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Worcs Inter-club Swiss Teams.

Master Point promotions Wiltshire Diary dates: Aug 6 (new) Summer Swiss Teams, Holt; Aug 20 (new)

CHRIS Starr and Reg County Swiss Pairs I, Holt; Sept 2 (new

Advanced Master Master Wiltshire 14 Star Premier Thorpe won the Chair- format) Healey Cup (see above); Sept 3

Mrs O Colley Miss L J Barnett 4 Star Regional Master man’s Cup after the County Swiss Pairs II; Oct 1 Closed

Rev H C P Curtis Mr E H Barter Mr M Porter AGM.

Mrs L Retzlaff Mrs C Cooper Master Teams Qualifier; Oct 8 Men’s and

Mr H Gross Mrs J R Thomson The Committee were delighted that

Mr R Retzlaff Dr J Cooper Mrs JM Whiteley Ladies’ Pairs, Holt; Oct 13 Irene Allen;

Mr BP Vyas Mrs M Cooper 2 Star Regional 9 Star Premier Chris Dixon, with his wealth of ex- Oct 27/28 Malvern Green Point

Mr T J Welsh Mrs D Ebsworth Master

Mrs A J Williams Master perience, has joined the Committee. All Weekend Congress; information from

Mr M Hancock Mr AF Harvey

Master Mr W G Hensby Mrs M Sandell of last year’s committee are serving

10 Star Premier

Mr D Gliddon Mr T Kent

Master 7 Star Premier again this year. The selection sub-

Mrs D M Green Mr J P Lennon

Mr D Cooke Master committee now consists of Chris Dixon

Mrs PA Jubert

Mr M Ramzy

County Master 7 Star Premier

Mrs M Johnson

(Chairman), Diana King and Katharine


Ms J Tee

Mr D Benjamin

Master 6 Star Premier

Mr M J Butler Master Hodgson. The Handbook should be

Mrs K Williams Ms B Dixon Mr MW Buck YORK Bridge Club

County Master

Mrs A R Hawcroft delivered to clubs in late July.

Mr M E Greenfield Premier Master Mr I Johnson (Mark Bratley, Danny

Mrs J M Cretchley Mrs E Koetser Mr R Williams There is exciting news for coaching

Mr P A A Duncan

Ms S Logan Davies, Liz Reese, San-

Mrs J E Leith-Smith 2 Star Master Mr JB Smallbone in the county. Chris Dixon is keen to dra Penfold, Keith Sow-

Mr JM Gatrell Mr GFJ Miller Mr D Lucas

Mr M Geach Dr D C Tyte 5 Star Premier promote this and he is starting a series erbutts, Phil Godfrey,

Mrs T L Hewett Advanced Master Master of masterclasses in the autumn. Infor- Frank Dixon, Paul Bre-

Dr J E Morgan District Master Miss S A Cowell Mrs KA Crebbin

Mrs GM Roberts Mrs H Coe Mr E J Crebbin

mation and entry forms on our website reton) won the regional final of the

Mrs S Cottrell Master

Mrs J Wells Mrs M Slesinger 4 Star Premier Next season, assuming that we have Garden Cities Trophy. Yorkshire (Alex

Mr S E Crabtree and Jakob Gembicki, Rob Turner,

District Master Mr L Rzonca County Master Master at least eight entries in the KO comp-

Mr P R Archer Mr J A Gillespie Mr D Redfearn etition, there will be a plate competition Roman Gembicki, Ian Johns, Barrie

Mrs C Clarke Club Master Mr K Williamson Partridge, Barbara Boaler, Julia Stani-

Mr R Haydon Ms J Alderman 1 Star Premier for first-round losers.

Mr L Phillips Mrs C Batten Club Master Master forth, Rod Hose, Mary Whyms, Stuart

Mr M Beglin Mrs A B Archer A duplicate bridge club is to open in Coggrave, Pam Coggrave) won the

Mr G Provenza Mr J E Swiers

Mrs Y E Wallis Mr J Boughey Mrs G Coltman Mrs S Swiers the Wiltshire town of Trowbridge from annual C-team Friendly against Derby-

Mr R G Windebank Mr M Causley 1 Star Tournament 24 September. Based at the Trowbridge shire.

