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(Wendy Miller, Dave Stone, Joe Bryant

Master Point and Wally Heaton) from the Western Devon Essex

promotions Division.

Congratulations to them all, and

THE North Devon

ESSEX players have had

especially to Wally Heaton who has had Congress was held at a some good results in

Mr L Ellis 1 Star Master later date than usual this

Mr C G Elwell Mr P Evans an outstanding season. Playing with Joe national events recently.

Mrs N S Gardam Advanced Bryant, he retained the county Men’s year, but was as always In One-day Swiss Pairs

Mr N Higham very well supported and events, John Williams

Mrs RJ Marshall Master Pairs. He won the County Teams of Four

Mrs FM Sargent Mrs M A Bird (with Wendy Thornton, David Stone a most enjoyable weekend. Winners: and David Cooper won

Mrs C M Townend Mr M Coles Swiss Pairs: David Southcombe and the Kent event; Richard Perryman and

County Master and Mick Robson) and, at the Newquay

District Master Congress, playing with Wendy Thorn- David Woulds. Swiss Teams: Joy and Michael Wren were 2nd in Northants.

Mrs S Bell Mrs F Honey

Mr J S Honey John Murray Brown, Jeanine Keith, Sid Prince, Lionel Wernick, Cecil

Mrs B E Callan

Mr PJ Williams

ton, regained the Tregudda Cup, the

Mr I Clark Gwen Watkins, tied with Ruth Leighton and Jacek Lapszys came first in

Club Master main prize in the pairs event. Wally’s

Mr M Mullard Edmondson, Brigid McElroy, Alison the Bedfordshire One-day Swiss Teams.

Mrs C J Olivier Mr M Bane team (Joe Bryant, Ken and Janice Keast) Pollok, Ann Slee. Sue and Chris Taylor won the

Mr H J Ridley won the County Knockout.

Mr C Robinson The AGM took place on June 17th. Consolation Teams event (with non-

Mr J Robotham

Cornwall Cornwall’s B team won their section Essex team mates) in the York Congress,

The Western Morning News Cup for the

Mr D Russell Premier National of the South-Western League. Cornwall and the team of Alan and Elaine Green

Mr R Sutton Master Devon Teams was won by Alan and Jette

were also, for the first time, the overall Bailey, Jim Grant and Stefan Lindfors. won the Suffolk Ringer Cup for Mixed

Mr D Tilquin Mr O Prior

Mrs E B Wallen 4 Star Premier winners of the South-Western League. The Western Morning News Plate was Pairs. Ann and Terry Clark won the Sims

Club Master Regional Master This is a particularly pleasing result as it won by Margaret and Robin Mardlin, held on 10 May. Brian Berkley and

Mrs M Bracken Mr R C Bell is often difficult to field the strongest David Cooper won the BGB Spring Sims.

Mr I M Brackenridge Bill Oke and Julian Foster. The Julia

8 Star Regional teams for away matches as the distances In Essex competitions, the winners of

Mr R J Davis Chadwick Cup for Devon Pairs was won

Dr I Haigh Master involved are considerable for players the Switch Cup were Sid Prince,

Mrs L D Haigh Mr RH Jackson by Jim Grant and Stefan Lindfors. The

Mrs L A Higham 6 Star Regional from the west of the county. Chairman announced that the Victor Margaret Curtis, Tony Philpott and

Mr N Jones Master The Truro Club are now settled in Ludorum Cup was to be renamed the Nigel Bardsley. The Essex Plate was won

Mr H Kronsten Mr DH Daniel their new venue, the Conservative Club by Alan Green, Ian Green, Elaine Green,

Mr S Lowry 5 Star Regional Kevin Slee Trophy in honour of Kevin

Mrs A G Posgate in Lemon Street, and they meet at 6.30 Slee who died recently; this was won by Ray Cornell and David Clark. The

Mr F Rao Master on Wednesday evenings. Another

Mr B Benfield Ann Slee. Following the meeting, 14 League First Division champions were:

Mr P Riley change, of date in this case, is that the

Mr R Sassoon 5 Star Premier teams took part in the County Swiss West Essex – the Waltham Foresters team

Mrs S Stokes Master Falmouth Swiss Pairs, which in the past Teams which was won by Cherry Taylor, of Tony Verran, Remi Tatur, Phil Mat-

Mrs E M B Yeadon Mrs JM Congdon has been held in December, has been tacks, Andy Barker, Stuart Dunstan;

Premier Master Wendy Davis, June MacTaggart and Jean

brought forward to Sept 22nd. From Adams. South East – the May and Baker team of

Cambs & Mrs J Cant

1 Star Master

now on it will be the first event of the Diary dates: Devon Teams (Western Jill and Roger Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy,


Mrs S A Copestick new season. Morning News), entries by Aug 31; Sept Chris Megahey, Martin Smith, Ted

Premier Life

Master Advanced Another major change is that the 22 Devon Pairs Day (including Jack and Cockle. Winners of the Non Expert

Mr I M Watson Master Cornwall Congress is moving from Teams were D. and M. Gilbert, R. Green,

Mrs LP Radford Jill Cup); Sept 23 Devon Pivot Teams of

Premier National Mr W F P Thomson Newquay to the Falmouth Beach Hotel; Tour; Oct 27-28 Plymouth Congress. K. Thompson. Winners of the Eve

Master Master it will now be held from the 23rd to the goblets trophies, for overall results

Dr I McDonald Mrs J R Chambers 25th April 2008. during the year, were: Ladies: Jill

National Master Mrs F I Ind Diary Dates: Sept 9 AGM and CCBA Dorset Tattersfield. Men: Chris Megahey.

