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English Bridge

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Broadfields, Bicester Road,

Aylesbury HP19 8AZ Sally Bugden, Chairman

( 01296 317200 Fax: 01296 317220

Web site:

________________ SO how do you get more people to play Milton Dameral Trust, for pupils to learn to

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis duplicate bridge? There is only one answer. play this simpler version of bridge in our

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR Teach more people. But what is the best way schools. We have had some great publicity

( 0118 926 2602 to go about that? It is very easy to become for this project in Kent where Lord Skel-

complacent about the way we educate, mersdale, a member of the All Party Parlia-

Editorial Board which is why, back in 2008, we commis- mentary Group, visited Pembury School,

Sally Bugden (Chairman),

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis sioned some research into all of the bridge Tunbridge Wells for a match – resulting in a

________________ education we undertake – from young re-match scheduled for November at the

children through to the over 50s and Houses of Parliament. We aim to roll out a

Advertising Manager

Chris Danby at Danby Advertising

everything in between. We were incredibly programme of publicity around the

Fir Trees, Hall Road, Hainford, lucky to have Rob Lawy – an accomplished country in every school where MiniBridge

Norwich NR10 3LXY tournament bridge player and senior aca- is being taught.

( / Fax 01603 898678 demic involved in the School of Education Importantly, we are running a series of

________________ and Lifelong Learning at the University of consultation meetings addressing education

Exeter – volunteer to undertake the project within every county, including youth activi-

Printing: St Ives (Andover) plc for us. Rob provided us with a potential ties, universities, adult education and intro-

strategy which not only defined the key ducing players to competition bridge at

groups we should approach but highlighted county level. And, of course, a great aspect

INSIDE GUIDE the issues we needed to address to be truly of this project is the exchange of best

representative of all those who play practice between counties. We aim to finish

Duplicate pairs tips 5 n duplicate – in schools, universities, clubs the consultation by the end of the year –

Bridge fiction 7 n and tournaments. Rob presented his fin- look out for the results that we hope your

Ask Heather 9 n ished research in May 2009. county will report to you at its next appro-

Director, please! 11 n What have we done since then? We have priate meeting.

Report 12 n introduced the club teacher training There are so many aspects to education

Traps for the unwary 13 n scheme. We believe that this is the best way which we embrace at the EBU, including the

Reviews 14-15 n to recruit players in to our affiliated clubs: Really Easy Congresses and the new Next

Prize Leads quiz 17 n the teaching course and the advice and Steps Congress – please read the report on

Club bidding quiz test hands 18 n guidance pack is free to you and the page 28. We also run the EBU Teachers

Bridge People 18 n nominated trainee teacher from your club. Association – which provides substantive

Bridge with a twist 19 n You will see a more detailed piece about this train ing, support, advice, lesson plans

Bridge nuggets 20 n on page 27. One of the fundamental truths (inclu ding content) and reductions on

Ask Jeremy 21 n that I have learned during my five years of essentials like insurance for a very small

Brighton report 22-23 n involvement with the EBU is that all clubs annual subscription of £15.

EBU news and diary 24-28 n have a life cycle. Even if your club is on the You can get information on all of these

Bidding quiz test hands 29 n ascendant at the moment, you really need to activities by visiting our website, or

Letters to the editor 31-32 n think about what will be happening in contacting John or Lisa at Aylesbury on

Club bidding quiz answers 33 n future years. Don’t be complacent, think 01296 317200.

European Championships report 34-35 n

about where your new members will be Quite rightly, most of our members

coming from now – not when it is too late! just want to get on and play the game at

Bidding quiz answers 36-37 n

Our teaching scheme will begin to intro- whatever level it is they choose to play it

Around and about 38-39 n

duce players into your club sessions after at. But it is our job to ensure that there

Better defending 40-41 n

two years. are new recruits, not just in twenty years’

Caption Competition 41 n

We have developed the MiniBridge time, but this year, next year, the year

The debate 42-43 n

initiative, thanks to funding from the after . . . r

Useful conventions 44 n

Heather’s hints 45 n


County news 47-52 n Instruction EBU News Features Reports

n n n n

A day in the life of . . . / Top Tip 53 n

A chat with the editor 54 n October 2010 English Bridge 3


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