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5-6 Bridge England Sims, Clubs

6-12 Overseas Congress LICENSING & EBU’S YOUTH & NEW ABS


9-10 Tollemache Final MASTERPOINTS EDUCATION IN RESPONSE to popular

Hinckley Island Hotel

15-17 Junior Camrose/Peggy Bayer HANDBOOK TRUST demand, and awareness that

Manchester booking hotels is both more

22-24 Harrogate Spring Congress

Majestic Hotel

THE NEW Blue Points scheme THE EBU’s Youth and Educa- expensive and more com-

came into effect at the start of tion Trust is a registered charity plex than in the past, we’re

n MARCH 2013 2013, and in October 2013 the that helps develop young pleased to announce a new

1-3 Cornwall Congress Green Point awards for County bridge players in England Accommodation Booking

Falmouth Hotel

One Day Green Point Events through its support of Mini- Service (ABS), operated by

(NOTE change of venue)

1-3 Camrose Trophy and County Congresses will fall bridge in schools and by pro- Bridge Overseas, a company

Republic of Ireland into line with the awards for viding opportunities for our with a proven track record

2-3 Ranked Masters Pairs National Events. in dealing with hotels, both

junior internationals to build

Daventry Hotel

3 Masters Pairs The EBU Licensing and their skills on the world stage. arranging bookings and in

Bradford, Richmond, Masterpoints Handbook has This valuable work needs dealing with any issues that

Solihull, Tunbridge Wells, been updated to reflect these your support to help our proj- might arise.

Welwyn Garden City

changes, and is available to read ects reach as many young peo- Make a note of the number:

8-10 Cumbria Congress

Windermere online. There is also a summa- ple as possible. If you would 0800 0346 246

9 Manchester GP Swiss Pairs ry page that shows the main like to make a donation you can

St Peter’s Assembly Rooms, changes between the online The aim is to provide a com-

find out the easiest way to do so


version of 2012 and the new prehensive telephone service

9 Young Bridge Challenge by visiting

2013 version. To view, go to: that is quick and easy to use

Loughborough Grammar To find out more about our

which will have some of the



Channel Islands GP event

• Blue Points charity and the important work

best negotiated rates that we do please visit

St Martin’s Community can be had. The cost of

Centre, St Martin’s GY4 6RR • 2013 Licensing and CscMA

accommodation is one of

9-10 London GP Weekend Masterpoints Handbook

9-10 East Anglian GP Weekend the most commonly recur-

9-10 Leicester GP Weekend

• Summary of changes for 2012 CLUB TD ring issues amongst the

9-10 Wilts/Avon GP Weekend membership, so this is a

10 Bedford GP Swiss Teams 2013 TRAINING positive step forward in try-

Vauxhall Club, Luton

10 Merseyside & Cheshire ing to address the problem.

GP Swiss Teams During 2012 the EBU has run

Initially the ABS will


Deva BC, Chester

Club Stratified Sim Pairs

SENIOR TRIALS fifteen sets of courses, and


nearly two hundred people


CONGRATULATIONS TO have successfully gained the • Oxford Belfry Midweek

17 National Pairs Regional Finals Congress

Club TD certificate, with at

Bradford, Bristol, Leatherhead,

Peterborough, Solihull

David Mossop, Paul Hackett,

Gunnar Hallberg, John Holland, least forty gaining the Dis- • Riviera Congress

17 White House Junior Internationals


tinction pass. Well done to


Colin Simpson and David

everyone who has been success- • Scarborough Congress

24 Isle of Man GP Duplicate Pairs


Price, winners of the trials to

select the England team for the ful. For the 2013 programme, • Brighton Summer

Meeting (other than

24 Portland Pairs Seniors Camrose that will take please visit

Various Clubs The Metropole)

place in Wales in May. online.

29-31 Northern Easter Festival

Park Inn Hotel, York

• Telford Midweek


29-1 Apr Easter Festival of Bridge

Royal National Hotel, London

making these popular events

JaIME OrtIz-PatIñO easier to attend, and at a

n APRIL 2013 1930-2013 friendlier price. Where there

5-7 Norfolk Congress are multiple options of

Taverham We are sad to announce the death of Jaime ‘Jimmy’ accommodation, there will

8-12 British Sims


Ortiz-Patiño, President emeritus of the WBF. be a range of hotels and

12-14 Lady Milne as President of the World Bridge Federation from 1976 rates on offer.

Scotland to 1986, Ortiz-Patiño was responsible for some of the Please Note: the EBU does

12-14 Devon Congress


most important developments in world bridge in recent not receive any payment

13-14 National Pairs Finals years. as well as introducing the use of screens and bid- from Bridge Overseas for

Hinckley Island Hotel ding boxes, and establishing the World Youth Team the accommodation provid-

20-21 Portland Bowl Finals ed via this method at the

Portland Club

Championships, he brought China into the WBF. In golf,

20-21 Staffs & Shrops Congress Patiño was the founder of Valderrama, home to many top above congresses.

26-5 May The Lambourne Jersey european and world tournaments, and in 1997 engineered Full details at:

Festival of Bridge

Westhill Country Hotel

the first ryder Cup to be held in continental europe.

30 English Bridge January 2013


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