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English Bridge

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis

Farewell . . .

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR

Tel: 0118 926 2602

Editorial Board

. . . and Hello!

Sally Bugden (Chairman), Sally Bugden

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis

Advertisement Manager

Harpreet Gill at Blue2

Charlton House, Old Estate Yard, Farewell highly respected Bridge Plus magazine since

East Hendred, Oxford, OX12 8LL BRIAN Cook’s first issue as editor of 1989 as well as other magazines, books and

Tel: 01235 833060 fax: 01235 862589 English Bridge was June 2001. His clarion the Bridge Teletext pages of Channel 4.

call was: ‘Tell me what you want!’ Brian Elena was born in Rome where she

English Bridge Union certainly opened up the magazine to the started her magazine career editing a

membership and has been a consummate student magazine published by the Vatican,

General Manager

Barry Capal professional throughout his editorship. at the tender age of 16! Elena says: ‘I was

Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury HP19 8AZ Personally speaking, he has been a pleasure bitten by the bridge bug after marrying

CONTACTING THE EBU to work with, and has provided a huge Giorgio in 1970 and moving to England in

Tel: 01296 317200 amount of support to the EBU’s role in 1971. Here I have enjoyed a varied career

Fax: 01296 317220 developing bridge in England. We thank teaching Italian at university level, directing

Web site: him for his excellent contribution to this, amateur theatrical productions, translating

Bridge play online: our only universal means of comm- The Hobbit and other English books into

Direct EBU helplines and email addresses unication to our members; he leaves the Italian, bringing up two boys – and now

(STD code 01296 for all telephone numbers and suffix for all e-mail addresses) magazine in extremely good shape, and we concentrating on editing English Bridge.’

wish Brian and his wife Tess the very best in Elena has been involved in bridge

Telephone E-mail

Accounts 317210 account the future. administration at county and club level,

Bridge for All 317217 bfa and has also had an illustrious bridge-

Bridge Shop 397851 Hello playing career. Her achievements include

Competition entry 317203 comps

Education 317218 ebuta The English Bridge Union is delighted to winning the Porthcawl WBU National

Laws & Ethics 317218 lecsec welcome the well-known bridge journalist Teams and coming second in the British

Licensing of events 317205 license and editor, Elena Jeronimidis, as editor of Ladies’ Teams. She has won the Year End

Master Points 317202 points

Membership 317201 ebu English Bridge. Ladies’ Pairs, twice, each time partnering

Technical services 317207 technic Elena has been involved in editing the Ruth Edmondson.

Tournament orgn. 317204 tourns


English Bridge goes colour-

Andrew Robson’s tips 5 coded – and other changes

European Open medals 7

Director, please! 9

Crockford’s Cup 11

Elena Jeronimidis

EBU problems 13

Bidding quiz 14-15 DO you remember the M&S Christmas like to see in it, so that I have a better idea

No-trump bidding 13 advert? ‘This is not just food,’ cooed a of your requirements.

Letters to the editor 19 seductive female voice, ‘it is M&S food.’ In this issue (have you noticed it has

A memorable hand 21 Now the same seductive voice tells us an extra four pages?), you will find old

Prize play problem 23

that it is not ‘just M&S’, it’s your M&S’. favourites and some new columns, in

To paraphrase: English Bridge is not response to your replies to the Members

Your questions 25

just a bridge magazine, it is the EBU’s Survey carried out a few months ago.

EBU news and diary 26-27 bridge magazine. And it’s not just the Also, articles are colour-coded so you can

Bonn Nations Cup 29 EBU, it is your EBU – which I reckon easily identify which pages are your cup

County directors course 31 makes English Bridge ‘your’ magazine. of tea when you first open the magazine.

Prize defence solutions 33 This in turn means that I need to hear But I hope you’ll read it all, and look

Standard English 34-35 from you: tell me what you like or dislike forward to receiving your comments –

The debate 36-37 in English Bridge and what you would criticism and praise are equally welcome!

All about trumps 38-39

Instruction EBU News Features On-line Bridge Reports

On-line bridge 40

Bridge extras 41

County news 41-49 August 2007 English Bridge 3


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