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Out Cup and Plate, semi-finals play-by team; Cecil Leighton, first in the Beds

Master Point Lancashire date; Aug 23 Three Counties, Spondon; One-day Swiss Teams; Carl Nelson and


AT the Lancs CBA’s

Sept 6 League Meeting, and LCBA

Committee Meeting, LGS; Sept 7

Abigail Nichols, winners of the Swiss

Pairs at the Spring Bank Holiday

1 Star Regional Master AGM, Dr Austin Barnes Congress, with Gordon Rainsford and

Master Mr P Hargreaves Summer Knock-Out Cup and Plate,

Mr P L Morgan Mrs I A Park was elected the new finals play-by date; Sept 12 Stanley Dom Goodwin second in the same

County Master Chairman of the Asso- Trophy heat one, Glenfield; Sept 19 event, while in the Championship Pairs

8 Star Premier Mr JA Smith ciation. All other officers Josephs Bowl club heats, County and Ross Harper and Martin Hoffman won

Master Mrs S Truesdale

remain the same. Glenfield; Sept 20 Three Counties, the B final with Ned Paul runner-up.

Mr DE Reading Club Master

Mrs G Jones Congratulations go to Andrew Spondon; Sept 26 League season first London has also done well in

4 Star Premier

Master Mrs S Pickford Woodcock and Catherine Draper on night; Sept 29-30 Green Point weekend, representative events: Tim Gauld, Fergal

Mrs L Wilson

Mr P A Burt winning both the Swiss Pairs at the Spondon; Oct 3 Otto and Edith (mixed) Boland, Paul Martin and Mark Lehto

3 Star Premier North West Green Point Weekend at won the Oxfordshire Beck Cup; Mike

Master Leicestershire pairs, incorporating the Midland Flitch

Mr J A Anstead Life Master Risley and the Swiss Teams with Nick qualifier, CBC. Hill, David Ould, Fergal Boland, Brian

Ms J L Connor Mr D Happer and Sue Woodcock. Paul and Hilda McGuire, Ross Harper, Martin Hoffman,

1 Star Mr M W Osborne Williams also appear to have struck a Nigel Freake, Anne Catchpole, Ian Payn,

Tournament Premier National rich vein of form by finishing in the Lincolnshire Rob Cliffe, Liz Wright and Nick Wilson

Master Master

Mrs J Price Dr PG Neville frame in most recent competitions. came second in the Metropolitan Cup,

Tournament National Master Andrew Petrie finished second in the DUE to circumstances A section.

Master Mrs S Stockdale Northern Seniors Congress Pairs playing beyond our control, Local winners: Newcomers Day: Jo

Mrs M Gibson 5 Star Regional with Giles Foster, whilst Roger Allison Lincs had to cancel their

Master Living. London Trophy: Cameron Mc-

4 Star Master was in the team that finished second. One-day Green-pointed

Mrs C Homden Mr J Thompson Kenna (Chris Larlham, Cicily Nichols,

Local competition winners: Grundy Swiss Teams at Spalding

Mrs E Joyce 4 Star Regional Mark Nichols, David Reuben). Freddie

Cup: Paul and Hilda Williams. for June 17th. The EBU

2 Star Master Master Della Porta Plate: Old Actonians (M

Mr D A Jones Mr M B Wheeler has promised to reimburse the county

Madeleine Berney Swiss Pairs: Pauline Fitzgerald, Mike Davis, Harvey Thomas,

Mr. D R O Levy 3 Star Regional for expenses incurred.

1 Star Master Lang and Steve Mattinson. Blackburn Dominic Wallace).

Master Congratulations to Dennis Mellor

Mrs L Butler Mr J E Taylor Swiss Pairs: Paul and Hilda Williams. Diary Dates: Sept 16 Mixed Pairs,

Mr M R Cotterill and Andrew Green on winning the

1 Star Regional Bolton Spring Bank Holiday Swiss Teams: 1.00pm at YCBC, contact Nigel Freake

Mr G Ward Corwen Trophy.

