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Cross Imp Pairs, and Trevor and Barbara Final, Patcham. Mar 3, Mixed Pairs won by Ann and Robin Baker ahead of position in the Dawes and Markham

Hobson won the Friendly Pairs. Both Final, West Sussex Club. Mar 16, Sussex Chris Hogan – Joyce Etheridge, and competitions, Worcestershire can be

these last two events were sadly very Pairs Final, West Sussex. Apr 5-7, Spring Tom Allen – Graham Williams. The justly proud to be the current leaders in

poorly attended despite a midweek event Congress, Uckfield. Apr 21, Sussex Teams Teams of Eight was won by Chris Jones, the second team competition, the Porter

having been requested by members. of Eight, Eastbourne. Apr 28, Open Swiss narrowly beating David Thackaberry Cup, and we are grateful to the players for

I’ve been asked to make a correction Teams Millennium Trophy, Eastbourne. and Graham Moxey. the commitment that they have shown in

to the last issue. Although she achieved In the Championship Pairs qualifier, making the effort to play and support the

72% with Derek Payne in the Dorin Warwickshire Bob McMurray and Hugh Gross were county teams on a regular basis.

Salver, Jill Cook actually won the event the winners. This event is always close: Diary dates: Feb 18, Championship

with a score of 72.1% with Colin Bailey Georgie Dalton – Sonia Blandy, and Pairs Qualifier; Feb 24, Club Champion-

– some achievement to score over 70% BRIDGE Focus, the county’s then Ron King – Huw Oliver were only ship Pairs; Mar 10, Championship Pairs

with two different partners! quarterly publication is narrowly behind. The Garden Cities Final; Apr 7, Garden Cities Qualifier.

The charity for the next Surrey now up and running. Its Qualifier was won by the Trowbridge

Simultaneous Pairs from February 18-22 aim is to keep members up Club, from Swindon and Bath.

The Leagues have reached the half-way


will be the Sutton & Croydon Multiple to date with news, results,

Sclerosis Therapy Centre, and all clubs and forthcoming events. point, with Williamson of the Premier

are encouraged to enter. Questions on all aspects of Division remaining the only unbeaten

team. Chasing Williamson in the Premier AT the EBU’s Autumn

Diary dates: Feb 10, Friendly Swiss the game are welcome, be they bidding,

Division is Blandy. Division Two sees the Congress, Stuart Davies –

Pairs. Feb 17, County Pairs & Plate both declarer play, ethics etc. Any amusing/

Thackaberry and Dwyer teams edging Phil Godfrey were 2nd in

at Bourne BC, Farnham – a new venue catastrophic hands are also welcome.

ahead. In Division Three the Hodgson the Swiss Pairs. At the EBU’s

for County events. The Friendly Swiss For further information contact Publicity

team have worked up a clear lead . Seniors Con gress, Frank

Pairs replaces the 30K and Newcomers

Wiltshire also looks forward to its Littlewood – David Musson were 2nd in

Pairs, and as the name implies is an The hugely successful Mentored Pivot

combining with Avon CBA for the the Pairs A Final, while Heather

introduction to tournament bridge for Teams was played recently. Twenty-four

Green Point Weekend at Bath University Hobson, Roy Garthwaite and Janet and

players who may not have tried this type teams competed and congratulations go

on March 9-10. Ted Latham were 3rd in the Swiss

of event before, together with those who to the winners: Helen Thompson,


prefer a gentler afternoon of bridge. Juddie Currie, Freda Perks, Carolyn

Sarah Teshome, Richard Winter,

Please support these new events and Fisher. Section winners were Lizzie Worcestershire Richard Pike, Dave Robinson, Rob Myers,

venues. All events begin at 1pm. Ward, Craig Skinner, Cathy Hall, Tony

James Thrower, Tony McNiff and Phil

Enter via the Surrey website or con- Poole, and Carrolleannea Philip, Nigel Godfrey represented the county in the

tact Frances Trebble ( 01252 679883, Seifas, Martyn Brawn, Prue Knight. (See THE highlight of the qualifying round for the Tollemache feature on page 45.) County’s events in the Cup. They finished 4th in a strong

Thirty-two Senior Pairs enjoyed a latter part of the year is group, outside the qualifying places.

very pleasant afternoon at the WMBC.

