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Great Bridge Disasters by David Burn

Too Clever by Half

ANYONE CAN have an accident, but it Still, this particular accident could happen Instead, following the principle of the

takes an expert to manufacture a disaster. to anyone on an off day. great American player Theodore Lightner,

On this deal from the 2012 English What occurred at another table could such doubles request partner to find a

Premier League, catastrophe struck at two not happen to anyone – it could happen particular opening lead that he would not

tables in different matches. only to a genius. locate without being alerted. Having no

This was the bidding: reason to suppose that partner’s pre-

emptive raise was an entry for the comedy

N/S Game. Dealer West. IMPs. West North East South category in the Golden Rose of Montreux,

´ 10 9 6 3 2 3t Pass 5t1 5™ and having plenty of reason to suppose

™ Q63 Pass 6™ Dble2 All Pass that an unusual lead was being demanded,

t A6 1 Put them under maximum pressure, and West chose one.

® K96 then . . . The jack of spades ran to declarer’s

´ J4 ´ K85 2 . . . double them when they guess queen. Declarer played three rounds of

™ 10 2 W



™ 95 wrongly. hearts ending in dummy (on this layout

t K Q 10 8 7 5 2 S t 9 3 two rounds would have sufficed but as you

® 10 4 ® AJ8753 In truth, it wasn’t easy for North-South to need to be in dummy with all trumps

´ AQ7 handle the auction. South hated having to drawn it is normal to cash A-K first in case

™ AKJ874 bid 5™, but he hated more fervently they are 3-1). The ten of spades won the

t J4 having to pass. North might have given his fifth trick, the ace of spades won the sixth,

® Q2 partner some leeway, but if South thought and declarer claimed his contract – five

he could take eleven tricks North had spade tricks, six heart tricks and the ace of

ample reason to suppose that there might diamonds made twelve for a score of plus

The normal auction featured an opening be twelve. In any case, it seemed that East’s 1660 and a gain of 14 IMPs on the deal.

bid of 3t by West and a terminal bid of bid of 5t had done the damage already – What can we learn from all of this?

4™ by South, whether East passed or with North-South scoring the normal 620 Since East would hardly be ashamed to

raised. This contract ought not to have at the other table, it wouldn’t matter a bring back a plus score from defending 6™

proved difficult, but at one table declarer whole lot whether North-South at this one undoubled, why double it? His masterful

had an accident. Winning the opening were minus a hundred in 5™ or minus five bid of 5t had done its work, and he had

diamond lead with dummy’s ace, he led a hundred in 6™. The adverse swing would no reason to want West not to lead a

heart to the king and a heart to the still be in double digits. diamond. West is not one to berate his

queen, then ran the ten of spades. This And indeed, there was a double-digit partner in public, but one could imagine

lost to the jack, and West cashed a swing on the board. You see, doubles of Karapet’s words to Papa running through

diamond before switching to the ten of slams that the opposition have bid on his mind: ‘If only you did not try so hard

clubs. Dummy and East played low, power and not as sacrifices have for many to be clever, you would not so often end

South won with the queen and crossed to years not been purely for penalties. up looking foolish.’ r

. . . well, that was the trouble. Since he

had played the four of hearts on the

second round of the suit, he could no

longer reach dummy and lost a fourth


trick to East’s king of spades.

Bad luck – but we have all been guilty of


similar lapses in concentration. A good Large selection of bridge and golf gifts, and bridge accessories

habit for less experienced declarers to

acquire is that of not playing the lowest card available online at

in a suit unless you have to. This can help

you scramble the opponents’ signals in ( 020 8954 8006 or 07853 066 582

defence, and can also keep entries flexible Fax: 020 420 7006

where necessary. It should become routine

to lead the seven of hearts, not the four, to E-mail:

dummy’s queen in this kind of position. April 2013 English Bridge 21


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