Master Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, John 020 8801 2884 (e-mail Nigel.freake@

Advanced Mrs J Lashley The Annual Championships were

Master Holland and Michelle Brunner. Gazette; Oct 7 Junior Inter-county

Mrs M Fitzsimons 12 Star Premier held at Lincoln on 12-13 May. Teams

Master and Herald Trophy: George and Teams, 12.00 noon at YCBC, contact

Mrs M J Hill were a little down on Sunday, pairs

Mrs S Holden Mr S Williams Maureen McConkey, Glenn Oliver and David Muller 020 8204 3975 (e-mail

about average. Winners: Championship

Master 7 Star Premier Hettie Sutton.

Mr R Howgill Master Pairs: Maurice Ladlow and Mo Parsons;

Diary dates: Aug 12 Preston Pairs;

Mrs ME Orriss Mrs V E Scott Consolation Pairs: Mike Perry and Nick

Aug 25, Northern Bridge League Round

Mr J Plumpton 6 Star Premier

2; Sept 7-9 Bolton Congress, Bolton

Dyer; Open Pairs: Peter and Brigid Manchester

County Master Master Hughes; Championship Teams: Harry

Mr P Banfield Mr J G Ball Bridge Club; Sept 14-16 Isle of Man

Ms S Walsh

4 Star Premier Coates, Alan Andrews, John Hill, Ron CONGRATULATIONS

Congress; Sept 23 Pendle Witch Pairs,

District Master Master Moss; Consolation Teams: Dennis Mellor, to Elizabeth Roberts

Ms V Cruwys Brierfield Bridge Club; Sept 29,

Mr R C Gibbons

Mr G Brown Andrew Green, Isobel Ridgewell, Keith and Jennie Marvin on

Mrs M Brown Northern Bridge League Round 3; Sept

Mr A Montgomery Stewart; Open Teams: Mike and Chris- their selection for the

Mrs P R T Wallis 2 Star Premier 30, LCBA Mixed Pairs, Poulton Bridge

Master tine Grant, Mary-Jo Mangion, Tony England Under-25 Women’s European

Club Master Club.

Mr RE Beveridge Mr SA Francis Waine. Helen Gillatt and Barbara Championships held in July in Italy.

Miss S M Briggs 1 Star Premier Maplethorpe won the Lucy Osbourne

Mrs P B Eliot Master Leicestershire League winners: Agamemnon (Kath

Mr G J Head

Cup for the leading senior pair, and Bill and Alan Nelson, Martin Braid, Michael

Mr P D Cross

Tournament and Eileen Barker won the Margaret Clarke). League 2: Inverted Minors (Joy

Lancashire Master THE county’s 61st AGM’s business was Briggs Trophy for best improvers. and Irving Blakey, Jeff Smith, David

Premier Life Mrs D Arnold completed speedily, with approval of the The final of the Lincoln Gold was won Barton); League 3: Whitefield Albatros-

Master 3 Star Master reports of committee and treasurer, and by Maurice Ladlow, Mo Parsons,

Mr P Hepworth Ms AR Grant ses (Bernard Kaye); League 4A: Hydran-

elections being uncontested. The new Andrew Green and Dennis Mellor.

Premier National Mr R Jones

Mrs KM Stevenson Diary dates: Sept 2 AGM at

geas (Gordon Johnson); League 4B:

Master committee is: chairman Hugh Cairns, The P.R.s (Ron Steedman); League 5A:

Mr J B Brelsford 2 Star Master vice-chairman Dick Pathan, treasurer Dunholme, 1.30pm, with free bridge

Mrs A Baker Altrincham Z (Roy Higginbottom);

National Master Mr JE Ronan Henry Cooklin, general secretary Robert afterwards. Since all County cups are League 5B: Watchus (Gordon Hadfield);

Mr DM Hilton now going to be presented, would

Mr R Shine 1 Star Master Northage, league secretary John League 6A: Icarus (Karen Reissman);

Mr K Moseley current trophy holders please ensure

2 Star Premier Mrs M Williams Thompson, tournament (and master League 6B: Science Sagas (Bev Pardoe);

Regional Master Advanced points) secretary Neil Beasley, fixtures these are handed in for the AGM. League 7: Rough Discards (Tony Wilson);

Mrs L D Stuart

Master secretary Nick Stevens, membership Newcomers: Intelligent Solutions

2 Star Regional Mr G Foldys

Master Mrs S Hardie

secretary Pat Beasley, webmaster and London (Melanie Rankin).

