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COUNTY NEWS Ward, Iain Roberts, Phil Gee, Rita and Wightwick and Jonathan Mestel won the

Congratulations to Avon Brian Keable). final of the County Knockout. The County

the newly promoted Alan Oddie started well in his new Knockout Plate was won by Sue Oakford,

role as county captain with both the A Nadia Stelmashenko, Eryl Howard and

Grand Masters: IN the Gold Cup, the team including

and C teams beating Suffolk 16-4 in the

Mike Elliott and Tim Brierley (Denning, Eric Campbell. In the Cambs and Hunts

Mr P Crouch (Kent) Shields, Thomas and Goodman) has first match of the new ECL season. League, Division 1 was won by Ely 1

Dr R G Harris (London) won its 5th round match against Grant of Diary dates: in the Parkin Cup on (John Aspinall, Julie Aspinall, Peter

Mr P Kaufmann (Middlesex) Devon to reach the last sixteen. In the Sunday July 15, Hertfordshire will be Burrows, Myra Burrows, Paul Fegarty,

Mrs D V Philipps (Dorset) NICKO, congratulations to the West of aiming to retain the trophy in Catherine Curtis); Division 2 was won by

Mr F V Savage (Berks & Bucks) England team (Andrew Urbanski, Tony Bedfordshire’s Inter-county Teams Thursday 1 (Joanne Caldwell, Kevin

Mrs N Senior (Middlesex) Gammon, Brian Goalby, Huw Oliver, event. Invitations have been sent out so, Smith, Gladys Gittins, David Car-

Mike and Tony Letts) which is through to if your county wishes to enter a team, michael, Ian McDonald); and Division 3

the quarter-final. We wish them well in please contact BBA county secretary was won by Royston (M Leach, B Symes,

Master Point their next match. Janet Marsh. Entry is now open for next M Thrower, D Fogg, E Blackman).

promotions In the South West Regional Final of season’s League and Knockout Teams of


Jubilee Swiss Pairs winners: Rod and

the Garden Cities Trophy for teams of Sue Oakford. Andre Kueh and Jonathan

Avon 5 Star Premier eight, Avon was represented by the West Cains won the section for those with

Premier Regional Master of England Bridge Club (Gareth Evans, Berks and Bucks under 5,000 local points. The ascenders’

Regional Master Mrs M Hughes Andrew Urbanski, Alan Jones, Jeremy prizes went to Joanne Caldwell and Ian

Mr B Crymble 2 Star Premier Rickard, Bernard Mitchell, Damian Macdonald.

Regional Master APOLOGIES to David

4 Star Premier Nicholls, Robert Covill, Aidan Scho- In national knock-out competitions,

Master Mr G C Dickens Perkins’s team who won

Mr GT Gowling Premier field). The team won with a superb the League of Four and Cambridge came 2nd in the regional

Premier Master Regional Master second-half performance. the Brown Cup – not final of the Garden Cities, giving them a

Miss E E Barwell Mrs S Belcher League winners: County League 1: (for Mike Perkins’s team as

Mr M B Miller chance to defend last year’s victory in the

Mr A Schofield in the last English Bridge.

7 Star Regional the second year running) Graham final, and Chris and Catherine Jagger’s

2 Star Master Division 2 was won by Steve Johnston,

Mr G Mobley Master Hartley, Richard Dunn, Mike Elliott, Tim team has reached the 7th round (last 8)

1 Star Master Mr T V Cullen Brierley and Paul Keightley. County Division 3 by Nigel Thompson, and of the NICKO. Catherine Jagger, Jon-

Mrs M Robertson 5 Star Regional League 2: Pat Chant, Peter Tilley, Mike Division 4 by Lee Duff. athan Mestel, Paul Fegarty and Catherine

Advanced Master Short, Margaret Harris and Richard County events winners: Victor

Mrs S Newman Curtis narrowly lost the final of the

Master Kendall, who are promoted to League 1 Ludorum: David Owen. County Teams Punchbowl at the Spring Foursomes,

Mr M Churchill 4 Star Regional

Mrs B Freeman Master next season. Championship: Steve Johnston, Pat while Chris Jagger’s team reached the

Mrs JW Lowther Mrs G C Vickers In the County Knockout Final, the Dowdeswell, Mike Ribbins, David last seven of the main event. Trevor and

Master 8 Star Premier winners were the team led by Andrew Owen. Friendly Pairs: Graham Reid and Marion King won the John Colley Trophy

Mr C J Jones Master

Smith (Cathy and Ralph Smith, and David Elford. Men’s Pairs: David Owen (teams Consolation Final) at the York-

County Master Mrs NM Allen

Mr DT Lewis 7 Star Premier Steve Tomlinson). The final of the and Charles Chisnall. Ladies’ Pairs: shire Congress.

District Master Master Knockout Plate was won by the team led Carole Mueller and Carol Humphries.

Mr J Buxton Mr AH Williams by Mark Reeve (Marc Lee, Alan Jones, Swiss Teams: Richard Palmer, Dick

Mrs C Stevens 6 Star Premier Jack Terry and Robyn Dower). Davey, Nicola Sutton, Harvey Bengen.