Club Master Mrs J Cole Worcester

Mr M Cooper

Master Cricket Club, it will run on Monday Kieghley players Judith Biles and

Mr E Greenhalgh National Master Mrs B Lake

Mr Z Niznik Mr R Hamilton evenings from 7pm. There is a bar and Stephen Pollard were members of the

Mrs E R Higgins Mr M A Stretch Tournament

Mr D Sparkes other refreshments, duplimated boards winning team in the Swiss Teams at the

Mr M J Hollingdale 2 Star Premier Master Blackpool Easter Festival.

Mrs E Hornsey Regional Master Mrs JC Brennan with print-outs, computer scoring and

Sussex Mr R Naldrett Mrs L Glasscock 5 Star Master its own website for information and County events winners: Yorkshire

Premier National Ms J Norcross 4 Star Premier Masters Pairs: Grade 1: Barrie Partridge

Mrs J Ross

Mrs E Griffiths results. The club aims to run good

Master Master Mrs J M Payne

quality bridge in a friendly atmosphere and Ian Johns; Grade 2: Alex and

Mr D Cross Mrs S Swain Mr PG Shaw

Major R M Macrae Roman Gembicki; Grade 3: Bob and

National Master 1 Star Premier 4 Star Master in pleasant surroundings. The chair-

Mr N A Roxburgh Warwickshire Mrs G Nuttall man is Graham Baskerville and the Sarah Brown.


Mrs J Rumsey Life Master Mrs R Cannon 3 Star Master club has a Senior Director of county Bridlington Congress winners:

Mr J Vermeer Bridlington Cup: Roger Partridge and

Mr VJ Garrod 5 Star Master Mrs S L Hird standard. Further information from the

6 Star Premier 5 Star Premier Mrs O D Sansom Mr A C Jowett Denise Whitmore; Lilian Fozard

Regional Master 2 Star Master

secretary, Diana King 01225 774488,

Mrs B Tolhurst Regional Master 4 Star Master Salvers: Shelagh Flett and John Scott;

Mr P A Day Miss B M Lee Mrs J McIntosh

5 Star Premier Mrs J E Playle Diary dates: Sept 15 Western Di Western Trophy: John Scott, Shelagh

Regional Master 1 Star Regional 3 Star Master

Mrs P J Bird 1 Star Master League vs Cornwall; Sept 20 Premier Flett, Agnes Blewitt, Stan Collins;

Mr C E Endean Master

Mr A Bond Mrs DE Davies Mr K Baines Waddington Shield: Dave Musson,

Mrs J Whiteway Mr N R Humphries Mr P Carr League 1; Sept 30 Cliff Sibley Teams;

Premier Regional Mrs M Bond

Mr I R Leake Mrs C Thompson Oct 8 Premier League 2; Oct 14 Graham Jepson, Dave Robinson, Frank

Mr C M Lewis Littlewood, Richard Pike; Yorkshire

Master Dr D Watton Mr DJ Waithman (provisional) Corsham Pairs; Oct 26

Mrs C Backholer 10 Star Premier 2 Star Master Mr DA Westwell Trophy: Melvyn Cohen, Terry Hom-

6 Star Regional Master Mr A S Tweedale Advanced Master Premier League 3.

Dr M Thorley burg, Derek Fraser, Arthur Selman,

Master Advanced Master Mr J D Poynton Sylvia Symons; Yorkshire Mixed Pairs:

Mr R J Pyart 6 Star Premier Mrs J M Shergold Master Worcestershire

5 Star Regional Master Master Mr J R Angell Mary Whyms and Dave Robinson.

Master Mrs J M Coggle Mr A J Tryndie Mrs D Avery Yorkshire Congress winners: Mixed

Mr I Watt Mr TPK Panikkar Mr R Giles

County Master Mr D Green AT the AGM Joyce Skelton was elected Pairs: Alan Jarvis and Sue Pell; Ladies’

3 Star Regional Tournament Mr K F Bales

Master Mrs N Green Honorary Secretary of the Association Pairs: Fiona Brown and Sarah Tesh-

Master District Master Mrs S M Hazlehurst ome; Men’s Pairs: John Holland and

Mrs P Coulter Mr BC Crow Mrs M Riley

( We gratefully

Mrs A C Johnson

7 Star Premier 5 Star Master Mrs BC Parkinson thank Liz Boyes for her five years of Clive Owen; Moortown Cup: John

Master Mr AL Wragg Yorkshire Mrs P Whincop unstinting service. On Sunday, 10 June Holland and Clive Owen; York Mount

