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New Prize Leads Quiz Jackie clinton

Jackie clinton

received a Dimmie

OPENING leads are often subjective and Fleming award for

virtually any opening lead can be successful THIS MONTH’S services to bridge

some of the time. However, bridge is in

many ways a game of percentages and

QUIZ only a short time

before she died in

therefore certain leads will gain more often november 2012.

than others. In each issue you will be given Jackie grew up in essex and was

Hand 1

three hands and the bidding on each, and ´ 87 a pupil at nightingale secondary

you are asked to choose your opening leads ™ AQ53 school. She then trained in london

from those proposed by our Quizmaster. t A97 from 1964 to 1970, initially studying

Answers will be in the next issue. In each ® KJ32 nursing and then midwifery, and sub-

problem you are on lead as West. sequently worked both in london and

in Sussex delivering many a baby as a

West North East South community midwife and then latterly

1NT Pass 2™1 3t

working as a district nurse. She was

Pass 4t 4´ 5t

passionate about her job and even

makers of playing cards since 1824 Dble All Pass

1 Transfer to spades

when she gave up work after starting a family, she never stopped caring for

( 020 8661 8866 Pick your lead out of: (a) ´8; (b) t7; others, fitting voluntary activities

(c) tA; (d) ®2. such as meals on wheels into a busy

family life.


Jackie and her husband, Bill, had

settled in Sussex in 1971 and it was

Hand 2 there that she took up bridge in the

´ 862 early 1980s. a hobby that had start-

™ K73

ed as a foursome with friends rapid-

t AQ5

® 10 9 5 4 ly became a passion: Jackie found

her second home at West Sussex

This elegant twin-pack of Piatnik playing Bridge club and over many years

cards (‘Monet – Lilies’) is the prize on offer West North East South made some great friends. it wasn’t

1®1 Pass 1™ long before she became involved in

this month.

Pass 1´2 Pass 1NT the organisation of the club, occupy-

For information on the new Piatnik

All Pass ing several posts over the years

cards visit 1 Five-card majors, better minor

including chairman. the first

2 Any hand with four spades, so could be

female Sussex county chairman

There are TWO categories in our 4-3-3-3 for example and Vice-President of the county,

competition: up to and including Master,

Pick your lead out of: (a) a spade; (b) t5; Jackie truly loved her bridge, her

and those with higher ranking. Please club and her county, and was much

indicate on the top left-hand corner of (c) tA; (d) a club.

loved in return: she was very moved

the envelope, or in the e-mail subject HHHHH by a West Sussex Bridge club

line, the category for which you are ‘Jackie clinton Day’.

entering. The first correct entry in each Hand 3 over the last three years, Jackie

category out of a hat will win the ´ 74 was constantly in and out of hospi-

prize. The Editor’s decision is final. ™ K52 tal, bearing with amazing fortitude

t A9732 many serious operations in an

® 10 9 3

attempt to save her life. She kept her

Entries to the Editor,

sense of humour and determination

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR, through it all, and continued to play

West North East South

or e-mail 1´ bridge as much and as often as she

by 20th February 2013. Pass 3´ Pass 4® could.

Pass 4™ Pass 5® Jackie clinton will be very much

Please make sure you include your full Pass 5™ Pass 5´ missed by her husband and family,

postal address AND rank All Pass and all the very many friends she

even if entering by e-mail and/or made throughout her life.

Pick your lead out of: (a) a spade; (b) ™2;

you have entered before! (c) t3; (d) tA. r February 2013 English Bridge 25


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