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Rosemarie Thompson, Derek Eneas, Platts for winning the 2010 Murray round of each.

Landmark Master Christine Dyer; 2. Leon Northeast, John League Final. Diary Dates: Aug 9, Play-with-the-

Point Promotions Jackson, Yves LeBrec, Anthony Whiteway.

In the Pachabo, Sussex were 6th out of

Congratulations also to Sally and

Philip Wraight, Peter Mollart, John

Experts Teams. Sept 6, Grand Prix Teams

Heat 1. Sept 20, Men’s and Ladies’ Pairs.

Mrs B P Richards 32 Counties and were represented by Farmer, Mike and Sally-Ann Rothwell, Oct 4, Closed Team Qualifier. Oct 9,

Julian Mitchell, Christine Jepson, Andy Malcom Hartley, Michael Cox on 4th Irene Allen ‘Non Expert’ Swiss Pairs.

Master Ryder and Per Lindsten. Jeremy Willans, position in the North Garden Cities

Mrs T H Austin who is a secondary member of Sussex, Regional Final in May. Mike and Yorkshire

Mr R E Blackwell was in the winning team for Kent. Sally-Ann Rothwell also represented

the county in June with a creditable

Mrs J M Carter

Warwickshire performance in the Corwen Trophy. SHEFFIELD pair Graham

Mr J Cullwick The EBU leader board ranking lists Jepson – David Musson

Mrs CE Curran for Westmorland were as follows: Level achieved an outstanding 2nd

Mr P Curran WE report with sadness 4: 1. Jeff Harrison, 2. Bill Wallis; Level 5: place in the Corwen Trophy.

the death of Steve Byrne John Ellwood, Ray Gregory. Level 6: Also runners-up were the York team of

Miss B Czernuszka on May 26, a much loved Paul Brereton, Liz Reese, Frank Dixon,

Wendy Ellwood, Richard Brazier.

Mrs N Levy and highly respected play- Diary Dates: Westmorland’s first John Dennis, Keith Sowerbutts, Phil

Mrs S Pink er, who will be greatly green-pointed event, the Open Swiss Godfrey, Mark Bratley, Tom Cohen, in

Mr W J Pink missed. Pairs, will take place on Sept 26 at the Regional Heat of the Garden Cities

Darren Evetts was elected County Stonecross Manor Hotel, Kendal. competition, thereby qualifying for the

Mrs M Taylor Chairman at our AGM held on June 20. Visitors will be most welcome. Contact final.

Westmorland Mike Thorley was elected Vice-Chair- John Ellwood Tom Rainforth was a member of the

man, and the following officers were re- winning Cambridge team in the Port-

Regional Master elected: Sandra Squires (Secretary), land Bowl competition (see page 34).

Mrs S Rothwell Leslie Reece (Treasurer), Adrian Knight

Wiltshire Congratulations to the following on

(Selection), Jon Downing (League), and their successes in county events and


Stephanie Galvin (Master Points). The WILTSHIRE has no club congresses: Seniors’ Knock-out

Mrs W Ellwood Cock O’County Trophy was won by events in the summer Teams, David Musson, Graham Jepson,

Wiltshire Audrey and Henry McBride. months. The committee Sandy Davies, Tom Gisborne. YCBA

Congratulations to Coventry and was re-elected en bloc at the May AGM Mixed Pairs, Fiona Brown – Hugh

Regional Master North Warwickshire BC on their splen- and will shortly be publishing its 2010- McGann. Sheffield Charity Swiss Teams,

Miss E E Barwell did new purpose-built premises at Binley 2011 calendar. The county has never - Gill Woodcock, Sue Wormald, Jennifer

Mr C J Jones Road, officially opened on July 25. theless been busy changing its website and Bernard Fletcher. Bridlington Con-

The winners of our Charity Simulta- and linking that site to those of its gress: Championship Pairs, Margaret and

Mr K Williamson neous Pairs event in aid of the Warwick- Peter Savage; Swiss Teams, Andrew Petrie,

member clubs to improve the passing of

Master shire Air Ambulance were Julian and newsworthy matters around Wiltshire. David Colley, Graham Jepson, David

