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in the Inter-Club League. Northampton enter the Oxfordshire Green Pointed David Smith; Div. 2: Geoff Davies,

Master Point A have started well and are leading Swiss Teams on Saturday 29 September Robin Adey, John Seymour and Ann

promotions Division 1; Stamford D are leading

Division 2 with 36 VPs; Towcester B are

(see advert on page 30).

The newly-established county

Jones; Div. 3: Geoff Feltbower, G. Beckett,

K. Holtom and I. Webb.

Merseyside/ Tournament

Master leading Division 3. newsletter (editor Malcolm Simpson) The Bearn, the pairs competition


Mr D J Gage In the first county match of the has been sent to all members together which qualifies pairs for the Corwen

8 Star Premier Mr B E Parkinson

Master season against Norfolk, the A team drew with the 2007/08 prospectus. Would all Trophy, was won by Margaret Dash and

Mrs G L O'Neill 5 Star Master 10-10, the B team won 15-5 and the C clubs and individuals please send their Arthur Ballham.

Mrs EA Melville

3 Star Premier Mr C D Owen team won 17-3. news, letters, suggestions and views on Ian Pearce and Mike Beach put in an

Master The annual Bedford Congress, a joint the EBU’s new strategy to Malcolm. excellent performance in the Edgar

Mrs S Stott 4 Star Master

Mrs VJ Bobbins venture between Beds and Northants, In June, Keith Sadler retired from Foster, finishing second overall and

4 Star Master

Mr B Moore 2 Star Master will take place on the weekend of office having completed four years of helping the county finish runners-up to

Mrs J Oddie Mrs B Morgan

Mr R Morgan 22nd-23rd September at Towcester outstanding service as County Worcestershire.

1 Star Master Racecourse (championship pairs on Chairman. At the Oxfordshire Congress The Staffs Cup winners were Roger

Mrs A Gregory Master


Mr RG Harrowven Saturday and green-pointed Swiss teams he was presented with a cut-glass Keane, David Beavon, Paul Cutler, David

Mr H P Marshall on Sunday). Entries to Rita Keable, candelabra.

Master Moir and Roy Edwards.

County Master 01525 377906, or e-mail: congress@ At the county AGM the following

Mr S N Hunter

Mrs V Rush Judy Mitchell put in an extraordinary

Master Mr V Shaw Entry forms also from officers were elected: Secretary, Mary- amount of work on the Shropshire

Ms J Still

District Master the Beds and Northants websites. Ann Sheehy; Treasurer, Lynne Hayes; Congress and much of its success can be

County Master Mrs JE Green

Mr M Tedd Kettering Bridge Club’s annual Chief Tournament Director, Stephen laid at her feet. Sarah Amos and James

Club Master charity event, the Charity Salver, will Brown; Tournament Secretary, Rita Vickers did the directing in a full playing

Club Master Mr G Grist

Mr R F Baldwin Mr D Small take place on Saturday 25th August Todd; Membership Secretary, Maxine area. Pairs: 1. Keith Shuttleworth and

starting at 7:30pm. Henry; President’s and Chester Cups Brian Nicholls; 2. Peter Richmond and

Middlesex Northants Congratulations to James and Shirley and Wessex League Secretary, Geoff Roger Allison. Teams: 1. Bill Hood,

Grand Master 3 Star Premier Dutton who won the Norfolk/Suffolk Nicholas; Match Secretary, Nick Smith; David Kenward, Roger Bryant and Rafal

Mr P Kaufmann

Mrs N Senior Regional Master Green Pointed Swiss Pairs, and to Publicity Officer, Brenda Harris; Langowski; 2. Malcolm and Judy

Mr M N Gore Graham and Berry Hedley who finished Education/Training Officer, Alison

Premier Life Browne Mitchell, Keith Shuttleworth and Brian

Master 6 Star Regional second. Nicolson; Master Points Secretary, Nichols. Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Pam Booth-

Mr A Robson

Master Diary Dates: Aug 25 Charity Salver, Sandra Claridge. Jones and Margaret Tomkinson; 2. Kath

Premier National Mr B Davies

Master Kettering; Sept 8 Winter League N/E 1, Sandy Constable, President of the Adams and Terry May. Men’s Pairs: 1.

Mr A Malinowski 4 Star Regional Kettering; Sept 19 Winter League S/W 1, Oxfordshire Bridge Association, having John Hartley and Chris Tayar; 2. Keith

Mr D Moss Master Northampton; Sept 13 Winter League presented the prizes at the AGM, retired Shuttleworth and Roger Bowles. Mixed

4 Star Premier Mr AGP Evans-

Evans N/E 2, Kettering; Sept 17 Winter League from this office after twelve years’ loyal Pairs: 1. Annette Lucas and Mike Cornes

Regional Master

Mrs A Blaine 8 Star Premier S/W 1, Northampton. service. At the subsequent management (holders); 2. Pam Ewan and Mike Sheriff.

2 Star Regional Master

Mr P Double

committee meeting, Dr Evan Harris MP Sue Anslow has announced her


Mrs SG Obrart 6 Star Premier Nottinghamshire was elected as the county’s new retirement as membership secretary. She

President. has done a sterling job over the years,

Regional Master Master Congratulations to John Briggs and and the county would like to put on

Ms F Hutchison Mr G Dolby

5 Star Premier CONGRATULATIONS to John and Richard Sills (Oxford Bridge Club) on record their appreciation for all she has

4 Star Premier Irene Auld, Lloyd Eagling and Keith

Master Master winning the EBU National Newcomers done.