Sussex Winners were Adrian Knight – Leslie

always the Malvern Rob Myers and James Thrower

Congress and this year represented England in the Junior Reece. was no exception, being, as always, fully Channel Trophy matches against France,

AS a county we lost a very The winners of the Chick o’ the County booked some weeks before the event, Belgium and the Netherlands.

courageous lady in Jackie were Jim Pedersen – Rod Jones not Jim which took place in October. Results: Congratulations to the following on

Clinton, who died peacefully Pederson – Rob Jones as reported in Green-pointed Swiss Pairs: 1. Nick their successes in recent county events

with her family in Novem- December. Forward – Steve Allerston (Worcs), 2. Sue and club congresses: Nelson Rose Bowl:

ber; she had recently been The 27th Coventry Congress takes Evans – Dennis Loynes (Worcs). Green- Janet Latham, Heather Hobson, Carole

awarded the Dimmie Flem- place on 15-17 March 2013. Friday pointed Swiss Teams: 1. Tim Brierley, Jack Kelly and Judith Biles. Ryedale Cup:

ing award (see page 25). evening is Open Pairs for the Binley Terry, Alan and David S Jones (Avon); 1. Rebecca Brian – Alan Jarvis,

First an amendment to the reportπ Bowl. On Saturday there is a separate 2. John Sansom, Richard Jephcott, Nick 2. Maureen Tebb – Tony Swiers, 3. Neil

printed in the last magazine: Joy Mayall one-session afternoon event for less Forward, Steve Allerston (Worcs). Zussman – Antony Edwards. Mixed

was third in the bridge but her superb experienced players.The Peeping Tom Elsewhere, the Inter-Club Teams Pivot Teams: 1. Tom Cohen, Giles Foster,

golf score took her to first overall in our Pairs is restricted to players of NGS event, the Healey Cup, was won by Sarah Teshome and Richard Winter;

new Golf/ Bridge tournament – our band 4 or below. The Godiva Swiss Pairs Worcester Bridge Club: 1. Worcester BC 2. Sue Logan, Tony McNiff, Bill Townsend

chairman shows the way! Championship also on Saturday is a (David Thomas, Jimmy Ledger, Ross and David Broadhead.

Congratulations to Andrea Galpin – two-session event playing 6 x 8 boards Garratt, Mel Downing); 2. Wyeside BC Over the weekend of April 27-28, the

Lydia Stanford who won the Sussex in total. Sunday is Swiss Teams for the (Bob Underhill, John Griffiths, Steve YCBA and Bradford Bridge Club will be

Ladies’ Pairs; 2. Liz Hoskins – Jill Jaguar Trophy, playing 7 x 7 boards in Booth, Chris Thomas). hosting the Corn Cairdis (Friendship

Armstrong, 3. Sandy Bunt – Brenda total. For more details contact secretary The Mixed Teams produced a con- Trophy) international between England

Garrini. or the club vincing result, with the winners being and the Republic of Ireland. Spectators

Our first Mid-week Event was very website over 30 IMPs clear of the field: 1. Richard welcome.

successful and thoroughly enjoyed by Rugby Bridge Club has re-affiliated Jephcott, Steve Allerston, Nick and Diary dates: Feb 3, Doncaster Swiss

everyone who played: 1. Marie and to the EBU. Stephanie Forward; 2. Joyce Skelton, Paul Pairs. Feb 7, Margery Cartwright Sim

David Gritt, =2. Nigel Urban – Andrew Diary dates: Sun Feb 17, Cham- Hammond, John Sansom, Stewart Fish- Pairs. Feb 10, Yorkshire Cup Final,

Morris and Fran Thorton – Tilly pionship Pairs Final, West Mids, 1pm. burne. In contrast, the Mixed Pairs Leeds. Feb 17, Yorkshire League (Round

Hennings. Non-expert winners were Sun Feb 24, Introductory Pairs (entry produced a much closer result, with the 6). Mar 6, Peter Littlewood Midweek

Elizabeth Hornsey – Avril Strong. The via clubs), West Mids, 1.30pm. Fri-Sun top four pairs scoring over 60%: Pairs (Tickton). Mar 17, Improvers

Ascenders prize went to Alan Gardiner Mar 15-17, Coventry Congress. Thur 1. Richard Jephcott – Dodo Georgevic; Pairs, Leeds. Mar 29-31, EBU Northern

– Robert Weir. Apr 4, Ladies’/Men’s Pairs, Mos, 7.15pm. 2. Dick and Jane Rutter. Easter Festival (hosted by the YCBA at

East Grinstead Basic Bridge Pairs: In the Midland Inter-County League, Park Inn Hotel, York). Apr 7, Yorkshire

1. Nigel and Kate Flynn, 2. Jane Alderman Wiltshire while achieving a creditable mid-table League (Round 7) . r

– Mike Greenfield. Bognor Basic Bridge

Pairs: 1. Ann Walker – Keith Hotchkiss,

2. Joy Mayall – Gerry Standford. THE county has had a

Many congratulations to Chris busy autumn. The num- February 20th is the closing date

Derrick who has been selected to play ber of players attending

for England in the Under-20s team in county events has again increased, for the submission of county

the Junior Channel Trophy. This is the which gives the committee a wry smile

first time for many years that Sussex has that we are in danger of outgrowing our reports for the next issue of

been represented at this level in the

Juniors and we are very proud of Chris

excellent newish venue at Devizes Bowls


English Bridge.

and what he has achieved so far.

Diary dates: Feb10, Elizabeth North

Two events have been held for lower-

ranked players, matching the two for

Please e-mail:

Trophy, Patcham. Feb 24, Individual senior players. The Autumn Pairs was February 2013 English Bridge 51


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