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Candles, which was won by Sally and

Master Point promotions Surrey Jim Bugden, Peter Baxter and Norman Hardy. Winners of the Novice Swiss

13 Star Premier County Master 3 Star Regional County Master FIRST, my apologies for omitting the Teams, held in Keymer, were Brian

Master Mr N C Lawrence Master Dr KP Yates winners of the Senior Pairs from the Spears and Jack Vidler playing with Tim

Mr A Couchman District Master Mr D Hoong District Master Kent and Jane Alderman. The Ardingly

June issue: they are Liz Phillips and Tim

9 Star Premier Mr J H Black 2 Star Regional Mrs M Evans

Mr R Ekins Master Mr R Evans Cook. Swiss Pairs was won by Peter and Marit

Master Mrs F C M Moor

Mrs M Chipperfield Mr T Middleton Mrs J McDermott Barry and Barbara Stoker, Richard Langston, who also won the Seniors

Mrs W Walker 1 Star Regional Boulton and Gordon O’Hair won the Trophy.

8 Star Premier

Master Club Master Master Surrey HIW One-day Green-point Swiss Teams Diary Dates: July 22 EBU /SCCBA

Dr P J Prince Dr D H Dunford Mr RB Harper Life Master

Mr D Hazledine Mr C J Simcox Mrs CM Dean in Winchester. Swiss Teams, Hove; Aug 10-19 EBU

6 Star Premier Mrs L M Jackson As the season draws to a close, we

Master 7 Star Premier Mrs FM Harper Summer Congress Brighton; Sept 21-23

Mr M C Parker

Mrs J Springett Master National Master have many successes to note, and send SCCBA Autumn Congress, Steyning.

Mrs S Stuttard Mr A M Bamford

5 Star Premier Oxford Mr DI Nastaszczuk

our congratulations to the following: There will be various heats at different

Master 1 Star Master

Premier National Mr P Jackson 12 Star Premier Jeffrey Allerton, Mike Scoltock, Graham clubs in September for the Devonshire

Mr M Stanners Mr R Sharpe Osborne and Frances Hinden won the

Master Regional Master Cup Sussex Pairs as well as the David

3 Star Premier Dr C Cooper Advanced Master Mr A G Afghan Lady Rose Cup. Wendy Miller, Jane

Master Pavey Trophy; please see our County

Mrs M Sheehy Mr T H C Noon 10 Star Premier

Mrs M Cannon Dr K Talbot Morton, Richard Currie and John calendar.

Master Regional Master

2 Star Premier 4 Star Premier Mrs SP Lefevre Mr J Osmond Clayton won the Lady Rose Plate.

Master Regional Master Mr C Morton 7 Star Premier Maureen Dennison, Angela McCready, Warwickshire

Dr B Hnyda Mr P Jordan District Master Regional Master Antonia Flood and Elizabeth Phillips

2 Star Tournament 6 Star Regional Mr T J Stuttard Mr BH Smith

won the Ladies’ Teams. Tim Cook,

Master Master Club Master 5 Star Premier AT the AGM, new county chairman

Mr JC Kingcome Mr J O Simpson Mrs V H Doodson Angela Forsyth, Bernard Pike and Arun

Mrs L Smith Mr K Maskell Regional Master Colin Lang was delighted to announce

2 Star Regional Mr Z Ahmad Suri won the Affiliated League Division 1

Tournament Mrs H Vale that Bigwood Chartered Surveyors, a

Master Mr B J Themis play-off. Jill Leslie, Richard Coles, A and

Master Mr S E Powell 2 Star Premier P Hammond won the Affiliated League prominent Midlands company, has

Mr D Black Mr K Robbins Staffs & Regional Master

Mr E Hunter Shropshire Divisions 2 and 3 play-off. Diana Wild, generously agreed to sponsor the

Mrs A Jackson

1 Star Regional Mrs J Outred

Warwks 2007-08 season. With add-

Master 1 Star Premier 1 Star Premier Marie Brindle, Helen Pook and Ann

Mr P McDermott itional funds, the county competitions

Mr J Wild Mrs R Finch Regional Master Regional Master Chapman won the Newcomers Teams.