Mr AS Perelman Mrs C M Luck Rodgers who, having won the NCBA Pairs.

Mr E Luck Team of Four Championship, went on to

2 Star Premier Diary dates: Sept 13 OBA manage- Suffolk

Master 1 Star Premier win the Pachabo Cup for Notts.

Dr I Budden Master ment and Wessex league meeting,

Mr U Cotuk The inaugural Inter-club Pairs

1 Star Premier Oxford BC; Sept 16 Dawes league match SADLY we report the death

Advanced Championship was a great success. Ten vs Worcestershire (away); Sept 18

Master of Perry Darwen in Jersey,

Ms S A Laikin Master clubs held heats, leading to a final of 24

Mr B Hill Simultaneous Pairs (OBA duplicate), where he had lived for the

Premier Master Mrs JM Raven

pairs. The winners were Rita Brookes Oxford BC; Sept 29 Oxfordshire GP

Mr M Christie and Norma Graham (Woodborough). past five years. Perry was an

Ms P Cohen Master Swiss Teams, Benson Village Hall. enthusiastic member and supporter of

Mrs M R Sawyer The Priday Cup was won by Clive

Tournament Suffolk bridge for several years.

Master Club Master Kaye with John Auld second. The Black

Mrs C V Griffiths Mr H Williams Cup (for mixed pairs) and the Farr Cup Somerset County events winners: Pivot teams:

2 Star Master Birte Ditchburn, Peter Carlisle, Chris

(for similar pairs) are already under way, www.somersetbridge

Mr A S Thomas North East and the President’s Cup will begin on CONGRATULATIONS to Kennedy and Jyl Marsh. Clare Swiss

Advanced Premier Life Steve Tomlinson who, with Pairs: Andrew and Jane Moore. AGM

Master Master September 26th, alternating with the

Butler IMP Pairs competition. Devon team-mates, won Pairs: Jeff Orton and Pauline Hanson.

Mrs S L Barnes Mr M Kane

Mr PW Blundell The Retford Swiss Teams was won by the Cheltenham Congress Mixed Pairs (an excellent turn-out):

National Master

Mrs M Lizioli Mr T Robinson John and Irene Auld, Lloyd Eagling, Swiss Teams. Alan and Elaine Green.

Master 6 Star Premier More congratulations to Diary Dates: Sept 9 Ipswich and

Mr C P Murray-Bates Keith Rodgers.

Mr M Swerling Regional Master Mike Powell and Brian Greenwood for Kesgrave Swiss Pairs 2pm; Sept 19

Mrs RG Stead Diary Dates (provisional): Sept 9 winning the County Percentage Pairs

County Master County Swiss Pairs Championship Ladies’ and Men’s Pairs 7.15pm at

Mr T Wheatley 1 Star Premier Final.

Regional Master (enquiries and entries to Graham Needham Market; 21 Oct Club Teams of

District Master Well done to Hilary Lawrence and

Mr S Hedley Brindley 0115 9232186). Entries to Eight 2pm at Colchester. Felixstowe

Mr M I Esterson Evelyn Leckie, playing at Curry Mallet,

Dr A Shah 12 Star Regional the teams-of-four league: Chris Clark who were the overall winners of the Congress, 6-7 Oct, at Felixstowe Leisure

Club Master Master Centre: please note that this year the

Mr RR Richardson 0115 9274939. County Simultaneous Pairs.

Dr F Andrews Congress is a two-day event in response

Mr L Freeman 5 Star Regional

to feedback received at last year’s event,

Mrs R Freeman Master

Mrs T Wilkinson

Oxfordshire Staffs and Shrops with Pairs on Saturday and Teams on

Norfolk Mr T Wilkinson Sunday. It is hoped that members will

National Master 2 Star Regional WE are sad to report that Staffs/


give their support to this new format

Mr MA Thompson Brian Claridge died on 19

IT has been an excellent month for and ensure the continued success of our

4 Star Regional Mrs P M Owen June. Brian’s good humour

Master 1 Star Regional Brian Nichols: together with Malcolm congress. Further information regarding

and fortitude throughout

Mr AS La Chapelle Master Mitchell he won the Teams at the Easter the congress: contact Claude Stokes,

the long years of his illness

16 Star Premier Mrs E Day Congress at Blackpool. With his regular, or

Master 16 Star Premier never deserted him. At

Mr P J Rowlett Master county and national events, his success- partner, Keith Shuttleworth, he won the 01255 674253. Entry forms are also

9 Star Premier Mr T F Nunn es were legendary. He also served the Pairs in the Shropshire Congress. The available on the Suffolk website www.

Master 15 Star Premier game well as an administrator, working next day Brian and Keith teamed up

Mr P Smith Master as EBU competitions secretary for many with Malcolm and Judy Mitchell, and More information on Suffolk comp-

1 Star Mrs A Welsh

years. We extend our deepest sympathy finished second in the Teams. etitions from the Competitions Sec-

Tournament 14 Star Premier

Master Master to Sandra. League winners: Div. 1: Roy Martin, retary, Rick Waters, 01379 870291 (e-

Mrs B R Bensley Mr A M Welsh Please note this is your last chance to Peter Cartwright, Ian Pendlebury and mail August 2007 English Bridge 47


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