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Hertfordshire Rose Bowl; Peter Clark, by Simons (Flora Simons, Stephen TW, 11am. May 19, Green Pointed Swiss land League vs Nottinghamshire. Apr 7,

Simon Mostyn, Bobbie and Martin Tooley, John Stewart and Liz Kelly). Teams, 1pm, Maidstone Leisure Centre, Barkby Charity Swiss Teams, Rothley.

Rodney were 2nd, and Maria Budd, The first of the MBU events in 2013 Mote Park, Maidstone ME15 7RN. Apr 9, Leicester Mercury (Learners) Pairs.

Malcolm Harris, Fiona and Paul will be the Rawcliffe Bowl, a mixed-pairs Apr 10, Gimson Trophy Semi-finals,

Littlewood came 3rd. event being reintroduced in 2013 after a Rothley Centre. Apr 24, Yates No Fear

The Eccles Cup was won by Leyton number of years in abeyance.


Pairs, County Club. Apr 24, Stanley

Green Bridge Club (Robin Beazley, Gill Trophy Heat 7, Glenfield. Apr 28, Gim-

Burn, David Fensome, June Gauntlett, son Trophy Final, Rothley Centre. May

John Hopkins, Lew Hughes, Judith and

Kent LANCASHIRE qualified

for the final of the 1st, Olga Cup – Ladies’ Pairs, Rothley

Tom Walters). The County Mixed Pairs Tollemache Cup by finish- Centre. May 1st, Buckby Cup – Men’s

was won by Susan Mount – Francis ing 2nd in its group Pairs, Rothley Centre.

Eddleston, with Maria Budd – Malcolm TOLLEMACHE Cup: con-

gratulations to the team behind Berks and Bucks.

Harris 2nd and Celia and Derek Oram

3rd. Congratulations to all. of Jeremy Willans (cap- The team was Jeff Smith (Captain), Lincolnshire

tain), Ian Draper, Nor- Andrew Petrie, Catherine Draper, Dave

Diary dates: Fri Mar 15, Marjorie

man Selway, Kay Preddy, Debbage, Andrew Woodcock, Ollie

Lukin Charity Pairs Final, 7.30pm, Burgess, Derek Williams, Croz Croswell. WITH the exception of

Bridge Centre. Sun Mar 17, Cadets & Steve Auchterlonie, Mal-

Jackie Pye will replace Andrew Petrie in the Lincoln Imp, there has

Intermediates Championship, 1pm, colm Lewis, Pat Collins, Derek Patter-

the final as he is unavailable for selection. been an improvement in

Bridge Centre. Tue Apr 16, Senior Pairs son, who have qualified for the final.

At the December Council, Austin attendance at county

Championship, 11am, Bridge Centre. Kent Congress Green-pointed Swiss

Barnes, John Brearley and Barry Brels- events.

Teams results: 1. Mike Hampton, John

ford were chosen to act as selectors for Swiss Teams: 1. Glynn Elwick, Vic

Amor, Michael Prior, Keith Ashcroft;

Isle of Man 2013. Llewellyn, Mike Llewellyn and Megan

2. Gerald Soper, Terry Goldsmith, Brian

LCBA Congress Pairs: 1. Dave Steven- Williams; 2. Alan Andrews, Harry Coates, Ransley, Brian McGuire. Swiss Pairs:

son – Liz Commins (photo below). Maurice Lynn, Elaine Proctor; 3. Roy

THE final island cham- 1. Ben Hackenbroch – Mandie

LCBA Congress Teams: 1. Jeff Smith, Hughes, Dennis Mellor, Keith Stewart,

pionship of 2012, the Campbell, 2. Peter Taylor – Keith

Jackie Pye, Bernard and Rhona Golden- Isobel Ridgewell. Lincoln Imp: 1. Alan

Teams event, was held in Ashcroft. Congratulations to all.

field. Lytham Rosebowl: 1. Catherine and Drene Brown, Maurice Ladlow, Mo

Douglas in late Novem- Congratulations to Doug Andrews –

Draper – Andrew Woodcock. Parsons; Lincoln Imp Plate (Restricted):

ber. It was a one-day Malcolm Lewis for winning the A Pairs

Diary dates: Feb 3, LCBA Cham- Adrian Underwood, Emer Ward, Guy

competition made up of two sessions Final at the EBU Seniors Congress last

pionship Pairs, Blackburn Bridge Club. Grainger, Jo Pike. Champion Pairs League:

and was, in the end, something of a run- November, leading from start to finish.

Feb 17, LCBA Teams of Eight Cham- 1. Glynn Elwick – David Caldow, 2. Paul

away win for O’Sullivan (Marie Congratulations also to Michael Prior

pionship, Bury Athenaeum; Mar 3, Evans – Brenda Goodacre, 3. Nick

O’Sullivan, Joan Watson, Chris Carter – on his promotion to Grand Master.

