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IN RESPONSE to popular THE EBU is constantly seeking to

ENGLAND DOMINATED in the provide worthwhile services as

demand, and awareness that

Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer economically as possible for its

booking hotels is both more

Trophies, winning by huge mar- affiliated clubs, and has now

expensive and more com-

gins. The Peggy Bayer (Under- arranged for all clubs to benefit at

plex than in the past, we’re no cost from an extension to the

pleased to announce a new 20s) team amassed an incredible

220 VPs out of a possible 225, and EBU’s Directors and Officers in-

Accommodation Booking surance from 26th February 2013;

the Juniors (Under-25s) equalled

Service (ABS), operated by this includes all member clubs of

the record set in the competition

Bridge Overseas, a company the Union and their Committee

in 1993 by the England Junior

with a proven track record Members, Directors and Officers. THE EBU has set up a Brighton

Team that went on to win the

in dealing with hotels, both Junior World Championship in See Discussion Group, so you can:

arranging bookings and in 1995, scoring 213 out of the find a bridge partner; provide

dealing with any issues that maximum 225. tips on where to park or stay; rec-

might arise. ommend your favourite restau-

TEAMS: Junior Camrose: Tom 2013-2014 rant; or tell everyone about your

Make a note of the number: Paske – Graeme Robertson;

0800 0346 246 Shivam Shah – Basil Letts; Dan DIARY favourite Brighton event.

McIntosh – Sarah O’Connor; Join the group at http://

The aim is to provide a com- Once again, this will reach and help other

prehensive telephone service NPC: David Gold. Peggy Bayer:

members with the October players enjoy Brighton as much

that is quick and easy to use Freddie Illingworth – Kyle Lam;

issue of English Bridge. as they can.

Toby Nonnenmacher – Michael

which will have some of the

Alishaw; Rhys Munden – Ben

best negotiated rates that

can be had. The cost of

Norton; NPC: Michael Byrne. DARREN EVETTS

accommodation is one of VAL GIBSON

the most commonly recur-

WELL DONE! WE ARE delighted to announce

WE ARE sad to announce that Val the appointment of Darren Evetts

ring issues amongst the

WELL DONE to Matthew Gibson has resigned from the to the Board of the EBU. Darren

membership, so this is a

Johnson on his promotion to Board of the EBU due to ongoing has a great deal of experience in

positive step forward in try- NBO International Tournament health problems. We thank Val for the world of duplicate bridge and

ing to address the problem. Director after passing a test at the the very important work she has will be helping us with the devel-

Initially the ABS will end of the 9th Main TDs Course undertaken on our behalf with the opment and implementation of

cover: recently run in Bad Honnef by the National Club Com mittee for our new strategy, which will be an-

•Oxford Belfry Midweek European Bridge League. fifteen months. nounced in full in our June issue.


•Riviera Congress


Scarborough Congress

12 – 14 August 2013

Really Easy

Brighton Summer

Meeting (other than

The Metropole)

Summer Congress

Telford Midweek


making these popular events

easier to attend, and at a

friendlier price. Where there Hilton Metropole Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2FU

are multiple options of

accommodation, there will Entry fee: £41 full congress per person. Participants

be a range of hotels and (students and novices) will be expected to play

rates on offer. Standard English Acol. Sessions of between 12 and 15

Please note: the EBU does boards will be played, all with commentated hands. If

not receive any payment you would like to stay one more day, you can join in

from Bridge Overseas for

with the Next Step group on Thursday for an extra £10.

the accommodation provid-

ed via this method at the

above congresses. Entries / Enquiries:

Full details at: Peter ( 01296 317203

28 English Bridge April 2013


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