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January – February 2013

Oxfordshire Staffs & Shrops Mrs Naomi Hall Mr Christopher Hook Mr Steve Britton Angela Davenport Mrs Gillian Emerson

Ms Gail Jarrett Mrs P Iles Mrs E Condon Mrs M Mason Mr Brian Fisher

Club Master Club Master

Mrs Lesley Minster Mr PR Irish Mrs Wendy Crees Andrew Peill Mrs Marge Holleman

Mrs Joan Bailes Mr Ray Andrews

Mr MS Paine Ms Edith Jeffery Mrs PD Croft Local Master Mrs Winifred Honor

Mrs EA Barnes Barbara Cooke

Mrs Peggy Patrick Mrs Lynn Jenkins Miss Clare Dixon Mrs S Chapman Mrs Angela Horner

Mr Bob Channer Local Master

Rob Pike Mrs Nicola Koe Mr Ron Feather Dr A Dangerfield Mr Richard Jackson

Dr Sheila Davies Miss Faith Beech

Gwendoline Rawlings Mrs D McCabe Mrs Sharon Ghoris Mrs L Sellar Mrs Judith Jarvis

Mrs L Given Mrs Corrine Bradley

Ann Rix Mrs WE Muncey Mrs H Hebron

Ms G Goodchild Mr Gerald Griffin Wiltshire Mr David Kee

Mrs A Thurston Mrs M Petitpierre Mrs Norma Karandikar

Ray Heath Mrs Sally Griffin Club Master Jean Kerr

Local Master Mrs Bozenka Phillips Mr K Miles

Mrs J Kemp R Valerie Griffiths Mrs M Cowan Mr GF Lucas

Dr Indira Bhambri Mrs Barbara Reeves Mrs Meg Naish

Mr A Morrison Mrs Christine Jones Mr Rod McInnes

Mr Roger Buckley Mr Colin Reeves Mrs W Pattinson Mr R Denyer

Dr Chisholm Ogg Mrs Carole North Mrs Lesley Millard

Gulshan Bunting Mrs Heather Sargent Caelia Pinkney Mr Colin Diaper

Mrs Gay Ogg Marion Taylor Mr Brian Moorhouse

Ms Ewa Francis V Tucker-Williams Mrs R Rastogi Mr David Hewitt

Mrs M Peggie Mr Doug Wardle Mr Alan Mullen

Shirley Gibbs Mrs Linda Turley Jacqueline Richards Local Master

Mr Nick Stubbs Mrs Ruth Wardle

Mr Petar Goulev Mrs Lesley West Mrs Jane Thoms Jill Abele Richard Parkin

Dr Alistair Swanson Suffolk Derek Tilford Mr John Phillpotts

Mrs Sheila Harvey Local Master Mrs Joan Crook

Mrs Jean Thompson Mr Michael Tongue Liz Sayner

Club Master Anne Jackson Mrs Margo Andrews Mr Josie Humerick

Mr TA Ward Mrs Felicity White

Mr Mike Creffield Miss Tricia Kelly Barbara Atterbury Trish Jones Ann Shelton

Mrs EM Windows Mr Ronald Woodhall

Penny Easting Mr Martin Kemble Charlie Barrowcliffe Mrs Mandy Lynch Mr Tom Shields

Diane Wyatt

Mrs Pauline Evans Miss Daniela McBride David Brown Local Master Jill Rowe Mrs Anne Thomson

Rosemary Young

Mrs Susannah Farthing Mrs Tricia McLellan Mrs Jill Butcher Mrs Smita Basu Bev Symondson Mr Bill Turner

Local Master Mrs Conca Goyder Mr Lee Moore Mrs June Chaplin Ivan Beniston

Worcestershire John Walker

Mr Ron Freeborn Delia Hammerton Mrs Margaret Moore Mr Robert Depper Mr Peter Berck

Roberta Jefferies Mrs Cynthia Wolfe

Mr Clive Norman Mrs Frances O’Neill Mrs S Eastwood Mavis Bostock Club Master

Jenny Lamont-Young Mr Alan Freeston Local Master

Mrs R Pemberton Mrs Jill Osborne Mrs Karin Faulkner Colin Brain

Mrs Elizabeth Leigh Mrs Diane Hayes Sandy Banks

Mr Percy Ungate Mr Michael Osborne Linda Felsenstein Jane Carrington

Lily Ann Matthews Mary Parkin Mr Harry Frostick Mrs Juanita Case Vic Laver B Brewer

