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(Continued from previous page) Services to affiliated clubs bers receive many benefits including insur-

We recognise the important contribution ance cover. Please note all methods of

Further reduction of the Pay to Play fee that clubs make to the development of the teaching bridge are welcome at EBUTA. If

It has been suggested that we remove English game and we want to encourage them to you wish to you can progress through the

Bridge and the Diary from the services we continue with this important role. EBUTA qualified and professional teacher

provide to individual members. However, it Clubs can benefit from the support, programmes. However, this will not be a

would still be necessary to communicate with advice and communication services that we requirement. For more information access

our members and, with the current demo- are offering to help clubs develop and attract our website here:

graphic profile, using the Internet may not new members. Free scoring software (not education/ebuta/benefits.htm or telephone

provide a satisfactory coverage. The additio- CASS) and Website hosting is available to John Pain on 01296 317200

nal costs of print and postage of some paper those clubs who wish to benefit from these Partner Teachers, Learn and Play Clubs

communication would mitigate any reduc- products but this is not a requirement of and Partner Clubs

tion of the reduced Pay to Play fee. Thus we affiliation. The free and discounted services available

propose we keep English Bridge but make it Any electronic scoring programs that can to Partner Teachers will be provided up to

more relevant to our members. We believe upload Master Point results will be effective the point of the formation of the Partner

that our new Editor, Elena Jeronimidis, can in the new administration, although they Club, when the full affiliation fee will be

help us achieve this for our membership. may need some adaptation in order to pro- gathered and the Pay to Play fee charged

Juniors and Pay to Play vide the more extensive information per player per session.

Juniors, i.e. players under 25 years old, will required in the Pay to Play scheme and the

not have to pay the Pay to Play fee. Indivi- National Rating mechanism. ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS

dual clubs will address their own table Pay to Play Fees and County, District and The Board of the EBU through its

money and club annual subscription for Club Leagues Membership Development Action Group

junior members. The following Pay to Play fees will apply to considered many options for universal

all leagues – County, District and Club and membership. They include the following

COUNTIES will be paid as part of the entry fee to the ideas which have been suggested during

Existing EBU members will retain their National Organisation. the consultation since 6 June. They are

County of prime allegiance. Individuals Teams of 4 (allowing up to 6 players) mentioned briefly here with the key fea-

who currently are not EBU members will, will attract a charge of £5. tures and effects.

by default, become a member of the Teams of 8 (allowing up to 12 players) Universal membership based on an

County to which their prime club is affili- will attract a charge of £10. annual subscription

ated. Anyone can choose to become a Note that, as today, players in the lowest Same price for all members collected

prime member of any County by request division of any league need not be mem- annually.

to the EBU, just as they can today. bers of the EBU. Higher levels of administration at both

Counties Pay to Play fee Individual membership club and Aylesbury thus keeping the level

The Counties will be able to set their own The £5 one off registration fee has been of the subscription high.

component of the Pay to Play fee for the removed. Members of an affiliated club Master Points dealt with in the same way

“player sessions” which occur in their affil- will automatically become members of the as they are today with the attendant costs

iated clubs. This means that the Pay to Play EBU. Members will nominate a primary and administration.

fee will probably vary from County to club of allegiance. As long as an individ- Two-tier membership based on annual

County. In setting the Pay to Play fee, a ual’s affiliated club membership is current subscription – higher for tournament

fraction of a penny will be permitted. that individual will continue to be a mem- players, lower for non-tournament play-

No county events, other than the ber of the EBU. ers

leagues, will be subject to the Pay to Play Anonymity will be available to all Low take-up on higher membership sub-

fee although any heats for county events members. Those members who opt for scription, so the lower subscription is not

held in clubs will be subject to the ordinary anonymity will not receive any mailings significantly less.

club session Pay to Play fee. from the EBU so they will not receive the Master Points dealt with in the same way

magazine or diary. They will not be eligible as they are today with the attendant costs

CLUBS for Pay to Play rebates. and administration.

We have listened to the worries expressed All membership information held by the Same high administrative levels for

during the county consultation and have EBU is governed by the Data Protection Aylesbury and clubs.

amended our proposals so that the club Act and the EBU’s Privacy Policy. This Investigated in the last 15 years, piloted

affiliation fee will be a flat fee of £30 per affil- information is available on the EBU’s web- and failed.

iated club. It will be paid at the beginning of site or by request via post from Aylesbury. Hybrid membership – a mixture of annu-

each year preferably by Direct Debit. al subscription and Pay to Play for tour-

Clubs will affiliate to the EBU through RATING SYSTEM nament players and those who wish to

their counties. The county element of club The rating system will allow each member collect Master Points, and Pay to Play

affiliation fees will be determined, as now, to have a current rating alongside their only for those who do not.

by each county. lifetime Master Point ranking. The rating Same basic issues as two-tier membership

Each club will be asked to sign a simple system has many applications including but effectively needing two separate types

annual contract of affiliation, setting out the creation of a new competition to find a of administration for both clubs and

terms and conditions which amongst Club Player of the Year in the various stra- Aylesbury.

other things will specify the regulations for ta of the rating system. Extensive informa- Pay to Play fee high due to low annual

offering Pay to Play playing sessions. tion on the rating system software is avail- membership fee take-up, and paid by all

Clubs and VAT able in the detailed discussion document. including those with annual subscription.

The current VAT registration threshold for

2007/2008 is £64,000. If a club finds it is EDUCATION NEXT STEPS

liable for VAT the EBU will assist, where pos- No supervised playing session will attract The Board looks forward to further discus-

sible, with the practicalities of registration. It the Pay to Play fee. However we ask all sions about the proposals. We will contin-

may well be advantageous for a club to be teachers who will be running this type of ue to listen and accommodate to achieve

registered for VAT even if it is below the session in our affiliated clubs to register as our aim of strengthening the EBU’s mem-

threshold, as it will be able to claim the VAT an associate teacher with EBUTA. This bership which will allow the future devel-

back on the Pay to Play fee and other costs. costs just £13.50 per annum and all mem- opment of the game in England. r



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