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The no-trump


System over no-trump overcalls Auction 1

West North East South

In response to a natural 1NT or 2NT over- 1♠ 2NT

call, your system should be exactly the same

as you would use opposite a 1NT or 2NT Auction 2

opening bid, the only difference being that West North East South

Andrew Kambites since the high-card point-count of the no- 1♠ Pass Pass 2NT

trump bidder is different, the HCP of

responses will be correspondingly altered. Now comes the difficult bit. What do you

A DIRECT 1NT overcall is usually played as do in the protective position with

showing a good 15-18 HCP. The emphasis Protective no-trump bidding balanced hands of 15-19 HCP? I have

is on having a stopper in your opponents’ never seen anything written about this!

suit: the other suits can look after them- The whole idea of Asking good players about their methods

selves. It is perfectly sensible to overcall an Hand E protective bidding is often brings an embarrassed silence. I

opening 1♥ with 1NT if you hold either ♠976 that you are looking don’t think you can be too dogmatic. It is

Hand A or Hand B. ♥AQ2 for reasons to bid pointless saying that as soon as you go

♦ K 10 6 rather than reasons over the range for a 1NT protective bid

♣A987 not to bid. You are then you double and later bid no-trumps.

Hand A Hand B aware that partner, Consider Hands F and G after Auction 3:

♠2 ♠ J62 sitting immediately

♥KJ76 ♥ K7 over the opening bidder, might have

♦AQ64 ♦ 65 passed with quite substantial values and Hand F Hand G

♣AK32 ♣ AKQJ65 you just don’t want the opponents to get ♠KJ2 ♠KJ2

away with their choice of one-level ♥ A 10 6 4 ♥ A 10 6 4

contract. ♦K7 ♦K7

Balanced hands that are too strong for an A 1NT protective overcall is normally ♣ A 10 3 2 ♣AKJ2

overcall start with a double, intending to played as showing 11-14 HCP. Such is

bid no-trumps next time. the desire to get into the bidding that the

protective 1NT becomes the only no- Auction 3

trump bid that dispenses with the need West North East South

Hand C Hand D for a stopper in your opponents’ suit. If 1♥ Pass Pass Dble

♠K2 ♠AK32 your left-hand opponent’s 1♠ is passed Pass 2♦ Pass ?

♥KJ7 ♥KJ7 round to you, bid 1NT with Hand E. It

♦AQ64 ♦AQ64 isn’t as dangerous as it looks: partner is The 2♦ response could be up to 10 HCP

♣AK32 ♣K2 certain to have a few points because of because a protective double could be up to

your right-hand opponent’s action in a king weaker than an immediate double.

passing it out in 1 ♠ and it is not un- However, if I hold Hand F game is pretty

With Hand C you must double a 1♥ reasonable to hope that he has a spade remote and I certainly don’t fancy bidding

opening bid and then bid no-trumps at stopper. 2NT. If I do bid no-trumps at the lowest

the lowest level. If the response is 1♠, your How about stronger hands in the level with Hand F, what am I supposed to

rebid is 1NT (19-21 HCP). If the response protective position? Even if you play 2NT do with Hand G which is 4 points stronger?

is 2♣ or 2♦ your rebid is 2NT (again 19- as an Unusual No-trump in Auction 1, it All my instincts tell me to make a pro-

21 HCP). The 2NT rebid is somewhat un- should show a strong, balanced hand in tective 1NT overcall with Hand F and if I

comfortable because if partner has nothing Auction 2, 20-22 HCP. The Unusual No- feel like this, I should make the protective

you are going down by quite a few tricks, trump is usually a pre-emptive bid. Pre- 1NT overcall 11-16 HCP rather than 11-

but you really have no choice. emptive bids in the protective position are 14. Then a double followed by a no-trump

With Hand D, double 1 ♥ . If partner not very useful, and you have a far greater bid shows 17-19 HCP.

responds 1♠, you jump to 3♠ (remember, need here: to show the huge range of Playing such a wide-ranging 1NT bid has

he might have no points at all). If partner balanced hands that could need describing its drawbacks. Partner will feel he has to

responds 2♣ or 2♦, again you must rebid that are too strong for a protective 1NT investigate game on the assumption that

2NT. overcall. you might have 16 HCP; inevitably you

36 English Bridge December 2007


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