Mrs L Jones Mrs CF Day Mr G Clarke In club representative events, the will be a much greater attraction.

5 Star Master

Mrs ED Cotton Regional Master 1 Star Regional Dr R J Kennedy

Mary Edwards (Pairs) and Wanborough Congratulations to Cock o’ County

4 Star Master

J Mela Master 6 Star Regional winners Mags Pyner and Vic Garrod.

7 Star Premier Mr P Cartwright Master Cup (Teams) were won respectively by

Mr AM Pryor In the opening matches of the new

Master Regional Master Mr K Bedrossian Claygate (Marietta Andree and Nigel

2 Star Master Mrs B Hackett season of the Midlands Inter-Counties

Mrs M Dodds Mr C Steer 1 Star Regional Barnes), and Bletchingley (Christine

Dr P A Dodds 4 Star Premier 6 Star Premier Master Dyer, Derek Eneas, Eddie Richart and League, Warwks won 17-3, 17-3 and 17-

1 Star Master Master Master Mr R W Rothwell

Roger Hitt). Jeffrey Allerton is the 3 in the Dawes, Porter and Markham

Dr MW Lambert Mrs R Todd Mrs P M Andrews Regional Master

4 Star Master Mr J Goody County Victor Ludorum. events against Notts.

Dr C Shadforth 3 Star Master

Advanced Master Mrs V Baines Mr BJ Marsh 12 Star Premier Finally, commiserations to Jeffrey Nearer home, the clear winners in the

Mrs J Burrell Mrs M Henry 3 Star Master Master Allerton and Frances Hinden, together Frank Cup Teams were Adrian Knight

Dr S K Mandall P Z Perry Mr M Legge Mrs JP Cahm

Mr P Perry with Jon Cooke and Graham Osborne, and Leslie Reece, David Franks and

Mr I Mitrani 2 Star Master 9 Star Premier

Mrs C Rivers 2 Star Master Mr MC Buckley on their narrow defeat by Janet de Adam Wood.


Master Mrs E J Dick Mrs P Grocott Mr P M Chan Botton’s team in the final of the Hubert Warwicks League winners: Div. I:

Mr J Rewcastle 1 Star Master Master Mr J Ellis Phillips. Coventry A (D.Jones); Div. II: Griffins

Mrs G Wearmouth Mrs D Marriott Mrs RM Crofts Mrs K J McKimmie

Mrs EMT Saunders The format of some County events (R.Galvin); Div. III: Moseley F

County Master Mrs LJ Mawdsley 8 Star Premier

Mrs A D Bryant Advanced Master Ms J Rose Master will change next season to try and (S.Lewis); Div. IV: West Midlands E (G.

Mrs M J Waller Mr M Chadwick County Master Mr JA Clayton encourage better attendance. The details Sherlock-Brown).

District Master Mrs J Mitchell Mr G Baldwin 6 Star Premier

Mrs HJD Millman

are in the Competitions brochure which The Warwks Premier Invitation Pairs

Ms M Bland Master Master

Mrs J Garside Dr P M Allan District Master you should receive shortly. As always, winners were Ali Imam and Abul

Mrs AJ Madden

Mrs P Hall Mrs S Bliss Mr AE Adams

5 Star Premier your committee invites comments and Mostafa. Birmingham Invitation Pairs,

Mr B Hooper Mrs P Rixon Mr B McLaren

Mr B J Lytollis Mr B J Wright Mr E Purslow Master suggestions from players. Div. 1: Janet Whittaker and John Hind;

Mrs F J McSally County Master Prof A E Underhill Mrs K B Tompsett Diary dates: Sept 29-30 County Div. II: Malcolm Green and Graham

Club Master Mr I Angus Club Master 4 Star Premier Green Point Event at Guildford. Entry Cope. Coventry Invitation Pairs: Frank

Mr P Baker Mr J P Briggs Mr B S Goldsmith Master forms available on the website or from Deakin and Eddie Kilmurry.

