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Director Please! by Mike Swanson

John Needs Some Brownie Points

‘I DIDN’T like those funnily coloured and John, who still had his six of East.

suits in that last board; green clubs and diamonds in with his hearts, overuffed. ‘Only if North-South have won at least

orange diamonds just don’t seem natural,’ Julie fulfilled her duties by saying one trick after the revoke trick,’ explained

said John. ‘Having none partner?’ West then did the the Director.

‘They must be designed to stop you mis- same to East knowing that one of them ‘And that’s not all, John psyched 1™ on a

sorting your hand, but then you never do had revoked; however, he was hopeful that three-card suit so we should surely get an

that sort of thing do you?’ replied Julie it was John as his reputation preceded adjusted score. I would certainly have

‘Of course not,’ replied John confidently. him. doubled the correct 1´ opening and then

John now led a spade (he certainly we would have sailed into 4™ which my

didn’t want to play trumps!) and West partner would certainly have made,’ com-

E/W Game. Dealer South. took two spade tricks; two rounds of plained West.

´ 10 6 4 2 trumps followed at which stage John ‘I didn’t psyche, I mis-sorted my hand

™ 9 couldn’t help but notice that his last heart and as a result I misbid. A psyche would

t J92 was actually a diamond. He knew that he have been a deliberate act on my part.’

® 97532 didn’t actually have to admit to his revoke ‘John is quite right,’ said the Director.

´ AJ ´ K75 (so long as he didn’t actually try to hide ‘And you would only be entitled to an

™ A53 N ™ K J 10 7 6 2 the fact that he had revoked, as in conced- adjusted score if Julie had taken a possible


t Q8543 S t K 10 ing the rest of the tricks and returning his misbid into account, which is clearly not

® J 10 4 ® Q6 cards to the board without showing them) the case here, so the score stands.’

´ Q983 but he thought it best to do so, which The traveller revealed that half of those

™ Q84 resulted in much shaking of the head from East-Wests in 4™ had gone down after

t A76 Julie and the arrival of the Tournament playing for the drop in trumps, with just

® AK8 Director. a few in the part score. ‘That’s not bad

‘I have revoked and won the revoke trick partner, a misbid and a revoke on the

in my hand by ruffing; however, I didn’t same hand, and it is still not a bottom;

East North West South win any more tricks after that,’ explained you are really are quite remarkable,’ said

Julie John John. Julie in a pleasant but slightly sarcastic

1™ ‘Well that’s nice and straightforward tone.

All Pass then: any tricks that you won before the John was grateful that he had a bunch of

revoke are still yours but the revoke trick is red roses in the car as this year he had

Being back to ordinary red and black cards transferred to East-West.’ remembered the significance of 14th

John managed to put his six of diamonds ‘I thought it was a two trick penalty if February – just as well, as he was certainly

in with his hearts and, as he thought he the offender won the revoke trick,’ said in need of some brownie points. r

was 4-4 in the majors with 15 points, he

made the normal opening bid of 1™. West

wanted to bid but he had the wrong shape

for a double and his diamond suit was


much too poor for an overcall. Poor East

could have overcalled 1NT in fourth seat; GIFTS DIRECT LIMITED

after all he certainly did have a heart stop Large selection of bridge and golf gifts

and the right number of points (11-14)

but, not unreasonably, he chose to defend and bridge accessories

instead. available online at

West started by leading the jack of clubs

and John took the two top clubs and ( 020 8954 8006 / 07853 066 582

exited with a third club to West who led a

diamond to the king and ace, and John Fax: 020 420 7006

played another diamond back. Now West E-mail:

played a third diamond which East ruffed February 2013 English Bridge 11


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