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n APRIL 2013


5-7 Norfolk Congress


8-12 British Sims



12-14 Lady Milne

Scotland THIS IS an ideal tournament


12-14 Devon Congress for players new to duplicate

Torquay MAKE SURE you don’t miss WANTED: STANDBY pairs for

from rubber or Chicago bridge.

13-14 National Pairs Finals out on the Gerard Faulkner national Swiss Pairs and Swiss

Hinckley Island Hotel The Hubert Phillips is Eng-

Salver for Senior Teams of Four. Teams events. If you and your

20-21 Portland Bowl Finals land’s mixed pivot teams-of-

Portland Club four championship. Scoring is

Closing date for entries: partner would be willing to

20-21 Staffs & Shrops Congress 7th June 2013. help in this way, and reduce the

by aggregate, honours count-

Telford To be eligible for a Seniors likelihood of other players

ing. At no time may an all male

26-5 May The Lambourne Jersey event, players must have been having to sit out for a whole

Festival of Bridge or all female team be playing.

born in 1953 or earlier. match, please email gordon@

Westhill Country Hotel Matches are played on the full

pivot principle so you play one-

n MAY 2013 You would be expected to

3-5 Cheltenham Congress

third of the match with each of TOLLEMACHE come for the beginning of the

your team-mates as a partner.



Schapiro Spring Foursomes

The competition is seeded, FINAL event(s), and if you are needed

you would play for free. In

Stratford-upon-Avon and if a non-seeded team falls at

BERKS & BUCKS (represented certain circumstances (for

7-10 EBU Spring Sims, Clubs the first hurdle, it can enter the

11-12 Crockfords Finals by Sally Brock, Barry Myers, example, if another pair drops

Plate, so non-seeded teams are

Hinckley Island Hotel Ed Scerri, Gary Jones, Tim Rees, out due to illness), you might

guaranteed at least two matches.

13 EBU Spring Sims, Clubs John Howard, Andrew Murphy, occasionally not be needed to

17-19 Seniors Camrose Teams may contain 4, 5 or 6

Richard Bowdery and Dick play for the whole event. If you

Cardiff players, but only four players

Davey NPC) were the con- earn master points, they are

18 Garden Cities Trophy may play in any given match

Regional heats: Bradford, vincing winners of the Tolle- yours to keep. If you are not

prior to the semi-final stage.

Bristol, Peterborough, mache final with 113 points, needed, you can claim modest

Richmond Closing date for entries: ahead of Surrey (78 points) and travelling expenses so that you

19 Kent GP Swiss Teams 19th April 2013. Kent (76 points). are not out of pocket.

Maidstone Leisure Centre

19 Merseyside & Cheshire


GP Swiss Pairs, Merseyside

Warwickshire GP Swiss Pairs,


Coventry & NW BC

19 Hants & IoW GP Swiss Teams

25-27 Spring Bank Holiday Congress

Carrington House Hotel,


28-30 Oxford Belfry Midweek

Congress, Oxford Belfry Hotel,

Nr Thame, Oxon

n JUNE 2013

1-2 Yorkshire Congress

Cairn Hotel, Harrogate

1-2 Corwen Trophy

Daventry Hotel

15 Garden Cities Trophy Final

West Midlands BC, Solihull

15-16 Oxfordshire Congress


15-29 European Open Championships

Ostend IN JANUARY the All Party Parliamentary Group demonstrated their continuing support for the

22 Northants GP Swiss Pairs development of duplicate bridge by inviting eighteen pupils from two primary schools to the Houses

Bugbrooke of Parliament to play a game of Minibridge. The schools that attended were from London: St Peter’s –

22-23 Berks & Bucks GP Weekend

Eton Square and Saint Christina’s School, and have been playing Minibridge for two years.


22-23 Pachabo Cup On their arrival, the children were treated to a meeting with the Lord Speaker of the House of

Daventry Hotel Lords, Baroness D’Souza, and then to a grand tour of the Houses of Parliament conducted by Lord

23 Bedford GP Swiss Teams Skelmersdale and Lord Hamilton. This was followed by a Minibridge match in the River Room which

Vauxhall Club, Luton

23 Sussex GP Swiss Pairs

the Lord Speaker had graciously made available for the event. After eight boards of Minibridge had been

Ardingly played, the Tournament Director, Gordon Rainsford, announced that the St Christina’s team had won

23 Dorset GP Swiss Teams overall. Well done to them.

Hamworthy Club, Wimborne The EBU extend their grateful thanks to Baroness Henig, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary

23 Cumbria GP Swiss Teams


Group, for organising this event. We would also like to thank the teachers, Samantha Sharples (St

28-30 Riviera Congress Peter’s) and Bronagh Finnison (Saint Christina’s School) and all their pupils for demonstrating how

Torquay Minibridge is a great way of learning maths and logic while having lots of fun.

If your school would like to start teaching Minibridge, please contact Matt Betts on 01296 317 215. r

30 English Bridge April 2013


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