Mr Eric Mountain Mary Shingler (Moseley BC). The Extra events are being planned for Fletcher. Waddington Shield (YCBA

runners-up were Gordon Fox – Gay Hull members now joining via P2P; details of Knock-out Teams), Bill Townsend, Sarah

Worcester (Stratford BC); 143 pairs took part at six these events will be published both Teshome, Richard Winter, Giles Foster,

venues. directly and via club and county Tony McNiff. Yorkshire Trophy, Piers

Master Our Green Point Swiss Pairs event Percival, Roger Holmes, Barrie Mitchin-


Mrs S Craddock held at West Midlands BC in May son, John Spence. Yorkshire Masters

Mrs L A Kennedy attracted fifty pairs, and was won by Pairs, Grade 1, Matthew Kiggins – Ian

James and Shirley Dutton; the runners- Worcestershire Johns; Grades 2 & 3, Roger Gascoyne –

Mrs Joyce Sambrook

up were Ian Handley – Mike Leese. Michael Porter and Peter Carson –

Yorkshire Our Inter-County Teams had a suc- Richard Kempner.

cessful season coming 1st and 2nd in the THE Seniors Pairs was YCBA Congress: Mixed Pairs, Annette

Life Master Dawes and Porter Leagues. Warwickshire won by Nick Forward – and Mike Jackson; Ladies’ Pairs, Susan

Dr D R Hose also won the Six Counties Midland Chal- Steve Allerston with a Stockdale – Fiona Brown; Men’s Pairs,

Regional Master lenge Bowl which we hosted this year at score of over 70%. Mike Ciaran Coyne – Hugh McGann; Moor-

West Midlands BC in June. Willoughby – Stewart town Cup (Championship Pairs), Pauline

Mr S T Barrett Diary Dates: on 22 September at 7.15 Fishburne had started strongly but Cooper – Philip Mason; York Mount

Mr R Bielawski pm Moseley BC invites teams to enter could only manage 63% in the end. Group Trophy, Nihar Mitra – Alan John-

Ms K Markert for the Moseley Bowl. Oct 17, the main The top three pairs from our son; Chairman’s Plate, Brian Marlow –

County Teams competition for the Frank Championship Pairs Final played in the Ajit Shivdasani; Fell-Vincent Cup (Cham-

Master Corwen with some success: John

Cup will be held at West Midlands BC at pionship Teams), Julie and Ian Grant,

Ms E Armstrong 2pm. Sansom – Richard Jephcott came 5th, Janet Easter, Adrian Goulding; John

Mrs I Boothman with Jimmy Ledger – David Thomas Colley Trophy, Eve Hatfield, James

Mr P Carson close behind in 9th place. Ewington, Dom Maloney, Philip Smith;

Westmorland A team representing the Worcester Scarborough Trophy, Lesley Bridson,

Mr M C Dessain Bridge Club have progressed to the Catherine Thompson, Ruth Barker, John

Mrs Carol Duke FIRSTLY, congratulations quarter-finals of the NICKO, beating a Blackett.

Mr A K Ford to Peter Mollart on his strong Manchester team in the previous Yorkshire Individual, Peter Wallace.

Mrs E Fox promotion to the rank of round. The players are John Sansom, Castle Swiss Pairs, David Musson –

Grand Master. Richard Jephcott, Nick Forward, Steve Frank Littlewood. Affiliated Clubs Day:

Mrs R Holmes Well done to the West- Allerston and Ross Garratt. The same Non-league Clubs Trophy, Hull Univer-

Mr R A Kempner morland team of Sue team is also in the Gold Cup’s last sity (Edna Hunter, Pat Thirkettle, Fay

Mrs WV McLean Winder, David Lowe, Stewart and Norma sixteen. Good luck to them in the next Carr, Betty Marks); League Clubs Trophy,

Mr D H Reeves

Mr SJ Saffman

Mr F Solts AUGUST 21 is the closing date for the submission

Mr A J Stalker

Mrs M H Wadsworth

of county reports for the next issue of

Mr Tony Watson English Bridge.

Mrs L Wellings

Mr D S Whisker Please e-mail:

52 English Bridge August 2010


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