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of Jeremy Willans (Captain), Ian Draper, Bowden, Pauline Dignan who won the Nonnenmacher – Michael Alishaw,

Landmark Pat Collins, Derek Patterson, Norman Wilde Cup (Non-expert Teams of Four). members of the winning England

Promotions Selway, Kay Preddy, Malcolm Lewis.

Steve Auchterlonie came 3rd.

After five rounds of the Stanley Trophy

(Butler Pairs) Gerry Bucciero – Roger

Under-20 Team at the Channel Trophy.

At the Year End Congress Ingar Hansen –

KCBA Archivists Phil Jones and Cook lead, with Lucy and Dick Pathan Szczepan Smoczynski were 2nd in the

Mr PM Rice in 2nd place. After the local heat of the Swiss Teams, and Alex Hydes was 3rd in

Gerald Soper have gathered together a

Mr C Richardson wealth of material. This can now be National Pairs, Alison Nichols – Simon both the Swiss Teams and the Mixed Pairs.

Mr Ben Zalin viewed on the website. A fascinating Stokes, Dick Pathan – Ron McEwan and In Fuerteventura, David Wing won

Kent look into the life of Dimmie Fleming Keith Preston – Ken Vernon qualified for the Swiss Teams and the Pivot Teams,

Premier Grand Master plus past winners of the many Kent the Midlands Regional Final. while Olivia Woo won the Mixed Pairs,

Mr P Crouch trophies. County Teams results: January vs was 2nd in the Pre-Congress Pairs and

Regional Master Diary dates: Sun Apr 14, George Grif- Glos: 1st team lost 5-15, 2nd team drew Pivot Teams, and 3rd in the Swiss Teams.

fiths Cup (Kent Seniors Pairs Champion- 10-10, 3rd team won 14-6. February vs County results: Palmer Bayer Trophy:

Mrs S Bayne

ship), Tunbridge Wells, 11am. Sun Apr Worcs: 1st team won 15-5, 2nd team lost 1. Sue Bedford – Denise Grimston,

Mr JD Walker 6-14, 3rd team won 15-5. Current league

21, Larsky Cup Final, Tunbridge Wells, 2. Rica Hene – Mary Anne St Clair-Ford,

Master positions are: 1st team (Dawes League), 3. Julian Cotton – Tim Bell

11am. Sun May 19, 1pm, Green-pointed

Mr D Appleton One Day Event, Maidstone Leisure 3rd; 2nd team (Porter Cup), 7th; 3rd Diary dates: Apr 11, Garden Cities

Mr David Burgess Centre. Sun July 14, 11am, Phillimore team (Markham Trophy), 4th. Heat, Inter-club Teams of Eight, YCBC;

Mr R Calderwood Cup (Kent Swiss Pairs Championship) Diary dates: Apr 7, Barkby Charity 7pm; contact Chris Duckworth at chris.

Ms Jane Cruickshank and KCBA AGM, Tunbridge Wells. Swiss Teams, Rothley. Apr 8, BGB Sim or ( 020 7385

Mr Antonios Gkountintas Pairs, CBC. Apr 9, Mercury Learners 3534. Apr 14, London Trophy Pairs, Pairs

Mr Colin Henstock Trophy (open to non-members), CBC. for Players in the London Trophy, RAC,

Lancashire Apr 10, Gimson Trophy Semi-finals, 2.00pm; contact Kath Stynes at kstynes

Mr R Impey

Pam Mosedale

Glenfield. Apr 24, Yates Cup (open to or ( 07747 197940. Apr 16,

non-members), Rothley. Apr 24, Stanley Café Bridge in the Tonsleys, pre-entry

Mr C Scoones IN the final of the Tolle- Heat 7, Glenfield. Apr 28, Gimson Final, required; contact Chris Duckworth as

Mrs JA Scoones mache Cup, Lancashire Rothley. May 1st, Buckby Men’s and above. Apr 21, London Championship

Mr Anthony Smith finished 7th out of eight Olga Ladies’ Pairs, Rothley. May 8, Pairs, Two-session Pairs, YCBC, 1pm;

Dr PE Walker teams. The team was Jeff Hyman Crammer Pairs, Rothley. May contact Guy Hart at lmbaentries@gmail.

Smith (Captain), Jackie Pye, 12, Midlands League vs Derbyshire,

Mr Andras Zaborszky com or ( 07775 922605. May 12, Fox

Catherine Draper, Dave Debbage, Spondon. May 15, Joyce Cup Pivot

Lancashire Shammon Trophy, Seniors Pairs, Queen’s

Andrew Woodcock, Ollie Burgess, Derek Teams, Rothley.

Life Master Club, 2pm; contact Steve Eginton at

Williams and Croz Croswell.

Mr C Henderson or ( 01628 780 862.