Channel Islands

Master Bucks trounced Berks in all three

Bedfordshire Mrs P Gordon

THE Lambourne Jersey Bridge Festival

matches in the Berks vs Bucks annual

Premier Life 5 Star Premier Bedfordshire encounter. took place at the end of April and was a

Master Master

Mr B Shiebert Mrs V M Morris AGM: except for Roger Barrett, all great success. In the mid-week events,

13 Star Premier 1 Star Premier THE Champions Trophy current members of the committee Jane Watts-Wakeham and Andrew

Master Master was the final event for agreed to serve for another year and they Thompson won the Open Pairs. In the

Mr R Stanley Mr M Wenble County members this

have been joined by three members, Mixed Pairs, Marion Miles and David

7 Star Premier 2 Star season. We had 15.5

Tournament Nigel Dent, Steve Johnston and Richard Hole were first and Gill and Peter Pitcher

Master tables representing the second (all from Jersey). The winners of

Mr T Pearce Master Palmer, who volunteered to join the

Mr T Garrett leading pairs from most the Swiss Teams and the Lambourne Cup

6 Star Premier county competitions and club champ- committee at the AGM. Anders Wallen is

Master 1 Star our new treasurer. Margaret Hatch was as the highest placed C.I. team were

Mr C Watson Tournament ionship events. Prizes were awarded to Jersey’s Brian Youd, Sue Rankin, Gill

Master the top ten pairs. Winners: Angela and given Life Membership of BBCBA. A

1 Star Premier Hall and Maureen Nelson.

Master Mrs E Dougal-Biggs Richard Chester. presentation was made to Roger who has

Tournament been our treasurer for many years, and Domestic competitions winners:

Mr S Gibbs The BBA AGM re-elected Ron Davis,

Mr R Last Master also to Daphne Santon for her work in County Mixed Pairs: Clarice Alder and

Mrs B Wileman Val Lawson and Janet Marsh as County

3 Star Master organising the League of Four for the James Fattorini. Jersey District Open

Mr R F Gaudoin 5 Star Master Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secre-

last ten years. Liz Pratt has taken over as Pairs: David Friswell and David Hole.

2 Star Master Mr G Reid tary respectively. Chris Parkin conti-

the League of Four secretary. District Upper Restricted Pairs: Rosemary

Mr P Malpass 3 Star Master nues as Treasurer with Louise Smith

Mr M Burch Pallot and Norman le Cocq. Lower Level:

Advanced taking over as Membership Secretary. For reminders of our events and

Mr D Cook David Humpleby and Muriel Holmes.

Master Mr I K Soffe Richard Chester and Les Calver remain results join our egroup by sending an

Mr C Challinor Ladies’ Pairs at the Highfield Club: Jane

Mr P F Habershon 2 Star Master committee members, joined by Monica email to

Mr R Burnett Knight and Catherine Rynd. Men’s Pairs:

Master Lucy, Peter Scott and Stewart Pye. John Diary Dates: July 31 closing date for

Mrs S Davies John Panter and Eric Todd. District

Mrs J F McKillop Mrs J Hollands Neville is County Auditor and Master- entries to the League of Four; Aug 8

Mrs P M Smith Mrs PA Rhys-Davies Individual in Guernsey: Peter Keeling.

point Secretary. Jon Williams was Fixtures Meeting for the League of Eight

County Master 1 Star Master The finalists for the District Teams are

Mr J O Bell

awarded Life Membership for his at SBBC; Sept 9 closing date for entry to

Mr M Bennett Robert Plumley (Susie Farnon, Lynda

Mr T D Drakard Mrs F Cugnoni contribution and achievements in the GolfPrint Heat (if you play golf why

Mrs V Eaton Mildon, Colin Tostevin and Ralph Laski)

Mr W Irvine bridge. not make up a team from your local golf

Mr T Lusty Mr J V Roy and the Allen team (Mike partnering

Ms C H Topliff

In the Simultaneous Pairs heat that club?); Sept 17 Club Meeting at SBBC to

District Master Andy Hall and Margaret with Jill

Mr J Findlay Advanced followed, Bob Brown and Phil Gee were discuss the EBU Strategy Plan; Sept 23 Morgan).

Club Master Master top N/S. However, it was a storming Mixed Multiple Teams; Oct 7 Swiss At the Manor Club, the Frank Money

Mr P Adderley Mr C N Jackson result for Terry Pearce and Les Calver, Pairs.

Mrs M Brown Master

Trophy, awarded to the best player after

Mrs P Ellis who came first E/W with 69.6% and 6th assessing the results over the year, was

Mr DJ Baker

Mr M Francis Mr JW Calder in the overall national ranking. Cambs and Hunts shared in a three-way tie by Anne Babbe,

Mrs V Jarrett Mrs M Carver Division 2 winners were Late Entry

Mr E D Lowther Mr M L Jordan Don Babbe and Cliff Drillot.

Mr R Perrott Mr D H Littlejohn

(Dominic Connolly, David Woulds,

Mrs S Richmond Mr R J Lott Angela Chester, Richard Chester). CAMBS and Hunts welcome Peter-

Mrs M Murtagh Dominic has now moved to Sydney, borough Bridge Club as a newly Cornwall

Berks & Bucks County Master Australia; no doubt he will keep up affiliated club. The club’s charity event in

Grand Master Mrs J Buckley

Mrs C L Bushnell his successful partnership with Dave May raised £420 for the Peterborough THE final event of the Cornish bridge

Mr F V Savage

Mr K G Butler Woulds on-line! Branch of The Huntingdon’s Disease season was the play-off between the

6 Star Premier Mr R G Cheetham

Regional Master Mr N Crabtree The Knockout Cup was won by Association. winners of the two leagues. It was won

Mrs M Bradshaw Dr DW Cullington Spartak Kempston (Alan Shillitoe, Greg Chris and Catherine Jagger, Julian by last year’s winners, the Shufflers

42 English Bridge August 2007


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