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will end up too high if you have only 11 19 HCP. Once again the emphasis is on a This makes it very hard for partner to

HCP. If you decide to play the protective stopper in the opponent’s suit rather than know what to do, but if he is contem-

1NT as 11-16, you need a Stayman 2♣ the other suits. You will have to agree with plating a slam he should remember the

which includes a checkback as to range. your partner what values a protective 2NT following:

After Auction 4: shows. My feeling is that the range should

be unchanged. 1. Balanced 16 HCP hands are far more

Auction 4 Double followed by a no-trump bid at common than balanced 25 HCP

West North East South the minimum level should show 20-22 hands

1♦ Pass Pass 1NT HCP, while a jump to 3NT over the weak- 2. You don’t have much room to

Pass 2♣ Pass ? two bid shows 23+ HCP. investigate a slam. Even if there is a

good slam, you might end up in the

2♦ = 11-12 HCP; no 4-card major 3NT overcalls of pre-empts wrong one.

2♥ = 11-12 HCP; 4 hearts, maybe 4 3. Even if you do reach an excellent

spades This shows 16-25 HCP, or it could be a long slam, the pre-empt has increased the

2♠ = 11-12 HCP; 4 spades, not 4 hearts. solid minor with a stopper in the oppo- chances of it failing on bad breaks.

2NT = 13-14 HCP; then 3♣ is a further nent’s suit. I would overcall a pre-emptive

Stayman enquiry re 4-card majors. 3♠ opener with 3NT with either Hand H A simple method of bidding opposite a

3♦ = 15-16 HCP; no 4-card major. or Hand I. 3NT overcall involves Stayman and red-suit

3♥ = 15-16 HCP; 4 hearts, maybe 4 transfers, but do you really want to transfer

spades into hearts if partner could have Hand I? If

3♠ = 15-16 HCP; 4 spades, not 4 hearts. Hand H Hand I your partner has overcalled a pre-empt with

♠KJ2 ♠ K6 3NT, if in doubt you should pass. We are

Overcalling weak-two bids ♥AQ5 ♥ 9 back to Hamman’s Law again: ‘If you have a

with no-trumps ♦AJ95 ♦ 10 5 3 choice of reasonable bids, and one of them is

♣J32 ♣ AKQJ654 3NT, then bid it.’ In this case the application

In second position, 2NT shows a good 15- is to pass 3NT.’

Bridge Club Live!

IN October we welcomed members from The diversity of participants reflected

22 countries to Croatia for our annual quite accurately the nature of our internet

International Reunion. Participants from club. We had top players who are in, or on

Fran Bramzel

eight countries took home trophies. (A the edges of, various National teams. We

certain B. Capal was assisted to first place had club players of wide-ranging ability.

in the teams by his wife Hazel, and a There were a few beginners and improvers, formal handicapping system based on

scratch partnership comprising a Mad and of course a few who play only at the one used on-line in the ‘Daily Match-

Dog (J. Probst) playing with a USA home or in BCL with friends! point Pairs’.)

member of Bridge Club Live!) The atmosphere was amazing. New In the main, it was only lack of stamina

arrivals in the hotel that stopped them reaching the top.

lobby were greeted and Late nights and Croatian beer probably

welcomed loudly. At the contributed also!

tables too, the noise was Our next off-line, face-to-face gather-

steady, punctuated by ing is Hinckley, 11-14 January. This is a

the occasional call for a traditional feature of the club calendar,

waiter. organised by the experienced team of

Just as on-line, the Barrie Partridge and our BCL Membership

results were far from department.

one-sided. Some of the For more information contact Barrie

players who least expec- –

ted to do well found or click the link on the club web page.

themselves ‘loitering with Life at Bridge Club Live is never dull.

intent’ on the outskirts of We travel the internet world on a daily

Setting off from Stansted the top few places. (And basis to meet friends and play bridge.

and already causing trouble in the Priority queue! the opposite was also Whenever possible, we travel the real

You may recognise some faces . . . true – due partly to a world to cement these friendships. December 2007 English Bridge 37


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