Local Master

Viv Parker Mrs Helle Pedersen Peter Heydenrych Mr Geoff Cook Mr Martin Pritchard Miss F Burnett

Mrs Joy Dawson

Sally Wills Mr F De Carvalho Miss J Pooley Anita Hitch Ann Denby Mrs Pat White Mrs J Burt

Charles Worrell Mrs K De Carvalho Mr Keith Statham Roger Hitch Martin Denby Nana Cuckson

Sarah Wynne


Mrs Marlis Duffell Mr John Westley Mr Nick Huggett Mr Paul Downes Mr GD France

Club Master Maureen Gray

Somerset Mr Thomas Fellowes Mrs Betty Munro Mr D Eastwood

Sussex Mrs Valerie Askew

Joyce Marshall Mr David Rogers Chris Martin Clive Hanover

Club Master Club Master Diana Barrett

Mr Laurie Robinson Mrs Sheila Rudd Mr Peter Meredith Mr Gary King

Phillipa Bolton-Smith Mrs Maureen Armson Mrs M Bartlitt

Mrs JA Soar Mrs Pat Reding Mrs P J McMorris

Mrs Lyn Dyer Surrey Ms Lee Barker Mrs Ruth Staff Mr Nigel Richards

Mr Bill Binns

Mrs M Govett Mrs Helen Meadley

Club Master Sue Beck Alida Steinfeld Mrs Zee Richards Mrs Grace Birchall

Mrs Sue Hornsby Mr K Bramall Mrs Sheila Noble

Mrs S Allen Mr Arthur Bradley Mrs Thea Sydenham Mr P Shorey

Michael Leach Ms Patricia Brinson Mrs Margaret Bristow Mrs CP Nolan

Mrs Joan Coulson Mrs Lynne Tunley Josie Taylor

Mrs D Price Ms Renate Cox Mr Ben Burtenshaw Mr Stuart Brown Mr A O’Brien

Mrs Ruth Van Herpen Mary Taylor

Mrs Sue Reading Ron Cronin Rosemary Cameron Christine Clappison Mr John Pagdin

Mr Don Teanby

Mrs C Rhodes Mrs Norma Davis Mary Chappell Warwickshire Mrs Maureen Coplin Mrs Sheila Selbie

Local Master Ms RTA Desmarais Mr David Davenport Club Master Westmorland Mr Richard Cotton Julie Walker

Di Askwith Peter Dominey Elizabeth Gillespie Mrs Pamela Betton Club Master Mr G Davies Mrs Jean Warin

Don Belmore J Featherstone-Witty Barbara Granger Ms Helen Brigham Mrs Dorothy Bayliss Ian Dobkin Hugh Westmacott r

Top of the Trees: Tony McNiff

AT THE end of 2012, the highest-placed player in the National

Grading Scheme with a mature grade was Tony McNiff of Bradford.

His grade increased from 66.66% to 73.33% over nine amazing

sessions of bridge in just a few weeks. In eight of those nine sessions,

he averaged 69.63% with average strength of opponents about 51

to 52%. Impressive enough, but . . .

In the remaining session, the Bradford BC Mixed Pairs, with

strength of opponents 52%, he achieved with Sue Logan (with him

in the picture), one of the most incredible scores ever, and the fact

that it was also for a decent length (twenty-four boards) and decent

size (eight-tables arrowswitched Mitchell) movement, makes it all

the more remarkable: 88.39%. The exact date of this achievement

was 12/12/12 – not that that has any special significance! So Tony's

average for those nine sessions at the end of 2012 comes to 71.72%.

It's no surprise that Tony’s partnership with Sue Logan is the top

(mature) partnership, and he has four Ace partnerships in total.

Photo: Steve Hill

Has Tony maintained his top ranking position in 2013? Check the

NGS page of the EBU website to find out.

(Barrie Partridge and Mike Christie) April 2013 English Bridge 53


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