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English Bridge READ THIS FORM

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis CHANGAT

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR

Tel: 0118 926 2602


Editorial Board

Sally Bugden (Chairman), Elena Jeronimidis

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis

Advertisement Manager

Harpreet Gill at Blue2

Charlton House, Old Estate Yard,

East Hendred, Oxford, OX12 8LL BEFORE you start panicking because them) and bear in mind that low-resolution

Tel: 01235 833060 fax: 01235 862589 this issue does not contain the usual insert images may look good enough on the web,

with the questions for David Bird’s ‘Beat but will look awful in the magazine. If the

Printing: St Ives (Andover) plc

today’s experts’ quiz, please read this! quality of the photo is good, but the

English Bridge Union Having introduced more white space in subject’s features could do with some

the magazine in order to make it easier to enhancing, drop me a line, and I’ll

General Manager read, I needed more pages. That’s why the endeavour digitally to whiten teeth and

Barry Capal

Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury HP19 8AZ format is changing as from this month: erase wrinkles, as required. You just would

CONTACTING THE EBU the bidding quiz questions are no longer not believe what can be done (my husband

Tel: 01296 317200 on a loose insert, but can be found on the never ceases to wonder when he looks at

Fax: 01296 317220 pull-out at the centre of the issue. This my photo on this page).

Web site: change, together with slightly lighter paper, Having dealt with all that, let me change

Bridge play online: saved enough money to pay for eight extra the subject, and congratulate the England

Direct EBU helplines and e-mail addresses pages (at no extra cost) that can be put to Women’s Team for reaching the quarter-

(STD code 01296 for all telephone numbers, bar the one

asterisked, and suffix for all e-mail addresses) all sorts of useful uses. finals of the Venice Cup at the Teams World

Telephone E-mail There will be times (as in this issue, where Championships recently held in Shanghai

Accounts 317210 account you will find the EBU Strategy Update in (report on page 9). They must have been

Bridge for All 317217 bfa

Bridge Shop 397851

the pull-out, and the Chairman’s report disappointed not to progress further, but

Club liaison 07814 861307* krys on page 27) when the extra pages will be theirs was still a notable achievement; well

Communications 317215 Matt taken up by official communications, but done Heather Dhondy and Nicola Smith,

Competition entry 317203 comps

Education 317218 ebuta in the main they will enable me to publish Michelle Brunner and Rhona Goldenfield,

Laws & Ethics 317218 lecsec more articles, letters and items of news Catherine Jagger and Sarah Teshome for

Licensing of events 317205 license

Master Points 317202 points sent in by individual members and clubs. flying the flag.

Membership 317201 ebu As regards clubs, there has been an In the Transnational Teams, it is mainly

Technical services 317207 technic interesting, if unforeseen, development: the organisers who are to be congratulated

Tournament orgn. 317204 tourns

several readers seem to have decided that, for enabling several local school teams to

now that English Bridge has gone colour- take part, thus providing the injection of

coded, club news is ‘yellow’, and ‘must’ be youth the game so badly needs.

INSIDE GUIDE published in yellow boxes. Well, I had not England was not represented in the

The two-minute interview 5 thought of that when I devised the colour- Bermuda Bowl, the competition for Open

Duplicate pairs tips 5 coding scheme for my first issue, but it Teams, as the team had not managed to

Christmas Quiz 7 seems a good idea, so henceforth club news qualify for it. Even without an English

Shanghai World Championships 9 will be yellow news, as it were, and I’ll try interest, however, the event was wonderfully

Director, please! 11 to dot as many such boxes as possible in exciting. The greatest upset was that South

Rhodes Congress 13

the magazine (no guarantee, alas, that all Africa, a team that had barely survived the

Bidding quiz 14-15

Letters to the editor 17 the news sent in can be included – it’s initial round robin, knocked out Italy, the

Your questions 19 all subject to available space). holders and several times finalists in the

Whitelaw Cup 21 However, may I make a plea for better- past, at the quarter-final stage. This sort of

EBU problems 23 quality photos? Some of those I receive are thing proves that no-one is unbeatable on

Lederer Memorial Trophy 25 of the painful variety: grainy and dark if the day – and that watching the mighty fall

Dimmie Fleming awards 26 paper prints, out of focus and low resolu- is deeply satisfying!

Chairman’s annual report 27

tion if digital pictures. Sharp focus is a As this last reflection is not in keeping

EBU news and diary 28-29

All about trumps 30-31 ‘must’ if photos are to look good in print, with the Christmas spirit, I’d better stop

Prize play solution 31 so please don’t send in poor quality pictures and wish you all, on behalf of everyone at

Reviews 32-33 (even if you personally look your best in the EBU, the compliments of the season.

From the floor 34

Standard English 35

No-trump bidding 36-37


The debate 38-39 Instruction EBU News Features On-line Bridge Reports

Fine-tuning 40

Junior Teach-in 41

County news 42-49 December 2007 English Bridge 3


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