Mrs M D Jalie Mr W S Jones Mrs TP Scott

Mr M Lucas Dr I W Lawrence 3 Star Premier Peggy Griffin (details in the brochure). Winners of Steve Green’s highly


1 Star Regional District Master Master popular Pairs-Teams competitions at


Mr J A Clacey Suffolk Mr D A Poffley

Sussex Coventry were: Div. 1: David Jones and

Mrs M Eynon Premier Life 1 Star Premier

Mr RE Fisher Mr M Q Lapthorn Mike Northwood. Div. 2: Bob Galvin

4 Star Premier Master Master

Mrs H Masheter

Mr A Moore Dr W Y C Hung SUSSEX are very proud of and Alan Ward. Div. 3: Elayne and Mike

Master Club Master Meakin. Div. 4: Frank Deakin and Eddie

Dr J M Barker National Master 1 Star Tournament Andrew Southwell and

Mr P Crewe

Mr G Beeton Master Matthew Hoskins who Kilmurry. Div. 5: Carolyn and David

2 Star Premier Mrs J M Joyce

Mr MR Potter

Master Ms E Middleton Premier Regional came second in the Corwen Birch.

Master Mrs A Smith

Mrs R Carpenter Miss D M Simon Diary Dates: The new season starts

Mr J Green Tournament Trophy.

1 Star Tournament Master The Metropolitan Cup, with a rush, and players are urged to be

Master Somerset 3 Star Regional

Master Mrs AM Brower where several local counties ready for the Coventry Congress on Sept

Mrs D M Ratcliffe Premier Life Mr DM Erskine

Mr R Parish are involved in a teams-of-eight com- 7-9 at Coventry BC; Sept 16 Lincs vs

5 Star Master Master 4 Star Master

Mrs J A Cadwallader Miss C Macpherson 1 Star Regional Mrs G De Jager- petition, took place at Ardingly on 20th Warwks; Sept 17 EBU Simultaneous

Mrs ER Overton Master Tomten

National Master Dr R Hanley May. The Sussex team in the C Section Pairs, Moseley; Sept 23 Midland Circle

4 Star Master Mrs S Love 3 Star Master

Mrs M Mackie Mr NJ Maggs 10 Star Premier Mrs J Argent won their competition, so well done to Teams, 2.30pm at Sutton BC; Sept 26

3 Star Master Mr R Tapp Master Mr JN Stewart Adam Lea, Alex Harding, Malcolm Moseley Bowl Teams; Oct 10 BGB

Mrs E Godden 2 Star Master

Mrs M Mitchell 12 Star Premier Wright, Andrea Galpin, Norman Simultaneous Pairs, Moseley; Oct 21

1 Star Master Regional Master 7 Star Premier Mrs F J Cernuschi

Master Mr R Cunningham Hardy, Timothy Greenhill, Peter Brown Charity Pairs, 2pm at Rugby; Oct 24

Mrs SC Barker Mr R W Day

Mrs J M Brook Mrs PS Lang Mr E J Jones and Joy Mayall. They will represent the Anne Ormand Pairs, Moseley. Heats for

5 Star Premier Mr R Lovelace

Advanced Master Regional Master 1 Star Premier Mrs JM Ryan South East Region in the National the Warwks Pairs and the Introductory

Mrs MC Adderley Miss M E Blackhall Master Mrs A Speranza Competition of the same format. Pairs will be held at various clubs during

Mr S Boden Mr J Heath

Mr I A Buchan

1 Star Premier Mrs M Heath 1 Star Master The Sussex Mixed Pairs final took October.

Regional Master Mr C R Allum

Master 2 Star Master Mrs J Dorking place at West Sussex Bridge Club on Entries to Warwks events should be

Mrs R C Brown Dr H Lacey

Dr R J Atkinson Mr F K Lyness 26th May; the winners were Richard sent to to D. Evetts, 52 Murcott Road,

Mr L J Harris 4 Star Regional 1 Star Master Mrs G Rudland

Dr R Haynes Master Mr AE Winchester Mrs JT Wellard Burnett and Fran Thornton. Twenty- East Whitnash, Warwks CV31 2JJ,

Ms E Redgate Mrs E Roach Mr M C Wisbey Mrs S Wildy nine teams took part in the Henfield or 01926 429 039.

48 English Bridge August 2007


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