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English Bridge

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the Beautiful

Broadfields, Bicester Road,

Aylesbury HP19 8AZ Sally Bugden, Chairman

( 01296 317200 Fax: 01296 317220

Web site: BRIGHTON IS a beautiful city, it has multiple teams game; you can find out

________________ everything needed for a great holiday more about this fun format on page 40.

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis whether that is history, with the Brighton Also, we have the Really Easy Congress for

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR Pavilion and Regency architecture; theatre complete beginners and the Next Step

( 0118 926 2602 and comedy venues, including the Theatre Congress for those who are becoming

Royal and the Dome; or shops of every more experienced in their bridge play.

Editorial Board type – whether they be the unique shops of If you want to stay over and take part in

Sally Bugden (Chairman),

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis the North and South Lanes, or the high the four-session competitions on each

________________ street giants in the Churchill Square shop- weekend, we have a brand-new accom-

ping centre. And of course there is every modation service provided by Bridge

Advertising Manager

Chris Danby at Danby Advertising

type of restaurant you could wish for, Overseas to help you find the appropriate

Fir Trees, Hall Road, Hainford, including the Mediterranean-style eateries accommodation for your pocket. You can

Norwich NR10 3LXY and bars along the sea front. Plus, let’s not find out more about the service on page

( / Fax 01603 898678 forget the fire-destroyed old pier in all its 28 as well as online on our website (type

________________ dark and skeletal beauty, surrounded by into your browser),

flocks of starlings that can fascinate for or by phoning Bridge Overseas’ freephone

Printing: Wyndeham Group hours, and the kiss-me-quick Palace Pier at service on 0800 0346 246.

the other end of the sea front, with its candy

floss, slot machines and dare-devil rides. It Useful Info

INSIDE GUIDE is why Brighton is a fantastic place to be in

the summer and it is why we choose to hold We will be providing advice and guidance

Pairs Tactics 5 n

our premier congress here each August. on what’s on in Brighton and, importantly,

Bridge Fiction 7 n

where to park. I am very much indebted to

Heather’s Hints 9 n

The Bridge Scene my friend and fellow bridge player, Liz

Director, Please! 11 n

Hoskins, who advises that parking tends to

Traps for the Unwary 13 n

So why not try out Brighton this year? We be cheaper in Hove. Liz adds: ‘Parking

2013 Camrose 14-15 n have numerous events taking place from charges vary throughout the City of

Bridge with a Twist 17 n 9th to the 18th August aimed at all levels Brighton & Hove. They usually increase

Mistakes People Make NEW 18-19 n of player – from experienced to novice each April but, as a broad generalisation, the

Great Bridge Disasters 21 n and everybody in-between. Our Brighton council has recently agreed not to increase

Stage 2 Conventions 22-23 n Lite programme (see page 16) includes them this year, and indeed to reduce a few of

Prize Leads Quiz Qs & As 24-25 n one-day competitions on both days each them.’ You can access more parking and

Club Bidding Quiz Test Hands 25 n weekend and we hope that this will attract travel tips from Liz on the EBU website.

Basic Cardplay 26-27 n local players from the surrounding clubs We do hope that our reinvigorated com-

EBU News and Diary 28-30 n and counties who may prefer a one-day petition programme will attract many more

Bidding Quiz Test Hands 31 n event without the costs of overnight players to Brighton this year. Don’t forget:

Letters to the Editor 33 n accommodation. We will also be if you require further information about

Opening Leads NEW 34-35 n continuing the successful ‘early-bird’ starts any of the competitions, Peter Jordan is

Obituary: David Davenport 43 for our evening events, making it easier for available via email on

Bidding Quiz Answers 36-37 n those who need to return home after the If you require information about the

Ask Jeremy 39 n bridge. We have a new Point-a-Board Really Easy Congress, contact John Pain

Bidding Judgment 40-41 n teams event taking place on the afternoon on Both Peter and John

Top Table 41 n of Friday 16th August. This is great fun can be contacted on 01296 317200.

New Website 42-43 n and essentially you play pairs tactics in a Until next time, enjoy your bridge. r

Obituary: Terry Udall 43

Caption Competition 44 n


County News 45-51 n

Club/Local Master Promotions 52-53 n

Instruction EBU News Features Laws & Ethics Reports

n n n n n

Around and About 54-55 n

Front cover photos: CBAI, Celia Comrie and

Jane Scarfe April 2013 English Bridge 3


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