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may not be necessary for him also to hold

three diamonds.

Because declarer has to be able to cash Wine, cheese and some great hands

three hearts, he starts by doing just that.

THE official opening of a new EBU- of all standards are welcomed and sup-

Now a diamond to dummy and a club

styled ‘Learn and Play’ club, Count to 13, ported equally. Each week there will be a

ruff, a second diamond to dummy and,

Kingshill, Kent, incorporated a ‘Play with section for more experienced players and

with West known to hold a fourth heart,

the Expert’ event. Sandra Landy was the another for improvers. The latter will

dummy’s heart winner is cashed while the

guest of honour, accompanied by seven start with a fifteen-minute talk focussing

last diamond is thrown from hand.

other top players who have represented on a particular topic, followed by a 16-

Finally, a club is ruffed and the ten of

England at some time in the past. Other board Pairs duplicate with hands

spades led for the endplay.

distinguished guests included Barry illustrating the theme of the week.

Had West held only three hearts,

Capal and Sally Bugden of the EBU. Count to 13 B.C. meets on Mondays.

declarer would have had to cash a third

The club’s aim is to ensure that players Details on

diamond instead of the fourth heart.


♥10 6 4 3



♠ J 10 8 ♠Q96

♥ QJ97





♦ 10 9 7 S ♦J532

♣ 853 ♣ A K Q J 10 4





North-South have done quite well to stop

in only 4♥ with a nine-card fit and such

controls and playing potential. West leads Sandra Landy (right) and Gerald Tredinnick

a club in response to East’s overcall and playing against East-West winners Molly Cooke and John Walker

East wins then plays two more top clubs.

It pays to be a pessimist whenever your

contract looks to be easy, as here, and if

declarer plays too quickly he will go

down on the above layout. The only


threat to the contract is a 4-0 trump split

and, with East marked with long clubs, it


will surely be West who has the length

should hearts break so unkindly. IN the current Orange Book there were Examples:

It is important that declarer ruffs the changes to the rules for Strong Openings to

(a) ♠ A K Q J x x x x ♥ x x ♦ x x ♣ x

third club in hand. West follows and stop the unfortunate habit of players using

does count as eight clear-cut tricks.

declarer cashes a top heart, discovering a 2♣ opening as a pre-empt when a hand

(b) ♠ A K Q x x x x x ♥ x x ♦ x x ♣ x

that West has all the trumps. Ace, king and has eight playing tricks but is not a strong

does not.

a diamond ruff is followed by ace, king hand. Unfortunately, this excluded some

and a spade ruff. A diamond from hand hands that would normally be opened by It thus is illegal to play a 2♣ opening that

an Acol Two even when played tradition- may show any suit and a hand weaker

forces West to ruff high but now he is

ally, for example: than the above. However, a 2♥ opening


that shows hearts could be played as

At trick eleven, the heart ten would now ♠ 4 ♥ A Q J 10 9 8 7 2 ♦ Void ♣ A J 5 3

weaker than above, but should be an-

have been bare and declarer down to all As a result, the definition of the minimum nounced as ‘Intermediate to Strong,

trumps. When he led a low trump, West strength for a Strong opening has been forcing’ (or ‘non-forcing’). Similarly, it is

could win the jack and the queen-nine altered from 1st August 2007 to any of: permitted to announce a weaker opening

would be equals against the king-eight that covers more than one category as

(a) Subject to proper disclosure, a hand

after the ten had fallen under the jack. ‘Weak to Intermediate’ (see page 13).

that contains as a minimum the

I like this example, because the key play normal high-card strength associated Note: the definition of minimum strength

is made before declarer becomes aware of with a one-level opening and at least for Strong Openings also applies to

the bad trump split. This type of careful eight clear cut tricks, or: Strong Clubs, Either/or Clubs (e.g. Polish),

play really deserves to be rewarded by a lie (b) Any hand meeting the Rule of 25, or: Strong Diamonds, and Strong (artificial)

of the cards that makes it necessary. (c) Any hand of at least 16 HCPs. No-trumps (e.g. Romex, Vienna). August 2007 English Bridge 39


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