Mrs M R King Mrs G L Stephens

3 Star Regional County Master Individual Championship, Ladock; Sept Diary dates: Sept 7 Autumn Seniors

Master Mrs I J Pascoe 22 Falmouth Swiss Pairs, Falmouth CONGRATULATIONS Pairs.

Mr F J Langford District Master Bridge Club; Sept 30 Green-Pointed to Daphne Philipps

Regional Master Mr W Harris on becoming a Grand

Mrs S Parker Mr E E Tozer Swiss Teams, Wadebridge School.

Master. Daphne is the


Mrs E Tozer

6 Star Premier first woman to achieve

Master Cumbria

Cumbria this in Dorset and it is so richly deserved gcba/

Mr PJ Somerfield

5 Star Regional because she is a true Lady of Bridge. SORRY this space has been empty

3 Star Premier THE Murray League for 2006 /2007 was At the Jersey Congress Margot Wilson

Master Master recently but if you would like to see your

Mr J Farmer won by the team of Glenda Lloyd, Peter and John Gardner won the Multi-Teams results, or those of other Gloucestershire

Mrs A Green

9 Star Premier Boardman, Colin Woods and Dave with John Thrower and Chris Jones. At players, featured here, or if you have

Premier Master Master

Mrs A Newman Mrs M Swan Mullany from the Barrow Club. the Spring Bank Holiday Congress, news to be included, please e-mail

Mr R R Newman

3 Star Master Richard Vessey, Claire Hillyard, Janet

3 Star Master

Mrs B McWhinney

Mrs J Walker


Derbyshire Smith and Michael Gore came second in The Inter-County Leagues began

County Master the Swiss Teams B Flight. again with fixtures away to Worcester-

Mrs H Parsons Daphne Philipps and Miles Cowling

Mr G Gardner shire, which resulted in wins for the first

Mrs M Gardner County Master THE Eric White Cup was

Mrs M J Millidge were fourth in the Corwen Trophy. and second teams and a defeat for the

Mr J G Haslegrave won by Don Smedley,

Mr D Hodge County Winners: the final of the third team. What a good venue Worces-

John Griffin, Howard

District Master Derbyshire Melbourne, John Arm- County K/O was won by Miles Cowling, tershire have at Cookhill.

Mr A Ju Lui Kueh Tournament strong, Alex Hogg and Daphne Philipps, Bob Mott, Barrie

Mr J Phelps Master

Mr G Whittle Mrs M Pacey

Peter Kelly. The Plate Cantello, Keith Bartlett. Udall Trophy: Hants and IoW

Mrs G Whittle winners were Mike Clayton, Amanda Miles Cowling, Phil Norman, Daphne

5 Star Master Philipps, Martin Brook. Allendale

Club Master Mr RL Bardsley Grimsey, Judy Lomas, David Wright and

Mr D P Bell AT our AGM, another

1 Star Master Tony Wakeling. The Bill Pratt Trophy for Trophy: Helen Ackroyd, Martyn Hill-

Mr D Cotterell successful year was

Mr A Eckersley- Mrs J Hough county mixed pairs was won by Mick Jones, Michael Organ, John Howitt.

reported. The year’s tro-

Waites Master and Sheena Haytack. Dorset’s first One-Day Green Pointed phies were presented by

Mr P A Gilbert Mrs MJ Atkin John Armstrong’s team were second Swiss Teams attracted 33 teams.

Mr C Sills our chairman, John

in the Hamilton Cup at the Shapiro Congratulations to the winners, John Carter. The Victor Ludorum was won by

Devon Spring Foursomes. Carter, Stuart Strachan, Mac Nurmoha-

Channel Premier National John Jones for the third year in succes-

Islands At the county’s AGM, county ties med and John Jones from HIW; Dorset’s sion. Also, we were proud to present the


Premier National Mr S Lindfors were presented to Howard Melbourne Mike Organ, Helen Ackroyd, Ann Tom Bradley Award to Dave Bessant for

Master 5 Star Premier and Colin Band. Sharples, Keith Bartlett came second. I his outstanding work in introducing

Mrs C Hepburn Regional Master The electrical problems of the East am sure all the participants would like to bridge to school children.

Miss J Rumball Mrs H Mather

Regional Master 1 Star Premier Midland’s Bridge Academy have been thank Helen Ackroyd, Ann Sharples, Congratulations to Bob McRobert

Mrs C Bott addressed, and thanks must go to Davis Julian Gregory and Hannah Kearns for who was part of the winning team in the

Regional Master

3 Star Premier Dr W T Hamilton Briggs and his team of helpers for all their hard work in organising this Silver Plate and also for coming third in

Master 2 Star Regional enabling play to take place in difficult event. the National Pairs with his out of county

Mrs J Knight

Master circumstances. Diary dates: Aug 5 Weymouth Cup, partner At the Dorset Green Point event,

1 Star Premier Mr N C Hamlyn

Master Mr MJ Kelsey

Diary Dates: Sept 19 India Cup Allendale BC; Sept 16 Flemmich Cup, the winners were Stuart Strachan, John

Mr M Byrne Mr JD Murray Brown (multiple teams). Westbourne BC. Carter, Mahmood Nurmohamed, John August 2007 English Bridge 43


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