A Bolton Bridge Club team consisting

Master of John Morrell, Marianne Farr, Paul Lincolnshire

Mr Jack Emanuel and Hilda Williams, Linda Wilson, Brian Manchester

Mrs SC Ozer Perry, Sue Whittam and Wyn Sutherland AT the January County

Mrs E Pooler won the LCBA Teams of Eight and Committee Meeting, fol-

Leicestershire qualified for the Garden Cities Regional lowing very poor turn- CONGRATULATIONS

Final. The four pairs qualifying for the outs at the Mixed and to John Holland who


Corwen Trophy at the LCBA Champion- Married Pairs and The has won the Sunday

Mrs L Simmons ship Pairs were Nick and Sue Woodcock, Vincents, the committee decided that at Telegraph Salver for the

Mrs C Tunnicliffe Andrew Woodcock – Dave Debbage, the next meeting there would be a detail- most master points accumulated during

Lincolnshire Paul Evans – Alan Whittam and Colin ed review of all county competitions. 2012. John is also currently 2nd in the

Life Master Mitchell – Bill Alston. Men’s Pairs and Ladies’ Pairs (The Gold Point list. Well done to Michael

Mr CA Waine Preston Blue Pointed Teams: 1. Sue Vincents): as only five ladies pairs turned Byrne on being part of the team that

Regional Master Richmond, Catherine Draper, Andrew up, the competition was played overall: won the National Swiss Teams.

Mr NJ Hunter Woodcock, and Ollie Burgess. LCBA 1. Phil Harland – David Caldow, 2. Alan Manchester CBA helped make the

Championship Pairs: 1. Nick and Sue Brown – Maurice Ladlow, 3. John Junior Camrose weekend in Manchester

Mr A Millington

Woodcock. Teams of Eight: 1. Bolton B. Gaunt – Dennis Mellor; highest placed a great success with an excellent organ-

Mr HS Watson Diary dates: Apr 6-7, NWBA Spring ladies pair: 10. Mo Parsons – Drene ising committee led by Kevin Comrie.

Master Swiss Teams Congress, Northop. Apr Brown. Mixed and Married Pairs (four Paul Hackett, Bernard Goldenfield and

Mr PG Cowen 13-14, National Pairs Final, Hinckley. and a half tables): 1. Christine and John Holland generously gave up their

Mr JC McPherson Apr 21, Sowerby Cup, Lancaster BC. Michael Grant, 2 Maurice Ladlow – Mo time to commentate on Vu-graph and

Mrs DM Swaby May 5, Madeline Berney Swiss Pairs, Parsons, 3. Mike Llewellyn – Megan Mike Coop’s team of student helpers

London Brierfield BC. May 6, Mayday Swiss Williams. Bainton Semi-final: 1. Reg were invaluable in sorting out BBO

Grand Master Pairs, Merseyside Bridge Centre. May 18, Loosley – Mary-Jo Mangion, 2. David coverage. Congratulations to Sarah

Garden Cities Regional Final, Bradford Stoddart – Sue York, 3. Brenda and Ted O’Connor on being part of the winning

Mr B Green

BC. May 19, Blackburn Swiss Pairs, Goodacre (top 14 pairs progress to Under-25 team in the Junior Camrose

Mr B Ransley

Blackburn BC. May 20, LCBA Annual Bainton Final). Bainton Final: 1. John and to Michael Byrne on successfully

Regional Master General Meeting, Bolton BC. May 27, Longmuir – Andrew Green, 2. Mike

Mr A Webster captaining his Under-20s team to victory

Bolton Spring Bank Holiday Swiss Perry – Nick Dyer, 3. Charles Waine – in the Peggy Bayer Trophy.

Master Teams, Bolton BC. John Brocklehurst. Champion Pairs Manchester A (Mike Bell, Sarah

Mrs V Ansary League Round 8: 1. John Longmuir – O’Connor, John Hassett, Jeff Morris,

Mr J Hart Leicestershire Andrew Green, 2. Glynn Elwick – David Kath and Alan Nelson, Rodney Lighton,

Mrs S Hollington Caldow, 3. Brenda Goodace – Paul Evans. Rhona Goldenfield) won the Gazette

Mr C Nelson Diary dates: Apr 6-7, County Cham- Teams of Eight to qualify for the Garden

Mr DF Newman CONGRATULATIONS pionships (pre-entry,) Dunholme. Apr Cities Regional Final.

Ms AC Nichols to Loughborough’s Ben 21, Veterans’ Cup, Dunholme. Please The Cantor Cup held at Manchester

Norton who was part of check the LCBA website. Bridge Club in February attracted 15

Mr MP Sheedy

Manchester the England Under-20s tables of players new to duplicate bridge.

Life Master

team that dominated the London As usual all the Cantor family attended

2013 Peggy Bayer Trophy. for the presentation of prizes. Winners

Mr S Mattinson In the Joseph’s Bowl (Teams of Four were Joyce Woolley – Maureen Beresford.

Regional Master Knockout) semi-finals, Langley will play MANY congratulations to Two Manchester-based teams played

Dr J Brown Beasley and Stokes will play Solloffe. In Andrew Robson OBE, for each other in the quarter finals of the

Master the Butterworth Trophy, Ayers will play his honour awarded in the Hubert Philips: Draper (Hassett, Deb-

Miss LC Bonney Thakrar and Arnold faces Krantz. Well New Year Honours List. bage, Woodcock) beat Byrne (Holland,

done Richard and Val Rees, Diana Congratulations to Toby R. Goldenfield, Happer).

48 English Bridge April 2013


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