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Doubling the Opponent’s take-out, or bid 2NT then 3™ to act as

Intervening Bid Stayman (i.e. showing four spades but no EBU RANKED

heart stopper)

Opinions differ as to the best treatment MASTERS PAIRS

here. When Lebensohl first started, there Problem Hand Types 2013

was a split panel between using the double All

for penalties or to show the values for 2NT Clearly, as I mentioned earlier, holding a A group of Pairs Green-

(11-12 approx). The ability to bid a balanced 11-12 point hand where you Championships pointed

natural 2NT is the one major loss that would wish to bid a natural 2NT is the

for players

playing Lebensohl will bring you (in my main problem hand type. Your options are

with specific Master Point ranks

humble opinion, the swings far outweigh basically to double for take-out or to

the roundabouts though, provided you are sometimes pass and defend against the

prepared to put a bit of effort in by opponents’ contract. Free entry: If you

reading articles on the subject!) were promoted in 2012 to

This is my article, however, and I When Does Lebensohl Apply? one of the four landmark

strongly recommend playing double for

take-out after natural overcalls. The primary use of this mighty fine ranks (Grand Master, Life

If the overcall is conventional, though, convention is to establish whether the Master, Regional Master,

(Astro, Multi Landy, etc.) then I recom- partnership has game-going values or not. Master), your entry to the

mend using the double just to show If this is impossible, then Lebensohl does 2013 event is FREE.

general values (approx. 11+ points). not apply.

The main applications are when your

Showing or Denying Stoppers side either opens or overcalls 1NT and the

Above Master

2nd – 3rd March 2013

opponents then intervene. Thus in the

If your partner opens 1NT, the opponents auction: Premier Grand Masters Pairs

overcall in a suit and you have a bash at Grand Masters Pairs

Premier Life Masters Pairs

3NT, nothing is more humiliating than Oppo 1 Partner Oppo 2 You

Life Masters Pairs

finding that they then proceed to run off 1´ 1NT 2´ ?

National Masters Pairs

their suit leading to swift defeat and egg Regional Masters Pairs

on face. The need for a stopper is vital. Lebensohl would now apply here too!

With Lebensohl, following an overcall a Exactly the same philosophy is used, i.e. The Daventry Court Hotel,

direct 3NT bid guarantees a stopper, a new suit at the three level is forcing to Sedgemoor Way, Daventry, NN11 0SG

whereas bidding the artificial 2NT first game, double is take-out, 2NT the start of ( 01327 307000

(forcing partner to bid 3®, remember), a weaker auction etc. All events in this category start

then bidding 3NT denies a stopper. Some at 2pm on Saturday and end

people refer to this as FASS (Fast Arrival Dealing with Jump Intervention between 3.30pm and 5.30pm on

Shows Stopper). (Usually at the Three Level) Sunday, depending on numbers.

Bidding the Opponent’s Suit If those horrible opponents make a jump

Master Pairs

overcall (usually at the three level in

3rd March 2013

This acts as Stayman. A direct cue-bid practice, I find), then while Lebensohl as

shows a stopper in the opponent’s suit, such does not apply, it is important to The Masters Pairs section is open

whereas a cue-bid after the artificial 2NT have some agreements. to all below the rank of Regional

denies a stopper. E.g., holding Hand F: I recommend quite simply: Master on 1st Jan 2013; it has

been changed from a two-day

• A new suit is natural and forcing; event in a central location to a

Hand F • A double is for take-out and not for two-session one-day event on

3rd March (11.30 start, finish by

´ AQ74 penalties.

™ 82 6.45pm) in these venues:

t K953 I hope this has given you some ideas on • Bradford Bridge Club

® A63 sharpening up your methods. Next time I • Richmond Bridge Club

will develop these ideas a little further • Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club

with reference to how to defend more com- • Welwyn Garden City Bridge

If partner opens 1NT and the opponents petently against the dreaded Multi and Club

overcall 2™, you could either double for Weak Two bids. r • West Midlands Bridge Club

2013 CAMROSE TROPHY: England lead the field after the first Entries / Enquiries:

half of the Camrose Trophy, held in January in Belfast. They didn't lose a match EBU Competitions Department

and are 5 VPs ahead of Northern Ireland. Congratulations to Frances Hinden, ( 01296 317 203 / 219

Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton, Chris Jagger, David Price and Colin Simpson

or e-mail

with NPC David Burn. Full report in the next issue. February 2013 English Bridge 27


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