Mr D L Holt Mrs J Hope minuting secretary John Wilcox; other At the county’s AGM, Gordon Rice

1 Star Regional Mr B Illingworth members: Mike Ayers, Irene Krantz, Pat

Mr J D Morris CONGRATULATIONS retired as Secretary and Steve Mattison

Master Mrs R E Smith Watson and Steve Wright. to Janet de Botton, Nick retired as Green Point Secretary. Both

Mr S N Clarke Dr H Yang

13 Star Premier When shareholders John Wilcox and Sandqvist and Artur received presentations in recognition of

Master Robert Northage drew attention to the Malinowski on winning

Master Mr J A Bowness their excellent service to the County

Mrs H Sutton Mrs SA Fairey EBU Strategy Proposals (enclosed with both the Hubert Phillips Association. New County Secretary is

7 Star Premier Mr B Freeborough this magazine) presented earlier in the Bowl and the Crockfords Michael Newman, 18 Ennerdale Ave,

Master Mr M Grocott Cup, the latter also with David Burn.

Mrs M Buckley Mrs P M Inglis day, the scene was set for ongoing Astley, Manchester M29 7AR 01942

Mr M Mort debate. Proposed greater emphasis on Also to Gunnar Hallberg, winner of the 888490. The new Selection Committee is

3 Star Premier Schapiro Spring Foursomes; David

Master County Master BB@B led to strong endorsement by Michael Byrne, Kath Nelson, Dave

Mr A J Holborn

Mr G Alford Bakhshi, second-placed in Crockfords;

Mr R W Baxter Guest of Honour Francis Maccabee and Debbage, Bob Cooke, and Sid Travers.

1 Star Premier Mr F Burgess

and Tom Townsend and David Gold,

was welcomed by the meeting. who won the Hamilton Cup at the Spring The county can be very proud of its

Master Dr K M Davis

Mr D B Newall Mrs M Shadrack In the first matches of the new season Fours, and were half of the England team substantial participation in the Euro-

Dr I Walters Leicestershire recorded 20–0, 6–14 and pean Open Championships in Antalya

4 Star Master that won the Swiss Teams at the Bonn

Mr B Bowden District Master 20–0 score-lines against Lincolnshire. Nations Cup. in June. Players that attended from our

Mrs J Chapman

3 Star Master Miss C Eyssade Last season’ winners: Stanley Trophy Other winners: Alice Kaye and Nicola area include the Goldenfields, Holland,

Mrs P Dowding Mr M Harvey (Butler Pairs): Jenny Grant and Bharat Macdougall, members of the teams Brunner, Nelsons, Alexanders, Hacketts

2 Star Master Mr A R Medlock

Mr C B Wood Mr B Moyles Thakrar. Hyman Crammer (Club Pairs): finishing first and second respectively in and Hassetts.

Mr J Wood Mrs M Pointon Bill Gray and Peter Halford (County the Portland Bowl; Alan and Olivia Woo, Gold Cup: Jeff Smith, Mike Clarke,

1 Star Master Prof H Yang

Mrs K Yang Club). Jones (Handicap) Pairs: Joan winners, with Brian Callaghan, of the Martin Braid and Alan Nelson knocked

Mr M A Speed

Mr R Waddington Club Master Benton and Pat Dunham. Swiss Teams at the Jersey Congress, with out the No 1 seeds to reach the last 16.

Mr J D Wilson Mr R Barker Diary dates: Aug 17 Summer Knock- Mike Fletcher in the second-placed The other Manchester team in the last August 2007 English Bridge 45


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