ‘C’ teams lost, though, by 5-15

and 3-17 VPs respectively.

Fenton 3rd. Diary Dates: Felixstowe Congress –

Staffs & Shropshire It has been a good couple of months Saturday 2nd October Green-pointed


Regional Master for Paul Hackett, winning the Pairs at Pairs, Sunday 3rd October Green-pointed Kings Lynn with Roger O’Shea and Swiss Teams. Full details on the SCBA

Mr ID Biott being in the winning England Seniors website.

LES Botting and Sally Stut-

Master tard are standing down from Camrose team. Partnering Edward Levy

Mrs S Amos our County Commit tee he finished 4th in the Corwen. Jason and Surrey

this year after sixteen and Justin were in the unbeaten team in the

Mr P Holden

five years service respec- Spring Foursomes and went on to win

Suffolk tively. During their time on Crockfords. CONGRATULATIONS to Peter Lee, Bob

the Committee both have held officer Rowlands, Liz Phillips, Bob McRobert for

Life Master positions and we would like to thank

Prof M J Sherer Suffolk retaining the Lady Rose Cup. The losing

them formally for their service to the finalists, Frances Hinden, Jeffrey Allerton,

Master SCBA. Graham Osborne, Mike Scoltock together

Mrs M B Driver Congratulations to Bill Rowe who THE Premier Division of with Jon Cooke had the consolation of

won the County Victor Ludorum this the Winter League experi- winning the Hubert Phillips Bowl for

Miss S Gray season; Dave Latchem was 2nd and enced its tightest-ever Mixed Pivot Teams. Ian Swanson’s team

Mrs E F Hoeg David Howard 3rd. finish, with all four top won the Lady Rose Plate.

Congratulations also to Colin Flood’s positions depending upon the result of Stuart Reid, Melanie Swann, Will

Surrey team who won the Championship Teams, the last match. In the end, the Green and Swain, Chris Huber and Paul Bate won

Grand Master and to the players listed below. Allnutt teams were tied on 73 VPs, but the Novice Team League. Ulla Adilz – Pam

Mr C Chisnall Championship Pairs: 1. Bill Rowe – by winning 71 IMPs to 56 the overall Jardine won the AGM Swiss Pairs.

Caroline MacPherson, 2. Simon Old- winner was Green (Robert Green, Colin Charles Chisnall was a member of the

Regional Master ham – Steve Fletcher, 3. Rob Lawy – Bamberger, Graham Beeton, Jeff Orton). winning team in the Gerard Faulkner

Mr J A Greenfield Sheila Coda. Championship Pairs Plate: The Tweddell and Moran teams were Salver.

Ms A Haring-Pedrocchi 1. Andy Ridgers – Sheena Lanham, 2. Ray close behind tied on 71 VPs, third place The end of the season marks the reti-

Harper – Marion Blackall, 3. Barbara going to Tweddell on IMPs. The Second rement of Roland Bolton as Surrey CTD.

Mrs W Lancaster Biggin – Anne Skinner. Percentage Pairs: Division was won by Less, and the Roland has been ‘Mr Surrey Competi-

Mr N Moore 1. Heinz Brunsch – Nigel Maggs, 2. Dave Regional East Division by Johnston. tions’ for so long that the format of our

Mr J Neal Latchem – Bob Warrender, 3. Les Joan Mayhew – Basia Malinowska competitions will not be able to continue

Botting – Mike Purse. won the AGM Pairs (67.3%); Helen as they have done without him. It is no

Master The County League A Division was Mason – Norman Less were 2nd, Rick wonder that we cannot find any to take

Ms Margaret Andrews won by Langport, the B Division by Hanley – Jeff Orton 3rd. Penny and Julian over from him, as he is irreplaceable.

Mrs A Binder Yeovil and the C Division by Street. Lang won the Mixed Pairs (61.9%), with Surrey would like to thank Roland for his

Mr GM Cole Roger Sweet’s team beat the 11th Joan Mayhew – Mike Sherer 2nd and unique contribution to Surrey bridge

seeds to reach the last sixteen in the Gold Sue Flin – Graham Beeton 3rd. Marie over the years and wish him a long and

Mrs J M Cookson Cup. The Yeovil team of Rachael Brown, Coates – Mike Del-Bo won the Cham- happy retirement.

Mrs A M Gossip Frank Coltman, Peter Gurman, Donne pionship Pairs with 62.5%, from Mike

Mr L Harvey Hoong, Colin Simcox, Mike Toft, Bone – Bryan Sellick (61.1%).

Stewart Upton, Ray Walder, represent-


Mr B Mercer In the BGB Simultaneous Spring Pairs,

ing Somerset, took 2nd place in the Carl Ib – Sue Cook from Aldeburgh

Lady S M Prickett Regional Final of the Garden Cities were 4th (out of 1,614 pairs) with 69.6% CONGRATULATIONS to

Mrs C R Smith Trophy. This qualified them for the in the Tuesday event, and Norma Shan- Malcolm and Karen Pryor

Mrs A Troiano National Final and it is a great achieve- nahan – Allyn Bignell from Stowmarket who won the Green Point

Mrs P West ment as this is the first time since the were 11th (2,545 pairs) with 67.8% in Event at Ardingly in May;

Somerset-Avon split that a Somerset the Wednesday event. Allyn Bignell also 2. Gerry Stanford – Dave

Mr P West team has made the National Final of this featured in the EBU Simultaneous Spring Franklin; 3. Michael Prior –

Sussex event. Congratulations to them all. Pairs, this time partnering Paul Croxson Keith Ashcroft. Winners of

at Bury St. Edmunds, finishing 13th the Non-expert Prize were Stephen Flet-

Grand Master Staffs and Shrops (1,397 pairs) with 66.3%. cher – Simon Oldham.

Mrs E J Hoskins The 2010-11 Eastern Counties League Henfield Candles: 1. Roger Hitt,

Life Master

ROGER Keane’s team

Mr DI Nastaszczuk (David Beavon, Paul Cutler

Regional Master and Roy Edwards) won

Ms J Alderman the 1st Division League;

Paul Hackett’s team was

Mr M J Dancy

2nd with Roy Martin’s team 3rd. In the

Mr G Faulkner 2nd Division, Paul Laughlin’s team (Linda

Mr MP Silverman Laughlin, Anne Hinderley and Doug

Master Simmonds) were victorious with Jenny

Matthews’s team 2nd and Tony Brian’s

Mr Ray Exall team 3rd.

Mr D H Gilbert The Staffs Cup was won by Paul

Mrs Carole Oliver Hackett’s team (Dan Crofts, Edward

Mina Picton Levy, Mike Goldsmith, Barbara and

Justin Hackett) who beat Geoff Davies’s

Mrs C Pratt team in the final. Paul’s team went on to

Mrs P T Warren play in the Pachabo were they came 8th.

Mrs C M Weston The Ladies’ Pairs was won by Kath

Adams – Terry May; Maria Rowlands –


Photo: Bomi Kavarana

Judy Mitchell were 2nd, Ann

Regional Master Berrisford – Margaret Dash 3rd. The

winners of the Men’s Pairs were Darren Surrey CBA president Shirley Pritchard (left) presenting an engraved salver

Mrs J M Coggle Evetts – Jason Hackett, with Dan Crofts to John and Philippa Cadge at the Leatherhead Bridge Club

for their outstanding, long standing and continuing contribution

Mr A Imam – Paul Hackett 2nd, and Ivor Clarke – as teachers at Claremont Fan Court School in Esher.

Mike Sheriff 3rd. August 2010 English Bridge 51


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