Hector Barker Pivot Teams, Southport Hunter – Alan Millington. Ghost Pairs:

a member of last year’s winning team – The County Inter-Club Teams of Eight

Bridge Club. Mar 8-10, Cumbria Con- N/S 1. Alan Andrews – Harry Coates, 2.

and Shirley Lynch). competition for the Corbett Cup, in -

gress, Windermere Hydro. Mar 9, Glynn Elwick – David Caldow, 3. Adrian

At the end of the afternoon session corporating the Corbett Plate and the

MCBA Swiss Pairs, Hale. Mar 10, Underwood – Guy Grainger; E/W

O’Sullivan, with +28 IMPs, had esta- Mitchell Salver, is played in February.

M&CBA Swiss Teams, Deva. Mar 16, 1. Michael Grant – Debbie Burton,

blished a clear lead of 16 IMPs over The winning club in the Corbett Cup is

Newcomer Pairs, Blackburn Bridge 2. Brian Smith – Ron Wall, 3. Mike and

Townsend (Pam Townsend, Marjorie invited to represent Kent in the Garden

Club. Mar 24, Portland Pairs, Brierfield Vic Llewellyn.

Murdock, John Large and Paul De Cities Trophy. The Corbett Cup and

Bridge Club. At the AGM of Lincoln (Eastgate)

Weerd) with the rest of the teams Corbett Plate are played over two days.

Bridge Club (founded in 1946) members

trailing in their wake. After the break, The Mitchell Salver is played on the

voted to change the club name to The

team Smith (Gloria Smith, Annette second day. Qualifying rounds are Leicestershire City of Lincoln Bridge Club, as it was well

Ellis, Angie and Fred Kissack) staged played at various clubs (see diary dates, over forty years since the Club had left its

something of a comeback. Having below).

Eastgate premises, and now has no con-

trailed in last at the end of the first Diary dates: Sun Feb 3, Corbett Cup, THE Leicestershire Pairs nection with that area of the City.

session, they got their act together and 11am TW. Sun Feb 17, Corbett Cup League has completed Diary dates: Feb 10, Bainton Final.

won session two. But while their second- Final, 11am, TW. Larsky Cup heats will two rounds (of five). Mar 3, Garden Cities Heat (pre-entry

session score of +26 IMPs was enough be played at the following clubs: TW The current leaders are required). Mar 17, Davey Cup-Pivot

to lift them to second place overall (the Feb 5, 7.30pm; Medway Towns Feb 12, Jenny Grant – Bharat Teams (pre-entry required).

same position the team achieved last 7.30; Beckenham Feb 18, 7.30pm; Thakrar (Div. 1), John Glover – Robert

year), it was not enough to unseat Ashford Feb 19 7.30; Canterbury Feb Northage (Div. 2), Anne and Steve

O’Sullivan. With a score of +21 in the 22, 7.30pm; Broadstairs Feb 27, 7.30. Wright (Div. 3) and Al Scott – Pam London

second session, O’Sullivan cruised to a Sun Apr 14, George Griffiths Senior Smith (Div. 4).

comfortable win. Third place was taken Pairs, TW. Apr 21, Larsky Cup Final, After three rounds, Gerry Bucciero –

Roger Cook lead the Stanley Trophy MANY congratulations to

(Butler Pairs). David Gold and Andrew

Recent Midlands League county Robson, members of the

results are: November 11 vs Lincolnshire winning 2012 Gold Cup

(away), 1st team won 20-0, 2nd team lost team. They also came 2nd

9-11, 3rd team won 18-2. December 9: in the Premier League, while David Ewart,

bye. The current league positions are: 1st Gunnar Hallberg and Phil King came in

team (Dawes League), 3rd place; 2nd 3rd place. At the Autumn Congress, Alex

team (Porter Cup), 7th place; 3rd team Hydes, Alan and Olivia Woo won the

(Markham Trophy), 5th place. Eastbourne Bowl, Jorrit Schafer won the

Leicestershire performed well in the Burlington Cup, with Rosie White, Brian

Tollemache Qualifier in November, Ransley and Brian McGuire 2nd, and

finishing in 4th place, and missing out Ryan Stephenson, Liz Clery Andrew

on a place in the final by just 4VPs. Clery and Ken Barnett 3rd. The Sussex

Diary dates: Feb 13, Stanley Trophy Cup was won by Kath Stynes, Millie

Photo: Merseyside & Cheshire CBA

Heat 5, Glenfield. Feb 17, Midland Jones and Rob Cliffe, and Stefanie

League vs Worcestershire. Feb 21, Leic- Rohan – Paul Lamford won the Satellite

estershire Pairs Round 4, Rothley. Feb Pairs, with Ryan Stephenson – Liz Clery

27, Joseph’s Bowl & Butterworth Trophy 2nd. In the Kent Congress Swiss Teams

Quarter-finals, Blaby. Mar 9, Leicester- Brian Ransley – Brian McGuire were

shire Green Point Swiss Pairs. Mar 10, 2nd, and Robert and Penny Sheehan 3rd.

Merseyside & Cheshire’s David Stevenson and Liz Commins, winners of the Leicestershire Green Point Swiss Teams. County results: Junior Teams of Four:

Lancashire CBA Green-pointed Pairs event. March 20, Stanley Trophy Heat 6. Mar 1. Freddie Illingworth, Kyle Lam,

21 Pairs League Round 5. Mar 24, Mid- Michael Alishaw, Toby Nonnenmacher;

48 English Bridge February 2013


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