Mr PJ Gates 2 Star Master Mr DK Whiteley

Life Master County clubs met the County com- Group Trophy: Peter Waterman and

5 Star Premier Mr R Williams County Master

Mr D Lewis

Miss F Brown mittee for a good exchange of ideas. Dave Robinson; Chairman’s Plate:

Master 1 Star Master Premier National

Mr A Vaughan Mrs C M Cooper Mr A Hawcroft The Foster Cup, an annual three- Nevena Senior and Tim Smith. Fell-

Master Professor J McKenzie cornered match between Staffs & Vincent Cup: Fiona Brown, Steve

4 Star Premier Advanced Master Mr D Strawn Mrs E Oldfield

Master Ms D Grant National Master Mrs J Simpson Shrops, Warwicks and Worcs, was Raine, Hugh McGann, Danny Davies;

Mr C Reimoser Mr C Harris Mrs R Barker Mr P R Taylor won by Worcs; Dick and Jane Rutter John Colley Trophy: Sue and Chris

Mr P Warren Mr PL Olive Mrs SM Carter District Master came first. Taylor, Marion and Trevor King;

2 Star Premier Master Mrs P Gowland Mrs I Boothman

Master Mr C J Fent Premier Regional Mr J R Chadwick The Open League winners were the Scarborough Trophy: Malcolm Young,

Mr A Gardiner Mrs S E Stone Master Mr A Gembicki Striped Tailed Apes (Steve Allerston, Alan Kenny, Jeff Calladine, Richard

Tournament County Master Mr T Dessain Mr F J Gilchrist Horsley.

Mr A J Mitchell Nick Forward, Brett Welch, Clive

Master Mr C S Hall Mr R J B Hilton

Finney). The No Fear League was won Other winners: Affiliated Club One-

Mrs P C Clark Mrs S M Palmer Mr NB Peck

8 Star Regional Mr R Pepper

Miss R E L Lyford Mrs B R Stevens Master by Treble Trouble (Glyn and Joy day Teams: non-league event: Beau-

Mrs SE Stedman Mrs A Scott

District Master Mrs M Tebb Ms S K Thorpe Tomkinson, Don Farrar, Joyce Bill- chief A (S Mulligan, B Milligan, G

4 Star Master Mrs C A Cooper 3 Star Regional Mrs B Tree ingham) and the Beginners League by Foley, G Heane); league event: Leeds

Mr H J Collick Ms J Cox

Lord Newton Master Club Master Hoarse Whisperers (Richard Davey, (Ronny and Lesley Millett, Godfrey

Mr A S Hickman Mr DH Goodyear

Mrs J M Taylor Mrs S Anson

Mr C Woolf Mrs SM Goodyear Mr A C Betts Sandra Bristol, Catherine Power, Bob and Jacqui Jackson). John Gerrard

3 Star Master Club Master Mr B Graham Ms S E Hutley Robinson, Liz Brandon). Senior Pairs Simultaneous Pairs: Stan Collins and

Mrs HJ Kent Mr P B Adams Mr R T Smith Mrs C M Powne

Mrs G Skelton Ms L J Anderson winners were John Sansom and Cedric Cockcroft. Malton Swiss Teams:

2 Star Regional Mr R Winn

1 Star Master Mrs C E Begg Master Richard Jephcott. Hugh McGann, Danny Davies, Fiona

Mrs G P Cowan Mrs V Cooper Brown, Phil Godfrey.

Mrs B A Miles Mr L F Smith

Dr PW Hempson Because of difficulties in attracting

Advanced Master Regional Master entries from other counties, we are Diary dates: Sept 2 Huddersfield

Mr A Foley

Mr S Ackroyd Westmorland abandoning our annual Invitation Examiner Rose Bowl; Sept 23 Garforth

Mrs I E Gannon 15 Star Premier

Ms Z Karimjee 1 Star Master Master Teams as such. The Healey Cup will Swiss Teams; Oct 14 Leeds Swiss

Mr S Marks Mr A F Wallis Miss AS Hancock now be presented to the winners of a Teams. August 2007 English Bridge 49


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